18 Brilliant Colors That Go With Beige

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Beige has a bad rap for being boring, but it's time to dispel that myth. Instead, think of beige as the Goldilocks of neutral colors. It's not too bright like a crisp white, nor as dark as a deep black, and it pairs beautifully with just about every color of the rainbow.


As you're decorating your home, you may be on the hunt for colors that go with beige. The good news is that this shade works with practically ​all​ colors. The only tricky part? Beige is so adaptable, it can be difficult to narrow down which complementary colors you want to use.

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We asked designer Sarah Cole of Sarah Cole Interiors how she approaches this versatile color. "I treat beige almost like white. For the client who wants a home that feels light and bright but is scared of it looking stark, beige is great," she says. "It creates a feeling of warmth and makes a room feel more expansive, which is always great in living and family rooms. Beige plays nicely with other colors, but pairs especially well with blues, grays, and chocolates because it often has yellow undertones."


Beige is equally adaptable in terms of rooms to use it in, too. In the kitchen, it can conceal imperfections that bright white can't; in the bedroom, it makes for a soothing wind-down zone; and in the living room, it gives you a neutral palette on which to layer pops of color.

When in doubt, go beige. It'll warm up a room that feels too cold, and alternatively, it can anchor a colorful space. Soon, you'll find that beige is so no-fail and far from boring, you'll never underestimate it again.


Convinced? Scroll on for 18 of the best colors that go with beige.

18 Beige Color Combinations

1. Beige and Orange

Calming beige plus energizing orange equals a match made in color theory heaven. For a beige bedroom that is anything but boring, opt for a paint color with warm undertones. Then have some fun with your bedding, where you can get experimental with linens and pillows in shades of orange, terra cotta, off-white, and other sunset-like hues. (And don't forget about texture, whether in pillows or artwork — that's key in a neutral space.)



2. Beige and Black

White and black is the most classic color scheme of all time, but we think it's time for beige and black to shine. Here, this super sexy bathroom, featuring a glass shower with an ultra-deep white bathtub, is grounded with beige and black patterned tile flooring. It's graphic without being too stark, and brings a warm, lived-in feel to the room.


3. Beige and Mustard Yellow

If you're just looking to tip-toe your way into pairing a bright color with beige, take inspiration from the bedroom design above. Here, a light beige-painted bedroom is paired with neutral bedding and a mustard yellow throw blanket for a pop of color. Here's betting one bright piece in your bedroom design will lead you to seeking out another, but if you decide that's too daring for you, a blanket is easy and inexpensive to switch out.


4. Beige and Natural Wood Tones

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

One of the best qualities of beige (and there are many) is that it pairs perfectly with any shade of wood, from dark brown to pale straw. Whether you choose to combine it with richly stained natural flooring or a rattan chair, beige will beautifully enhance each feature's tone, texture, and shape. Think of beige as wood's supportive best friend.



5. Beige and Chestnut

"Beige wallpaper" may not sound like the most inspiring design concept, but get a glimpse of this bedroom designed by Amber Interiors and chances are you'll change your mind. A chestnut-colored leaf pattern is printed on a beige base, layering neutral on neutral. It's moody, it's earthy, and it's perfect for a maximalist minimalist.


6. Beige and Pale Pink

While the pairing of pink and white can veer childlike, beige and pink (especially a dusty, pastel tone like the one above) are truly sophisticated. Take notes from this bedroom, which is painted a rich beige tone and features pretty pink bedding and artwork. Accent colors, navy blue and mustard yellow, keep the airy look grounded. The end result is an elegant design fit for people of any age.


7. Beige and Emerald Green

How pretty is this barely-there beige wall color and rich-as-can-be emerald green headboard? Beige oh-so-kindly allows the jewel tone to be the star of the show, while reflecting plenty of light so the space doesn't feel heavy. Notice how the beige walls lead seamlessly to various other beige accessories, like the nubby rug and textured throw.



