30 Black Bedroom Ideas That Are Just Plain Cool

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Black is a universally beloved hue that imparts drama, sophistication, and elegance to interiors. Even in small doses, it can transform the most mundane spaces by adding contrast and visual weight. As the sum of all other colors, it's easy to pair black with virtually any other hue, from monochrome colors, like brown, white, and gray, to bolder jewel tones, like yellow, red, and blue. This versatility makes it easy to integrate black into a well-rounded palette and helps take the guesswork out of color-pairing.


Black has become a staple in kitchens, dining rooms, and offices, but it's often overlooked as a viable option for use in bedrooms (outside of accents and decor) in lieu of safer shades, like blue, green, and white. One reason is that there's a misconception that black walls make spaces appear smaller or too dark or that they evoke feelings of sadness. On the contrary: Dark colors help walls recede, giving the illusion of more space, and actually impart feelings of calm, expansiveness, and sophistication, making it perfect for a chic bedroom retreat.

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Black is an excellent canvas for various decorating styles, from organic and modern to playful and whimsical. To keep the striking shade from feeling cold and uninviting, be sure to introduce plenty of texture in the form of nubby pillows, knit blankets, and plush rugs, which underscore black's inherent cozy vibe. If your space lacks natural light sources, consider upping the number of reflective surfaces to help increase the feeling of brightness. High-gloss paint as well as metallic finishes and mirrors can do wonders at making dark rooms feel light and glamorous. Although paint is the most obvious way to introduce the moody shade to a bedroom, bedding, rugs, lighting, and accessories are effective ways to weave in the handsome hue.


Ready to give your sleeping quarters a dramatic makeover? Ahead, you'll find a whole host of ideas that will help you pull off the luxe look.

30 Moody Black Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Create a tonal look.

As showcased on Cup of Jo, Jordan Ferney from the colorful blog Oh Happy Day is keeping things simple in her bedroom with a tonal approach. The matte black walls and black linen bedding, while in the same color family, have slightly different tones, and when combined they form a cohesive scheme that is far from boring. She even created a small relaxation nook with a fiddle-leaf fig tree and a hanging rattan chair, making the space feel like a little oasis.


2. Paint various elements the same color.

Photographer Alyssa Rosenheck captured the chic makeover of this industrial-style bedroom in Washington, D.C. Here, the exposed brick wall and the steel ceiling beam behind the bed are painted black to match the rest of the walls, window frames, and floor-to-ceiling wardrobe closets.



3. Consider color blocking.

In this home tour featured on Glitter Guide, California-based designer Brittany Chinaglia of The Vintage Rug Shop balances light and dark tones beautifully. The black wainscoting that wraps around the bright space acts as the ideal counterpart to the contrasting white wall paint. The striking color block combo provides the perfect backdrop for her cozy, upholstered wingback headboard and patterned accent pillows.


4. Add a dramatic light fixture.

Designed by Veronica Hamlet from Hamlet Interiors, this East Hampton bedroom is a Pinterest-worthy dream come true. The black walls and a '70s-inspired platform bed blend together seamlessly, creating a modern respite perfect for relaxation. But the real scene-stealer is the elegant chandelier that's reminiscent of floating clouds.


5. Include rustic touches.

Can you believe that the live edge of the headboard showcased in this cozy and masculine room makeover was a DIY project tackled by interior designer Kristin Jackson? It's a rustic accent that adds warmth and stands out beautifully against the black walls. Jackson kept the space bright by adding white accents throughout, including the upside-down area rug in the middle of the room.



6. Channel a Nordic vibe.

Danish interior design studio Wise Interior proves that you don't need an abundance of white to embrace Scandinavian minimalism. Instead, black walls were paired with chambray bedding, functional lighting, and a simple floating plywood nightstand to create a dreamy bedroom bursting with highly covetable Nordic flair.


7. Keep it simple with a black-and-white color scheme.

One of the best things about opting for a black bedroom is that it really doesn't take much to pull together a space that's cozy yet refined. In fact, you don't even need to make your bed; just add patterned black-and-white sheets and some curated white accessories as Minna from @hembyminna did in this minimalist retreat.


