Looking for Colors That Go With Blue? You've Come to the Right Spot

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If we had to pinpoint one of the most universally pleasing colors when it comes to interior design, the answer would unanimously be blue. Not only does it work in all types rooms — from kitchens to bathrooms to living rooms — but it also lends itself well to just about every style in the book: coastal (obviously), traditional, modern, boho, art deco ... you name it!


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Of course, coordinating color ideas is where many of us get stuck when it comes to designing a new space, so we've created a cheat sheet of our favorite colors that go with blue, whether you're looking for energetic and vibrant, or soft and serene.

1. Wake things up with a pop of yellow.

Yellow is opposite blue on the color wheel, which actually makes it a seamless pairing. We particularly love this color idea in a Dutch farmhouse designed by Raili Clasen. The traditional details like board and batten wall paneling and floral wallpaper and warm wood finishes balance bright, vibrant shade of the piano.

2. Make it feminine with blush.

Retro pink sofa and green coffee table on green shag rug and blue wall

This retro sitting area feels both bold and whimsical thanks to deep navy walls paired with a blush colored sofa for contrast. To recreate this look, add a green lacquer coffee table and subtle gold accents.

3. Choose a vibrant red.

This luxe design by Arent & Pyke proves that energetic colors also work beautifully in a bedroom. Here, the navy blue walls temper the fiery-red upholstered headboard beautifully, bringing in blush bedding for added color and unique flair.


4. Keep it dreamy with light neutrals.

If you're searching for colors that go with blue, this idea is foolproof and will work well in just about any room. Light blue color-blocked walls with a sea of dreamy gray and white neutrals lend contrast and interest in this bedroom by Mainstreet Stockholm, while giving off an overall feeling of calm and serenity. Take note of all the varying textures that add depth and interest to this otherwise simple space.

5. Add a regal touch with purple.

Talk about colors that go with blue, this eclectic living room gets a dose of luxury with the addition of a regal velvet sofa an a palm-inspired floor lamp. Bring in other shades of purple for variety through throw pillows, artwork, and an area rug à la this space belonging to Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House.

6. Add masculine flair with cognac brown.

Blue and cognac brown leather are a classic pairing that's nearly impossible to get wrong. For the best outcome keep the blue shade in the mid range like the accent wall in this living room by September Workshop. To keep the vibe masculine and modern, add black details with furniture, artwork, and accessories.


7. Go glam with gold accents.

The matte, navy blue accent wall in this dining nook by Pearson and Projects pairs perfectly with a gold bench and throw pillows. Complete the look with a group of geometric gold pendant lights hanging over the table for a hint of glam. Pro tip: Incorporate a little plant life, too, to add even more color and texture without overpowering the dominant color scheme.