25 Dark Bedroom Ideas You Definitely Shouldn't Sleep On

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Unless you're talking about the Force in ​Star Wars​, exploring the dark side doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, dramatic color palettes have been gracing our Instagram feeds more and more lately, and it appears the darker you go, the better. With bedrooms primarily used for, well, sleeping, it's certainly one of the better spaces to explore a moodier color scheme.


But before you take the plunge, it's important that you feel relaxed and comfortable when surrounded by dark colors and not depressed or full of angst. Opt out of the trend if darker hues affect your mood in an unpleasant way. On the other hand, if you've been daydreaming about a brooding background in a decadent shade of ebony or deep cherry red, scroll on to discover 25 of our favorite dark bedroom ideas of the moment.

Video of the Day


Video of the Day

1. Integrate jewel tones.

If you're considering a dark bedroom, make sure there is plenty of natural light to counteract the dramatic hue (or in this case hues). This gorgeous bedroom belonging to Megan of TFDiaries features a saturated combination of jewel tones — hello, teal paint color! — on both the walls and the bedding, but still looks inviting thanks to the warmer pops of color throughout.


2. Paint it black.

Black bedrooms have become increasingly popular, and this moody sanctuary by Melbourne-based architectural firm Meme Design shows us exactly why. The dark wall color adds a feeling of luxury while natural textures, watercolor-inspired patterns, and light linens bestow a soft, cozy presence that invites you in and lulls you to sleep.


3. Spice it up with red.

Bella Freud and Maria Speake decked out this plush apartment in London's old BBC Television Centre with decor that might just remind you of your time in the '70s. The moody bedroom was painted in a decadent dark red that remains rich yet vibrant, too. When can we move in?



4. Embrace navy blue.

UK-based Theresa Gromski's boho-inspired bedroom makes use of a navy blue paint color to highlight the character-filled vintage furniture and bamboo pendant light. And yes, we absolutely have pillow envy.


5. Go for shades of gray.

While you might be of the opinion that the color gray is reserved for rainy days only, this dark bedroom spotted on Historiska Hem shows that the dreamy hue can be anything but gloomy when used in a contemporary way. The warm undertones create a cozy feeling that is perfectly paired with organic ceramics, bright linens, and a hint of greenery. It's minimal, yet utterly sophisticated at the same time.


6. Don't forget the ceiling (and the door).

A deep, blue-black paint will bring all the glamour to your bedroom, especially when paired with brass details and luxe fabrics. In this bedroom by House of Nomad co-founder Kelley Lentini, the moody vibe of the inky walls, ceiling, and even the door sets the scene for the rest of the bedroom. She completed the look with a velvet channel-tufted headboard and textiles that reflect her eclectic eye. We've got just one question: Can we keep the cat?



7. Incorporate wood paneling.

If you're a fan of wall paneling and a simple yet elegant look, go for a luxe espresso finish. Decus Interiors shows us how it's done in this chic, minimalist bedroom design. The dark wood-clad walls instantly add character and depth that's complemented by light-colored bedding. It looks incredible against the rich, velvety backdrop.


8. Consider a tone-on-tone look.

In this dark yet minimalist bedroom designed by interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, navy blue walls combine with a matching upholstered headboard, bedding, built-in shelving, and home decor to create a tone-on-tone space that celebrates the beloved hue. To break up the intensity of all the dark tones, note the lighter area rug, bed benches, and accent pillows.


9. Experiment with a bold color combination.

This unique color combo is giving us all the feels with its daring purple walls and the dark teal ceiling that caps things off with an unexpected touch. Pops of cherry red feed into the moody and romantic vibe of the room, while the velvet textures invite a soothing feel.


10. Channel midcentury modern.

Black walls, a warm wood bed frame, and a textured Moroccan rug are all staples of a contemporary take on midcentury modern style. This black bedroom by Veronica Hamlet comes with no shortage of cozy textiles that bring on a wealth of comfort (visual and physical) to the space.

11. Add warmth with chocolate brown.

If you've been thinking about decorating with the color chocolate brown, this picture-perfect scene by Kråkvik & D'Orazio will undoubtedly convince you. Not only will the rich paint color achieve the desired tonal effect, but it will also invite a dark pop of color that still feels neutral and oh-so-calming.

