Our Editorial Process

Our Editorial Team

All of our content is thoroughly reviewed by our editorial staff. Our staff is comprised of interior designers-turned-editors and writers with expertise in design, decor, home renovations, and home products.

Leonora Epstein, Senior Director of Content
Leonora Epstein is Hunker's Senior Director of Content. She has previously served as Executive Editor at HelloGiggles and as BuzzFeed's Deputy Editorial Director. She is the co-author of "X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story" (Abrams, 2014). 

Laurie Grossman, Editorial Director
Laurie Gunning Grossman is an editorial director for Hunker, focusing on DIYs, home tours, and solutions for a cleaner home. She’s also the host of the Being Home With Hunker podcast, launching Fall 2021. Previously she worked with eHow, Disney Interactive, and HGTV’s Fine Living. 

Anna Gragert, Senior Lifestyle Editor
Anna Gragert is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor who covers lifestyle and design content for Hunker. She's written for Apartment Therapy, the Los Angeles Times, Forge, and more. She previously worked as the lifestyle editor at HelloGiggles and deputy editor at So Yummy.

Ariane Moore, Senior Design Editor
Ariane Moore is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor who covers architecture, design, home decor, and trends for Hunker. She has a B.S. in Interior Architecture and Design and previously worked as an interior designer at award-winning firms in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

Katie Maguire, Senior Commerce Editor
Katie Maguire is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers shopping trends, deals, and product reviews for Hunker. She's written for PureWow, Food Network, and Well+Good. When not online shopping, you can find her collecting vintage glassware or rewatching Nancy Meyers' movies for design inspo.

Jamie Birdwell-Branson, Senior Utility Editor
Jamie is the Senior Utility Editor for Hunker — overseeing everything from remodeling projects to real estate to gardening. She has written for Apartment Therapy, Bob Vila, Zillow, House Logic, and Elle Decor. Based in the Midwest, she is currently in the midst of renovating her Colonial-style house.

Eva Recinos, Editor
Eva Recinos is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers trends, news, and makers for Hunker. Her writing has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Bustle, KCET, and more. She is a proud bookworm and organizes her books by color. 

Erin Lassner, Associate Commerce Editor
Erin Lassner covers shopping trends and deals for Hunker. She was previously the associate editor for Damsel in Dior, and is on an everlasting mission to maximize the space in her studio apartment.

Pauline Lacsamana, Associate Commerce Editor
Pauline Lacsamana covers shopping, product launches, and decor sales for Hunker. She’s previously written for MyDomaine, So Yummy, Blossom, The Daily Meal, and more.

Expert Review

All of our content that requires plumbing, electrical or construction is reviewed by an expert who is licensed and experienced in their field, bringing us decades of knowledge to back up the accuracy of our articles. Each expert reviews articles for safety, checks that they adhere to the latest building codes (if applicable) and ensures there are no factual inaccuracies. 

Chris Deziel, Building Contractor
A building and landscaping contractor, Chris Deziel co-founded two gardening companies and has remodeled properties in Colorado, California and Kyoto, Japan. He developed his building and landscaping skills while helping to build a small city in the Oregon desert from the ground up. Chris's specialties are carpentry and furniture refinishing.

Gary Sprague, Master Plumber
Gary Sprague is a retired master plumber who started as an apprentice right out of high school and spent over 25 years in the family business. Most of his experience is in residential service and repair work, though he has also worked on new construction and commercial projects.

Jeff Volz, Licensed Electrician
Jeff Volz is an electrician with over 20 years experience in every aspect of the electrical trade. His career began wiring high rise commercial office buildings and high rise residential condos. He has been involved in every type of construction including remodels, new construction, and industrial factory installations. Currently Jeff is an electrical inspector for a county with over 1.3 million citizens. Jeff’s credentials include: county electrical journeyman, state unlimited electrical contractor, electrical inspector, and plans examiner.

Phil Schmidt, Remodeling Expert
Philip Schmidt has devoted his entire career to home improvement. His experience includes six years as a professional carpenter and remodeler followed by 22+ years as a writer and editor of home content. He is the author of 22 books and hundreds of articles (and editor of many more of both) covering topics ranging from everyday home repairs to building treehouses to installing solar power systems.

Sean Damm, Licensed HVAC Contractor
Sean Damm has been a licensed heating and cooling contractor for 21 years as well as a HVAC instructor for 15 years. He has also served as a technical advisor to contractors and homeowners specializing in many facets of the HVAC industry throughout the country.

Victoria Blackstone, Horticulturist
Victoria Lee Blackstone is a horticulturist, nursery owner, and writer for the green industry. After studying botany and microbiology at Clemson, she worked in the Horticulture Dept. for the University of Georgia as a Master Gardener Coordinator. Blackstone has been a Master Gardener course instructor for 15 years, teaching her class in phytopathology as part of the required Master Gardener curriculum.

Shopping Recommendations and Product Reviews

All product recommendations on Hunker are purely editorial. Our team of commerce editors — and freelance contributors — is dedicated to finding and trying the latest, greatest, and buzziest products across the home and lifestyle space and putting them to the test. Occasionally, brands will send us products for consideration or review, but we hold them to the same standard we would anything else. 

Before we publish any on-site review, we ensure each item has been thoroughly tested for the appropriate amount of time for any issues to pop up, walk through all of the major specs, and weigh out the pros and cons, so that readers can decide for themselves. We know that all shoppers have different needs and considerations and we want you to feel confident in your purchase decisions.

When recommending products we haven’t yet tried in person, we vet product reviews from real users across all relevant sites, consult brands and PR reps directly, and tap industry experts who are even smarter than us for their honest opinions. 

Whether we’re writing about cooling sheet sets, art deco coffee tables, or sofas under $500, we would never recommend a product that we ourselves wouldn’t use or purchase. 

If anything is ever sold out, too expensive, or not linked, shoot us a message at shopping@hunker.com and we’ll get back to you with options that are just as good (if not better).

Diversity and Inclusion

Hunker recognizes that design, as well as the media that celebrate it, can be bound up with structural inequities surrounding race, national origin, income, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and other important facets of identity.

As a media brand telling stories about design, our commitment to diversity and inclusion focuses both on our subjects and on our audience: we aim not only to represent and celebrate creators and designers from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, but to be a resource for all people interested in designing and optimizing their spaces.

Finally, we directly interrogate and explore the ways design and its associated fields may reinforce social and economic inequity and injustice.

We Love Feedback!

Please send any thoughts and questions to editorial@hunker.com.