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Bedroom Ideas: Advice and Inspiration

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We ask a lot of our bedrooms. We want them to be restful, stylish, a refuge from the rest of the world, serve as a second TV room, and maybe even function as an extra space to get some work done. So, if you're considering a remodel or refresh of your boudoir, you're probably looking for a bit of guidance.

First, it pays to take time to think about all of the functions you want out of your room. Once you've nailed that down, you can start putting together a comprehensive room strategy, which admittedly can be a bit daunting. Think lights, layout, style, colors, and furniture. If all of this sounds overwhelming, or just plain exciting, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover all of the bedrooms ideas to keep in mind as you embark on your overhaul.


Bedroom Layout Ideas

When it comes to furniture placement, keep symmetry in mind — it creates balance, which is always pleasing to the eye. But did you know that in addition to just looking good, symmetry also creates harmony and order, which are key tenets for a restful and soothing bedroom? So, if space allows, start with the largest piece of furniture in the room, the bed, and center it on a wall. Then bookend each side with a table that can hold your nighttime must-haves, and if it won't crowd the room, add a dresser or armoire for storage, and a bench or settee at the foot of the bed for dimension, and an extra perch.

No surprise here: Your bedroom layout will rely heavily on the shape and size you have to work with. For example, if you have a room that's petite, you may need to sacrifice a bit of furniture and go for the bare necessities like a bed and a scaled-down side table. Got room to spare? By all means, use the gift of square footage by incorporating an accent chair, a mini office, or extra storage.

Here's some additional advice and inspiration to get you started on the right foot.

Pro tip: Let your layout work for you.

We've all heard the decor myth that you shouldn't locate a bed under a window, or that it needs to be perfectly centered, but sometimes your bedroom floor plan doesn't give you much of a choice. This cozy space makes the layout work with the bed located off to the side, leaving room for a small workspace near the window.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

As with every other room in your home, the bedroom also needs a successful lighting plan. First, take into account the height and size of your ceiling, which will greatly impact your options: If you've got a 7 foot ceiling, you'll probably need to say buh-bye to that pendant light you've been eyeing. Aim to incorporate the three types of light sources: Ambient or general, task, and accent, all of which work together to help you achieve a layered space with overall illumination, as well as the ability to highlight certain areas like the bed where tasks, like reading or doing a nightly crossword puzzle, might take place.


Bedroom lighting, in particular, should be peaceful and relaxing; yes, you want to be able to see, but use soft bulbs to minimize glare and relegate recessed lights to the perimeter of your room to avoid harsh overhead light. And, if possible, add dimmers to your switches to control light flow.

Are you creating a romantic hideaway with feminine accents? A crystal chandelier could be the final touch that pulls it all together. Or if you're a minimalist going for a no-frills aesthetic, pair canned lights with a set of functional articulating sconces near the bed that will perform without making a big statement. Small bedside tables? No bedside tables? No problem! If you're short on space, consider suspending your task lighting from the ceiling or using sconces to conserve valuable tabletop real estate. Simple globe pendant lights are practical and unobtrusive, providing illumination without creating visual clutter or distraction. Need a little more inspo before you make a decision? Check out this helpful primer on bedroom lighting ideas to guide the way.

Pro tip: Suspend your task lights.

Free up valuable surface space and forgo table lamps, instead opting for pendants. This modern bedroom idea features clean lines, streamlined furniture, and plenty of natural light to achieve a restful sleep space. The wood bed frame adds warmth to the neutral space, and a pair of space-saving pendants offer both form and function.

Bedroom Styles and Themes

There's no shortage of bedroom styles to consider. Are you a free-spirit who's a bit unconventional? Why not try a laidback boho look? Or do you crave order and feel out of sorts without Marie Kondo-type organization systems? If so, a Scandinavian or contemporary design with their minimalist aesthetic could be right for you. Some people prefer to throw a bit of caution to the wind and base their interior design preferences on the zodiac. Perhaps your vibe leans more farmhouse, industrial, vintage, or tropical? It's all good ... whatever aesthetic speaks to you this handy style guide will help you narrow down your choices.

Pro tip: Embrace various textures.

