11 Brilliant Colors That Go With Champagne

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Like the drink whose name it borrows, the color champagne is light, refreshing, and luxurious. Somewhere between a neutral and a statement hue, it ranges in color from off-white to yellow to pink, often with a little shimmer or glow — as demonstrated by the pillows on the couch above, styled by RTG Designs. Champagne is close to beige but more luminous and usually lighter, with hints of white and orange. As such, it matches with many earth tones, including chocolate brown and taupe, but it can also work well in contrast with hues on the other side of the color wheel, like blue, green, and gray.


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Elizabeth Welsh, lead interior designer at Sustainable 9 Design and Build, says that when working with champagne, "First, we look at what shade of champagne we're using: Does it resemble the gold tones of the champagne drink, is it more of an ivory champagne, or does it carry a peach tint? From there we're able to better coordinate complementary colors based on the undertone."

Champagne works equally well as a base and an accent, so you can have a lot of fun with it in your decor. There are many ways to add this color to your palette — for walls or floors, large surfaces such as countertops or cabinets, or smaller elements like furniture, lamps, cushions, or throws.


Whether you want the sparkling shade to be the main attraction or just the finishing touch, here are 11 colors that go with champagne.

11 Champagne Color Combinations

1. Champagne and Metallics

Because champagne has a hint of sparkle, it goes nicely with warm metallics, including bronze, rose gold, brass, and copper. Gold accents make for an especially luxurious look. This entryway and staircase design by Leigh Spicher of Ashton Woods pairs a gold-colored chandelier with champagne walls and similarly hued wood beams.


2. Champagne and Taupe

Champagne and taupe are two similar colors with very different vibes, and they can be paired together for a multidimensional neutral color palette. The taupe couch in this living room by RTG Designs is cozy and grounding, while the champagne pillows provide unexpected sparkle. Multiple shades of brown and gold add richness to the subtle color scheme.


3. Champagne and Green

Many shades of green contrast well with champagne, as you can see in this living room by Ashley Goforth Design. The emerald velvet sofa especially pops against champagne walls, curtains, and pillows. "Champagne's golds produce elegance and richness, while the rustic tones of green provide a more natural, grounded effect," says Lily Willi, designer at Ever Wallpaper. "Despite their different styles, these two hues work well together."


4. Champagne and Blue

Because they lie on opposite ends of the color wheel, champagne and blue complement each other beautifully. In this space designed by Bennett Lerner, champagne accent chairs glow against a pastel blue wall with white wainscoting. Darker shades of bluelike navy and slate — will also bring out the best in this effervescent color.


5. Champagne and Gray

Think of champagne and gray as a variation on gold and silver. The warm and cool colors balance each other, creating a harmonious and visually interesting space — like this bedroom designed by Alyssa Rosenheck, featuring gray pillows against a champagne headboard. (The frames above show the subtle difference between champagne and gold.) Deep charcoal and light gray would also work nicely, for a respectively moodier or softer look.


6. Champagne and Black

Adding black accents to a champagne base creates a real "pop" of contrast that can be more visually interesting and less stark than the classic black-and-white combo. This living room designed by Mel Bean Interiors pairs a black console with champagne walls and artwork. The combination of colors, as well as the organic forms of the paintings and sharp lines of the furniture, provides a balance of levity and groundedness.


7. Champagne and Pink

Light pinks — such as rose, salmon, and baby pink — create a romantic and feminine look when paired with champagne. In this living room by Ashley Goforth Design, a blush velvet chair and coordinating pillow bring out the best in the champagne walls. This particular shade of pink has a gold sheen, so it blends harmoniously with the slightly rosy walls.


8. Champagne and Red

To bring out the earthy side of champagne, add red. In this space by Emily Mackie of Inspired Interiors, a velvet sofa in a deeply saturated shade of scarlet sits in front of champagne walls, with a blue patterned rug underneath. Together, these colors create a palette that feels straight out of nature, especially with the green, leafy centerpiece. Deeper reds, like burgundy and maroon, would also work with a lighter champagne gold.


9. Champagne and White

Bright white provides a minimalist backdrop that will let any other colors in the room stand out. In this bedroom by Alder & Tweed, the yellow undertones of the champagne blanket and bench, as well as the pink tones of the wall, look luminous against the white bedding. For an even softer look, go for warm white or cream.

10. Champagne and Purple

This living room by Ashley Goforth Design has a retro French vibe, thanks in part to the feminine color scheme. Deep purple pillows and champagne curtains join cream, white, gray, and pink for a fresh, unexpected look. The abstract wall art brings it all together.

11. Champagne and Teal

Carefully chosen wall art encapsulates all the colors used in this room as well. Shades of teal, champagne beige, and white evoke the sea, sand, and sky in a soothing bedroom design by Alder & Tweed. Dark hardwood floors ground the space.

Colors That Go With Champagne

Fun and sparkly as well as luxurious and sophisticated, champagne can be a great addition to a variety of decor styles and color schemes. Champagne-hued walls, floors, or furniture can provide an interesting neutral base for pops of bright color — like the bold pink armchairs in the living room by Ashley Goforth Design above. On the other hand, pairing this color with other neutrals can look sleek and classy. Because champagne includes a range of shades from yellow to pink, be sure to consider the undertones as you create your color scheme.

Here's a recap of some of the best colors to pair with champagne:

  • Metallics
  • Taupe
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White
  • Purple
  • Teal


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