8. When in doubt, add animal print.

If you're worried that a black bedroom will come off as a bit dull, amp up the dark color's sexy side with some animal print. A small dose can make a big impact, as seen in this setup by Kimberly from Swoon Worthy. She used bold accents, like a yellow velvet headboard, a brass pineapple-shaped table lamp, and a pair of leopard throw pillows to create a high-end yet moody hideaway.


9. Showcase textured accents.

We're swooning over Megan Schlachtenhaufen's boho-chic black bedroom, featured on Glitter Guide. The space is loaded with texture, from the fringe wall hanging to the '70s-style nightstands to the leafy green plants, resulting in a cozy refuge that has no shortage of style.

10. Give wallpaper a try.

This black-and-white bedroom designed by the Brooklyn-based design studio nune is the definition of elegance. Walls clad in show-stopping inky wallpaper surround the all-white bed, resulting in a high-contrast look that is tempered by neutral curtains and a matching area rug.

11. Throw pastels into the mix.

Interior designer Becki Owens gave her daughter's bedroom a Cali-cool makeover, and tbh, we couldn't be more jealous. The light pink upholstered headboard really pops against the color-blocked black-and-white walls, which were inspired by the surfboard that she gifted her daughter on her birthday.


12. Add greenery.

If you have a green thumb, flaunt the fruits of your labor with a chalky black backdrop. Mandi from Vintage Revivals composed a veritable indoor garden in her bohemian bedroom, replete with hanging rope planters and a mix of potted plants that enliven the black shiplap accent wall. An eclectic assortment of textiles and other pieces of home decor add personality and texture.

13. Anchor an unused corner.

Give purpose and definition to a forgotten corner or an overlooked nook by adding a coat of black paint to the wall. Bre from Brepurposed took this idea one step further and clad the back wall with black vertical shiplap to give a little pop of color and character to the bedroom office space, and we wholeheartedly approve.

14. Imbue your space with one-of-a-kind details.

The 1940s Miami home of Federica Molini and Ivan De Lucia is just bursting with midcentury and bohemian charm, as evidenced by this uber-cool black bedroom showcased on Old Brand New. The inky backdrop allows the unique vintage finds that they have collected over the years — from flea markets to dumpsters — to shine and tell a story.

15. Opt for a unique accent wall.

We just can't get enough of this herringbone accent wall! Blogger Kristi Murphy used planks of charcoal Stikwood to DIY the stunning black feature in her bedroom. And thanks to the natural grain and coloring of American red oak, you can still see a hint of the reddish hue under the wood's charred matte finish.

16. Mix in brown hues.

Somewhere along the way, mixing black with brown got a bad rap, when in fact, the color combination actually results in a beautifully moody and modern aesthetic. For example, this cozy bedroom combines the best of both hues, flaunting black shiplap wall paneling and various brown accents, like a tripod floor lamp, chest of drawers, and throw pillows.

17. Splurge on a wood plank ceiling.

Wood planks with visible knots impart an undeniable sense of warmth and rustic charm that can balance the restraint of minimal spaces. Cladding the ceiling in wood, as they did in this modern bedroom with black walls, accentuates the unique slanted roofline and draws the eye up, creating the illusion of height.

18. Consider a graphic pattern.

Give plain black-painted walls a rest and consider a graphic wallpaper pattern instead. The high-contrast black-and-white motif used in this bedroom not only provides a mesmerizing accent that adds dimension but also helps anchor the otherwise all-white space.

19. Energize with vibrant hues.

Temper black's serious side with the addition of a vibrant accent color or two, like Raili Clasen did in this bedroom. Here, a canary yellow coverlet acts as a cheery companion to the inherent edge of the black walls. Pepper in small accessories, like pillows and decor, but don't be afraid to make more of a statement with eye-catching pieces, like an upholstered headboard or shaggy rug.