No matter what design style speaks to you, be sure to incorporate different types of texture to create a bedroom design that's visually interesting and oh-so-cozy. This Scandi-chic, black and white refuge uses accent pillows, a throw blanket, a wood frame mirror, and even pampas grass to mix things up and add layers without making the room feel busy.


Small Bedroom Ideas

Don't fret if size is not on your side.You really don't need a lot of space to craft a functional and sophisticated bedroom, and with careful planning and editing, a spatially-challenged bedroom can incorporate all of your bedroom needs. Design perk: Small spaces are inherently cozy, which is always a bedroom bonus.

Organization is paramount in small spaces, so keep things tidy by using drawer dividers, adding hooks and utilizing space under your bed for storage. Or purchase a bed with integrated storage for an off-the-shelf solution. Get creative in your bed placement and consider positioning it in a corner and using a single nightstand/task light combination. You can also employ mirrors, which give the illusion of more space. Here are a few more small bedroom ideas to make the most of your layout.

Pro tip: Think outside the box.

No need to sacrifice style or functionality in a smaller bedroom — just be efficient with your allotted space. In the room above, hardworking bedroom essentials including a bed, desk, side table, and compact cabinet play nice, while a set of plantation shutters are the perfect combination of form and function — offering privacy when closed and allowing light to filter in when opened.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

The last thing you want interfering with a good night's sleep is clutter, so make sure you map out your bedroom storage ideas as you soon as you start your project. Incorporate built-ins if you don't have ample closet space and add free-standing storage like dressers or armoires if you have the square footage. These utilitarian pieces personalize and enhance a room's character.

In rooms where space is at a premium, add shelves to make use of oft overlooked walls and store off-season items in protective bins or baskets under your bed. If you have closet overflow issues, we love the European sensibility a clothing display rack brings to a room, and its slim profile means it can chicly live in a corner. And if this isn't enough, we have a few more tips and tricks up our sleeve — here is a helpful guide to bedroom storage ideas to transform your space into an organized, restful sanctuary.


Pro tip: Invest in a timeless dresser.

A timeless dresser, like this midcentury modern-inspired option, can infuse a bit of personality into your sleep space while also serving as additional storage. Consider tall and small options that might better suit your space. This bedroom keeps things light and bright with white walls and crisp bedding, and uses abstract artwork and a plush rug for color and texture.

Bedroom Color Ideas

The most important thing to remember when it comes to bedroom color ideas is that you want your space to function as a respite. Tried and true hues like blues and greens are calming and bring a bit of the outdoors in, while grays, rosy shades, and neutral colors are also great alternatives. If you're feeling bold and want something more dramatic, try out the black trend. Or if sunset-inspired hues are more your speed, give orange or yellow a try. Whatever your inclination, test out the color on your bedroom wall before you commit. Read this guide before you break out the paintbrushes.

Pro tip: Consider a subtle pattern as a way to incorporate a soothing color.

If painting isn't really your thing, consider incorporating color with the help of wallpaper patterns. The soothing sage green of this print is a calming backdrop in this English country-inspired escape with boho undertones. A variety of wood accents warm up the space while a quirky mix of artwork and one-off accessories add kitsch and interest above the bed. Don't forget: You can always select a removable wallpaper so you can change your mind whenever you choose.

Bedroom Furniture and Decor

It's easy to find sources of inspiration to guide your furniture and decor choices, be it on Pinterest or in magazines. They're chock-full of ideas from industrial to rustic to eclectic, and you wouldn't be alone if you're hooked on the current farmhouse frenzy, with its warm wood tones, metal accents, and shiplap wall treatments.


Bedroom furniture ideas are pretty straightforward and at a minimum even the most diminutive spaces include a bed and a perch of some sort next to it. Your design preferences will dictate the furniture style you choose and could include a simple wood bed frame for a modern vibe, or an upholstered headboard for a classic look. Don't overlook beds that include integrated storage. These are particularly useful in smaller spaces. This cheat-sheet for bedroom furniture and decor is the perfect place to start.

Pro tip: Think of your decor as a way to show your personality.

At the end of the day, your bedroom should feel like your own personal sanctuary. If should feel familiar and comfortable, not like a page torn out of a furniture catalog. Carefully select decor that matches your personality and is meaningful to you, instead of pieces that just look good. Take your time and remember that your bedroom will evolve as you do, and that's OK. You can always edit things out as your style or trends change.

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