8. Beige and Sage Green

Beige is a soothing color in a bathroom, and when paired with a pale sage green, like the very subtle shade of this vanity cabinet, it's even better. Together, beige and sage give off vintage vibes while still feeling modern. The subtle combination is also extremely easy to decorate around. Keep accessories neutral (with white and wood tones, for example), and then, if you're craving color, add a pop of fresh floral-inspired hues.

9. Beige and Dusty Blue

A deep beige wall color is a regal base for any room, but especially a more formal and traditionally designed living room. Sarah Cole Interiors opted for just that color, then selected this dusty blue couch, a true classic, to anchor the design. Chances are you'll be able to easily find accessories, like the rug featured above, that highlight both colors.

10. Beige and Gold

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

To tone down gold's inherent flashiness, pair it with a humble shade of beige. While beige tempers gold, gold adds a bit of life to beige, so they bring out the best in each other. Opt for warm beige textiles, like a rug and upholstered chairs, then bring in gold accents like the artwork in this living room.


11. Beige and Olive Green

Beige and olive green are a pairing made in color theory heaven. Their warm tones bring out the earthiness in each other, which translates beautifully to designs of all kinds. Here, Heidi Caillier layered shades of beige, from the walls to the curtains to the lamp. That neutral base lets the olive green couch make a real statement.

12. Beige and White

Leave it to designer extraordinaire Leanne Ford to create a white-on-white-on-beige space that's every minimalist's dream. This lofted space combines clean, crisp white with warm, cozy beige. It's brilliantly designed, and best of all, it's a color combination that's easy-as-can-be to pull off, even if you don't happen to be Leanne Ford.

13. Beige and Red

When considering colors to pair with beige, red may not be your first instinct. But once you see it in action, like in the dining room above, you'll be convinced of how inviting the color combination can be. Pair warm beige walls with rich red curtains and coordinating red artwork for an unexpected but exquisite design.

14. Beige and Purple

When you're working with a purple velvet couch, chances are you'll want to show it off. The best way to do that is to keep the walls neutral, as shown here, where beige paint lets the couch and the other colorful accents truly pop. While white and purple can be stark and jarring, a beige and purple combo is soft and eclectic.

15. Beige and Robin's Egg Blue

Coastal design lovers, this one's for you! For an ocean-inspired space, take notes from this dining room. The beige walls and chair covers, along with the driftwood-colored table, serve as the neutral backdrop to bright pops of robin's egg blue.

16. Beige and Gray

While it feels natural to pair beige with most neutrals, cool gray may not be the first one that comes to mind. But the living room above is proof of what a solid pairing it can be. While this design features subtle tones of beige and gray, you can also go higher-contrast by opting for a darker, more taupe-leaning beige and deep charcoal. Either way, it's a simple and refined color combination.

17. Beige and Navy Blue

For a softer take on the classic, preppy pairing of blue and white (hello, Ralph Lauren!) choose a pale beige wall color instead. The warm undertones in beige will bring out the rich tones of any blue, especially a navy blue or cobalt. It's traditional — with a twist.

18. Beige and Lavender

We may never get over how pretty this bathroom is. An accent wall features an oversize floral wallpaper with lovely lavender tones, while the other walls are painted a warm beige. Together, they make for a soft and sweet color combination. The wallpaper truly pops, and the neutral accessories further complement the beige. To replicate the look, opt for natural materials like cane and rattan.

Colors That Go With Beige

One of the most versatile colors of all, beige goes well with basically everything. Because of its adaptability, the biggest challenge when designing with this shade may be narrowing down your list of coordinating colors. Try adding beige to a black and white color scheme, layering a variety of neutrals, or using beige to anchor bright colors like purple or yellow.

Here is a summary of colors that look beautiful with beige:

  • Orange
  • Black
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Natural Wood Tones
  • Chestnut
  • Pale Pink
  • Emerald Green
  • Sage Green
  • Dusty Blue
  • Gold
  • Olive Green
  • White
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Robin's Egg Blue
  • Gray
  • Navy Blue
  • Lavender



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