This $70 Ikea Pendant Is Literally Everywhere, and Here’s Proof

Ikea Sinnerlig Pendant
credit: Rum Hemma

The lattice, the glow, that price! It's no wonder the Ikea Sinnerlig pendant is one of the hottest lighting choices around. It's a two-punch combo: aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly. A perfect pick for when you want to do high-low decorating in your home. And as you can see from these photos, it's a pendant we all just can't seem to quit because it's everywhere. I spy a Sinnerlig ...

1. Highlighting a colorful gallery wall in this cute California dining room.

2. Blending in beautifully among a mix of various woods and natural materials in Sweden.

Dining room with Ikea Sinnerlig pendant
credit: Stadshem

3. Pairing perfectly above a recycled elm table in a heritage cottage in Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia.

Dining room with Ikea Sinnerlig pendant
credit: Inside Out

4. Casting a glow in this European apartment all year round.

Dining room with Ikea Sinnerlig pendant
credit: Planete Deco

5. Appearing in Barcelona as this kitchen's bae.

Kitchen with Ikea Sinnerlig Pendant
credit: El Mueble

6. Holding its own surrounded by a colorful wall and rug in Sweden.

Ikea Sinnerlig Pendant
credit: Alvhem

7. Giving off desert vibes in the Joshua Tree.

Ikea Sinngerlig Pendant
credit: Paul Anderson

8. Hanging from a high ceiling in a Swedish boho dining room.

Ikea Sinnerlig Pendant
credit: Rum Hemma

9. Doing the DIY thing with Stephanie Watkins from Casa Watkins Living in Maryland.

10. Earning an A+ in an Alphabet City (New York) apartment.

11. Giving Bri Emery from Design Love Fest a focal point in her Los Angeles bedroom.

12. Supplying light (in white), in A Cup of Jo Joanna Goddard's sister's home makeover.

13. Looking like your Pinterest dreams in this Gothenburg apartment.

14. Mixing modern style with Texas soul in this pied-a-terre in downtown Austin.

Ikea Sinnerlig Pendant
credit: Katie Jameson

15. Feeling moody in a darkly romantic living room in a small coastal city of Härnösand, Sweden.

16. Making a big statement over a small table in a minimal Scandinavian home.

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman

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