12 Chic Colors That Go With Pink

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The color pink has long maintained its popularity in the world of interior design — who can forget the millennial pink movement that took the last decade by storm? But there's so much more to the rosy hue than what meets the eye. A derivative of the primary color red, pink comes in so many different shades — ranging from light pastel to neon fuchsia — to choose from. This explains why the color can play to a wide variety of decor styles, appealing to spaces that are modern, traditional, and everything in between.


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Needless to say, when it comes to incorporating the blush shade into an existing scheme, having a solid grasp on the color wheel can be a major plus. From high-contrast groupings to complementary combos, there is no shortage of inspired ways to elevate the delightful tone. But to help narrow down your choices, we've taken the liberty of rounding up 12 colors that will make a picture-perfect match when paired with pink. Take a look.


1. Orange and Pink

For a sunset-inspired look, consider pairing pink with another warm color like orange. Kate La Vie did just that in her bedroom and the result is a dreamy combo that beckons you to sleep a little while longer. Follow her lead and invest in orange and pink pillows in different shades so you can mix and match them to your heart's content. Tie the delightful scheme together with complementary pieces of decor, such as the framed art prints above the headboard. While this pairing works perfectly in a bedroom, it would also be a delightful option for a home office or a playroom, too.


2. Burgundy and Pink

If you're going for rich contrast that can live within a tonal scheme, consider pairing blush pink with a dark and moody burgundy shade. Designer Zoë Feldman showcases how powerful the color combo can be in this intimate breakfast nook. But the key to making this one work is sticking to a reserved palette of slightly saturated neutrals — here, that comes by way of the walls, lighting, and furnishings — and contrasting that with accent pieces in vastly darker tones.


3. Brown and Pink

Created by mixing many different colors, including red and green, brown has properties related to pink, and they play off one another nicely. While it might not seem like an intuitive match for pink, when used correctly, brown really does make a stunning companion. For example, this luxe game room nook showcases chocolate brown walls paired with a fuchsia pink bench and blush-hued artwork, resulting in a decadent scheme that instantly amps up the drama. This look would also be ​chef's kiss​ in a media room or home bar.


4. Navy Blue, Green, and Pink

Speaking of high-drama — this color combination is exactly that. In this moody sitting room, matte, navy blue walls make a stunning backdrop for a pair of soft pink loveseats, allowing them to take center stage, while the emerald green coffee table is the icing on the cake. We love how the modestly sized abstract painting on the wall echoes the blue and pink scheme beautifully. And although this moody palette is perfection in an elegant lounge area, it would also look right at home in a bedroom.


5. Turquoise and Pink

Decorating with the color turquoise can be tricky, especially when attempting to pair it with an equally vibrant complementary color like hot pink, but the dynamic bench upholstery in this dining room is surely a lesson in doing it well. To make the combo feel fresh and modern, pair it with a few other saturated shades, as demonstrated by the blue and orange seat cushion and blue flooring. Balance the strong dose of color by keeping the surrounding elements a bit more neutral (here, that would be the gray cinder block walls and light wood accents).


6. Red and Pink

Consider red and pink a true power combo. Since pink is born from red, the two make for an effortless color palette and can be implemented in a wide variety of schemes. Aim for bold contrast between the hues — as seen in this living room belonging to Anki from Zilverblauw — to keep the finish chic and elevated. If you're feeling brave, follow her lead and paint all of the walls ​and​ the ceiling in a rosy shade of pink.


7. Yellow and Pink

Mixed together, pink and yellow may make orange, but set against one another, the duo can offer a revitalizing contrast that feels fresh and contemporary. Don't just take our word for it — this colorful modern living room belonging to Megan Zietz of TFDiaries is all the proof you need. She chose a rosy shade of paint for the walls (aptly named Rosé Season) that is strong enough to hold its own next to her mustard yellow sectional sofa. Together (with a classic brick accent wall) the combination feels blissfully warm and inviting. We can just imagine this color palette in a nursery or kid's bedroom.

8. White and Pink

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If pink and yellow are a bit too bright for your kid's room, you can't go wrong with a classic neutral like white. In this dreamy bedroom, the pair combine in effortless harmony, creating a darling escape that can only be achieved through color. The stark finish of the white base is effectively an opportunity for all of the light pink accents to shine.

9. Kelly Green and Pink

If you stop to think about it, a pink rose looks so perfect because it embodies a pure balance of color: pink and green. Although the two shades are seemingly made for each other, the saturation level of each color can result in vastly different outcomes. In the case of this culinary setup, a muted blush hue and kelly green make an ideal pairing. The playful scheme, while bright, is far from overwhelming. In fact, the vibrant scene is a fun departure from the more serious and traditional all-white kitchen designs.

10. Blue and Pink

We've been taught from an early age that pink and blue are pretty much a match made in design heaven. However, a palette made up of royal blue and bubblegum pink takes the color idea to the next level, as witnessed in this dazzling modern design by 2LG Studio. Punctuated by curved silhouettes and black accents, the color-blocked pink bathroom makes a bold statement that's hard to forget.

11. Black, White, and Pink

Give pale pink a grown-up makeover and pair it with black and white. Clearly Joy Cho of Oh Joy! got the memo, as she used the sophisticated scheme to transform this space. The whimsical pink bedroom feels light and airy with a hint of contrasting edge, thanks to a small dose of black in the form of a polka-dot duvet cover.

12. Ochre, Blue, and Pink

On the other hand, if black is a little too bold for your tastes, follow the lead of interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel and consider pink, blue, and ochre instead. She successfully employed the trio in this darling nursery, and we can't tear our eyes away. Traditionally, nurseries are drenched in soft pastel shades, but we love the modern twist using bolder hues. The end result is a little more sophisticated and design-forward, yet still feels sweet and playful.