20. Pair dark walls with equally dark floors.

Why stop at the walls when it comes to weaving the color black into a bedroom? There's also the ceiling and floors to consider. Dark stained hardwood floors add visual weight and help ground this industrial-inspired setup by Union Studio, which is particularly welcome in lofty spaces with high ceilings.

21. Add a little sparkle with gold accents.

A surefire way to elevate an already-elegant black bedroom is with the addition of gold accents. The lustrous finish is equal parts practical and stylish, adding old-world charm while also reflecting light. Keep the look lighthearted, as Emma Beryl did with cheeky wall art and unique wallpaper.

22. Flaunt an unusual headboard.

Although they're undeniably chic, black-painted walls run the risk of looking flat and one-dimensional. One way to counter this is by cladding walls in blackened wood instead, which adds a subtle dose of texture and movement. For instance, in this contemporary bedroom by Katie Martinez, a one-of-a-kind wood headboard adds warmth and functions as a focal point against the backdrop of black walls.

23. Introduce pattern and color with the bedding.

Dark walls provide the perfect opportunity for the bed to take center stage. Sure, you could go with something more predictable, like crisp white sheets and pillows, but why not let your personality show through by pairing different patterns, like the floral and striped accent pillows that Heidi Caillier showcased in this cozy bedroom? The Moroccan blanket draped over the neutral headboard is an unexpected treat.

24. Pair it with charcoal gray.

In this inviting bedroom by Chris Loves Julia, the duo opted for a softer shade of black with gray undertones for the walls, which made a stunning backdrop for the charcoal gray pinstripe headboard. Neutral bedding and a few beige and brown accents add warmth and contrast to keep the scheme from looking too stark.

25. Paint windows in high-contrast trim.

Highlight architectural features by painting them in a high-contrast color. In the case of this monochrome bedroom by Studio McGee, white window trim becomes a decorative element that pops against black walls and gives off a high-end custom feeling. Drawing attention to windows is a particularly good idea if you have a great view.

26. Create luxe hotel vibes with crisp white bedding.

Bright white bedding is a timeless luxury that just feels decadent. Against a backdrop of matte black walls, it can also make a bedroom feel less cave-like. There are endless varieties of white linens, but a set with an added detail, such as the striped duvet and monogrammed accent pillow that Marie Flanigan chose for this well-appointed bedroom, impart enviable hotel vibes.

"I love the element of surprise in design, and choosing black for the bedroom always creates an impactful statement," says Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors. "Simultaneously handsome and glamorous, soft yet structured, black is incredibly versatile. It's the perfect backdrop for crisp bedding and metallic accents and is an ideal companion for other neutrals, like navy and camel."

27. Add elegance with a four-poster bed.

One of the reasons people are drawn to black in the bedroom is for the unparalleled dramatic flair it imparts. Underscore this sentiment by selecting furnishings that are equally eye-catching, like the four-poster bed in this traditional yet modern bedroom by Studio McGee. Give the look a little extra character with aged pieces, like the brown leather bench.

28. Layer different patterns.

Using black as a common thread makes it easy to mix varying patterns without creating a chaotic or jarring space. For example, in this stylish refuge, Stefani Stein showcased a harlequin-print area rug, a throw with horizontal lines, and accent pillows with windowpane checks and diagonal stripes. The overall bedroom design is cohesive and elevated thanks to the uniform color palette.

29. Embrace symmetry.

Interior designer Cortney Bishop is famed for the modern yet warm and welcoming spaces she creates. "It's a bold move to go for the black room," she says, "but a design choice that we have yet to regret."

According to the pro, black evokes an aura of sophistication and coziness. "You're folded into the darkness with a sense of security, and much like a stage, other design elements really stand proud in a room, with their own spotlight against the black background," she adds.

30. Warm things up with a desert color palette.

If you like the idea of a black bedroom but you're wondering how to make it look more relaxed, check out this space by Ashley from Bigger Than The Three of Us. She paired black walls with a desert-inspired color scheme of sage green, brown, and beige. The midcentury modern furniture contributes to the warm and sophisticated look.