Gift Idea Struggles? Pinterest's Gift Guide Data Can Help

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Need some more gift ideas? The top trending searches on Pinterest might be a good place to start. The social media platform took a closer look at the "emerging and generational trends" in a number of categories — including our fave, of course, home and design.


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For starters, one category comes at no surprise. With a wild last couple of years, many people have spent time re-assessing their space. Part of that means making it cozier. On Pinterest, the search term "cozy farmhouse ideas" saw 200x growth among millennials, age 25-44 (all data compares searches in September 2021 to September 2020). Pinterest suggests going for candles and wooden baskets as possible gift ideas.

Gen X (45-54), on the other hand, has been gravitating towards something different. "Eclectic colors splashed in minimalist decor are trending among Gen X," Pinterest writes. There was a 5x increase in "eclectic minimal decor" among this group. It's all about chic gallery walls and bright decor.

Baby Boomers (55-65+) leaned towards "vintage eclectic home" finds, with a 59x increase. Gen Z (18-24) led the charge on natural tones, with "earthy aesthetic rooms" seeing a 63x spike.

Don't know where to start? Scroll through some of our picks below. Check out the full Pinterest gift guide report trend here.

1. Threshold Wood Cement With Wooden Wick Rustic Woodlands Candle, $15

2. Dusen Dusen Everybody Tissue Box, $35

3. Opalhouse Designed With Justina Blakeney Round Seagrass Decorative Basket Black, $35


4. Dachs Cuckoo Clock, $195

5. Sophie Lou Jacobsen Double Handle Vase, $210