10 Colors That Go With Gold

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From lamps to picture frames to drawer pulls, gold details can be incorporated into any room of a house. "Gold can be a hue that contrasts and brings lightness into a room." says designer Kim Armstrong. "Or it can be a hue that grounds a room." No matter which route you go, gold is always a good decision. But you may be wondering: What colors go with gold?


The good news is that, because it can function as both an accent and a neutral color, gold works with basically everything. In a white room with big windows, it reflects the sunlight and provides extra brightness. In a space with dark-colored walls, it can add elegance and moodiness, creating a retro vibe. Compared to silver, it has warm undertones, which bring richness to any color palette.

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As for where to incorporate gold, name a room, any room. A small powder bathroom would shine with brass hardware, and a living room with gold frames and light fixtures is endlessly dignified. Show us a kitchen where gold drawer pulls don't look beautiful, or a bedroom that couldn't benefit from a bit of gold. "I don't think any room is off limits for the color gold," says Armstrong.


Inspired? We are too. Read on for some of our favorite colors that go with gold.

10 Gold Color Combinations

1. Gold and Blue

"For a moodier look, I love pairing gold with deep rich colors," says Kim Armstrong, who designed this beautiful blue bathroom. "I think gold has a great energy with a royal blue." She's right. Here, the cobalt-colored tiles, which are already eye-catching on their own, pop all the more when paired with gold hardware and fixtures. Because they are complementary colors, on opposite sides of the color wheel from each other, all shades of blue will look stunning with gold.


2. Gold and Peach

Pretty in pink? How about pretty in peach? Kevin Francis proves that gold and peach are a delightful duo. Here, he layered gold accessories — a lamp, sconces, antlers, a frame — on top of pastel, sherbet-colored walls to create a sweet and sophisticated bedroom design.



3. Gold and Black

Refined, sexy, graphic, mature — shall we go on? We could come up with 100 more gushing words to describe this black and white kitchen designed by Maestri Studio, but we'll let you fawn over the image instead. The hits of gold in the bar stools and trim elevate the highly detailed design to the next level of art deco-inspired elegance.


4. Gold and Brown

Don't mind us. We'll be over here, gawking at this ultra-opulent bathroom designed by Marie Flanigan Interiors. While the entire design is stunning, the gold accents are the star of the room. Just be sure to commit to the gold look, from mirror to faucet to towel hook. It won't be too much — trust us! — especially when juxtaposed against an otherwise neutral palette of natural materials, like marble countertops and a walnut vanity.


5. Gold and Orange

Color and pattern, glitz and glam, gold and orange — this dining room, designed by JNR Designs, has it all. Gold's warm glow pairs well with equally hot hues, like this vibrant orange featured in the curtains and wallpaper. We love the color combination in this space, but it'd look just as good in a bathroom or kids' playroom, or anywhere else you'd like give a burst of energy.



6. Gold and White

How's this for a calming bedroom? Here, Joshua Smith layered neutrals on neutrals with a punch of gold in the oversized artwork. This minimal palette allows textures and geometric forms to add dimension to the bedroom. With so many beautiful elements, but not one in particular stealing the show, your eyes can relax and get some serious zzz's in this space.


7. Gold and Emerald Green

Pair gold with any jewel tone (think emerald, ruby, and sapphire) and you're bound to have a successful color palette for any room in your house. Emerald green especially creates a regal and invigorating feel when complemented with gold, as proven in this kitchen designed by JLK Interiors. That energy comes in handy when you're trying to clean the last of the dishes.


8. Gold and Teal

When working with gold, don't be afraid to go bold and opulent. It'll pay off, we promise. Use this living room — which Perlmutter & Freiwald painted a rich teal and dotted with all kinds of gold accents — as inspiration. It's a color pairing worthy of royals. Can't you imagine pouring yourself your beverage of choice and cozying up by the fireplace?



9. Gold and Beige

Beige gets a bad rap for being boring — we disagree! — but there's nothing humdrum about this beautiful beige bathroom by Allison Knizek. The graphic tile is complemented with a gold light fixture and gold hardware, making for a calming yet inspiring space. The warm shades are a seamless match, and one you could incorporate into any room of your home.

10. Gold and Greige

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

"Depending upon the tone, gold goes with most any color," says Eddie Maestri, owner of Maestri Studio. "However, it especially pairs well with neutrals," he says. Here, gold accents pop against warm greige pillows and wall art. Together, these colors create an elegant but laid-back vibe.

Colors That Go With Gold

As you can see, there's really no way to go wrong with a color as versatile as gold. Whether you pair it with warm or cool colors, neutrals or brights, it will add an instant boost of light and elegance to any space. Go big with gold trim or keep it subtle with a set of drawer pulls.

Here's a recap of our recommendations for colors that look good with gold:

  • Blue
  • Peach
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • White
  • Emerald Green
  • Teal
  • Beige
  • Greige



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