12. Keep it timeless with emerald green.

In this design by Haley Weidenbaum, dark emerald green walls, lustrous brass fixtures, and decorative trim channel traditional style with a touch of effortless cool. The verdant hue of the walls makes for the perfect backdrop, establishing a balance that feels both daring ​and​ timelessly elegant.


13. Throw in some neutrals.

Dark charcoal gray walls need not feel snoozy. Pair the scheme with soft neutrals (think beige, greige, and lighter grays) to offset the intense backdrop while inviting a cozy element to the room. Complete the look with vintage oil paintings and a colorful accent pillow.

14. Invite a lustrous finish.

Navy blue walls that err close to a shade of black are one way to experiment with bold uses of color. Brittany Chinaglia of The Vintage Rug Shop used the dynamic hue to create an inspired backdrop in her son's midcentury-inspired bedroom, elevating the palette with lustrous brass accents like a double-arm wall sconce. The blanket flaunting an array of primary colors adds a youthful note.

15. Employ burnt ochre.

The beauty of utilizing a burnt ochre hue — like the one Marie from Marie in May used in her cozy bedroom showcased on Hëllø Blogzine — is that depending on the light, the color can lean more orange or yellow. Paired with earthy terra cotta bedding and a flood of natural light, her sleeping quarters have taken on a saturated rust tone that makes us feel warm and toasty just by looking at it.

16. Combine cool colors.

A combination of cool colors — such as a muted shade of sage green with gray undertones on the walls and a patterned blue headboard — brings on all the style and flair in this stunning Upstate New York hotel room. The bold red rug and wood flooring underneath add just enough warmth and tie the whole look together.

17. Welcome an accent wall.

Utilizing dark colors in a bedroom design can take on a variety of different forms. Case in point, this dynamic space by Nina Garbiras of FIG Interior Design, features no shortage of inspired hues plus an accent wall to boot. While the frame of the space may be white, the darker closet doors and the teal backdrop behind the bed invite all the boldness that a color lover could ever need.

18. Keep it simple.

A foolproof way to invite a dose of timeless elegance into a room? Stick to a reserved color palette of moody grays. This stunning bedroom designed by the team over at White Arrow definitely has the right idea with its gray walls, matching bedspread, and slivers of light gray sheets. The end result is a cohesive boudoir that's sure to inspire the sweetest of dreams.

19. Mix and match.

A dark bedroom need not feel entirely gloomy or void of color as proven by this rustic haven, courtesy of designer Rob Diaz. Wood-paneled walls and dark sage green paint, reserved for the ceiling and trim, can offer the same desired effect of a "dark" space without overwhelming the confines of the room.

20. Bring on the pattern.

Give ordinary navy blue walls a fresh dose of excitement by opting for a patterned wallpaper in lieu of paint à la this swoon-worthy bedchamber from Hyphen & Co. The metallic accents on this print make for the perfect backdrop in a romantic bedroom that combines modern farmhouse with a whimsical twist.

21. Contrast with orange.

Dark green walls inspire in this boho-chic bedroom, where layers of textiles and abstract pieces lend a dynamic feel to the otherwise minimalist space. White bedding, potted plants, and pops of orange keep the room feeling bright and airy, despite the darker tone of the walls.

22. Panel it.

Paneled walls feel infinitely more defined and a touch more interesting than a standard coat of paint. The subtle linear detailing adds texture, while also visually elongating the confines of a room. Here, charcoal gray paint imparts a hint of elegance and flair.

23. Opt for a glossy finish.

A bold blue never goes out of style, and this dreamy spot captured by Codi Ann Backman hits all the right notes. Brighten up the color a bit by opting for a high-gloss finish — the sheen will reflect light throughout, creating the illusion of a larger room.

24. Weave in wood trim and paneling.

The charcoal gray walls of this minimalist bedroom are not only beautifully understated but subtly textured as well. The finish of the paint adds dimension to the sleek architectural features of the attic space, while the wooden inlays and trim invite a welcome touch of warmth.

25. Make it textured.

Instead of an ordinary coat of paint, go for a textured effect to add a fresh dimension to the walls. Chalk paint, tinted plaster, and limewash are all great ways to get the look. If this dark blue bedroom is any indication, the end result will be effortlessly cool.