Colors That Match With Orange

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Poor orange. While endlessly uplifting, the vibrant burst of a hue is underrated and underutilized in design, with a reputation for being difficult to decorate with. But that's not always the case! Orange brings a serious kick of color to any space, and when paired with colors that bring out the best in it, orange is unstoppable.


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Nestled between red and yellow on a color wheel, orange exhibits the highlights of each of those colors: the boldness of red with the sunshiney energy of yellow. But with just a few notches amped up or toned down, orange can suit a variety of design styles, from farmhouse to modern and everything in between.

While orange pairs beautifully with blue, its complementary color on the color wheel, that's not the only color orange goes with. Far from it, in fact. Imagine an autumnal palette with a burnt orange, olive greens, pale yellows, and rich browns – any color you'd see falling from a tree. Or go light and bright with orange, pairing it with white to show off orange's star quality. Or a romantic pairing of a soft orange with lavender.


Pale or vibrant, tangerine or pumpkin, in small doses or large, orange inevitably adds a cheerful note to any space. Whether you are injecting a dose of orange into your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, here are our favorite colors that go with orange.

1. Orange + Yellow

Hello, sunshine! There's no way to feel blue in this orange living room, which is paired oh-so beautifully with orange's neighbor on the color wheel, yellow. Using color (orange and yellow), texture (the velvety ottoman and furry rug), and height (in the arching floor lamp), this living room checks off all the boxes of an interesting, upbeat space. If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to experiment with orange and yellow, play with an arrangement of pillows that incorporates both colors.


2. Orange + Green

Sure, blue may be the official complementary color of orange according to color wheel purists. But this kitchen proves that green works just as well, bringing out the pumpkin tones of this wall color. The design doesn't go overboard though. Doses of white – in the sink, open shelving, and hood – ensure the bright, bold pops of orange and green make for an elevated, eclectic kitchen.


3. Orange + Aubergine

There's something royal about the color combination of orange and aubergine, especially when the tones are rich and deep like the ones in this Mary Patton-designed room. With the walls, built-ins and ceiling all coated in eggplant-colored paint, a pop of energy – oh hello, orange couch! – was needed to energize the space. The orange color is carried through the rug and window treatments, making for a cohesive, unexpected, unforgettable space.


4. Orange + White + Wood

Here's Exhibit A that decorating with orange can be soothing. Simply veer towards a more zen orange, like an apricot paint color, and pair it with equally as calming colors like crisp white and natural wood tones. Bring in texture with a sisal rug, a patinated mirror for character, and not much else. Sometimes less is more, especially when your decorating with an adventurous color.


5. Orange + Lavender + Pink

Feminine, fun, fearless: those are three of 1,000 words to describe this standout color palette of orange, lavender, and fushsia. Follow along with Annie Sloan's step-by-step of how to create this paint magic, inspired by Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, if you'd want to recreate this style yourself. Or simply bask in the inspiration of how such similar, bold colors were used alongside each other in a graphic way that isn't overwhelming, thanks primarily to the calming properties of the lavender.


6. Orange + Blue

There's a reason orange and blue go so effortlessly together: they're complements on the color wheel. Here, Justina Blakeney anchored a living room with a plush blue rug, topped with a blue patterned coffee table and a showstopper of an orange sectional couch. Don't you just want to curl up on the couch under that orange throw blanket? (We do.) Blakeney honed in on the blue and orange color love fest with pillows of all shapes and designs in the same color palette, as if you needed more proof how much fun you can have decorating with this color combination.


7. Orange + Brown

Leave it to a boutique hotel in Morocco to show us how an orange bathroom is done. Here, at Riad Jardin Secret, you can wash away any worries in this dreamy terracotta-colored bathroom, decked out with an ornate wooden door and tiled ceiling. The tone-on-tone of the tiles, wood, and paint color make for a cohesive, tranquil space. For any accessories, like towels and vases, stick to simple white so the variegated oranges can shine through.

8. Orange + Dusty Pink + Cream

"When creating a tonal room (or outfit…or anything!), it's important to use contrasting shades," says Joy Cho of Oh Joy! So for this tonal orange room, complements with peaches and pinks, she coordinated the primary paint color to the velvet chair, then piled on accessories in various textures and shades of orange. The neutral rug grounds the room and adds texture, while the dark wood adds warmth and richness. All together making for an inviting, interesting living room we'd be happy to, well, live in.

9. Orange + Black + Blue

Yes, we ​are​ telling you that you can pair orange with black and (if done carefully) it won't look like Halloween decor gone awry. Study this enviable backyard patio for inspiration, where a black planked open shelter is grounded with a patterned blue tile, and comes to life with a serious dose of orange. Orange rugs are layered on top of each other, and the sectional couch is lined with pillows in various shades of fiery and burnt orange. No matter where in the world you are, you'll be convinced you're in Morocco.

10. Orange + Teal

For some serious midcentury modern vibes, pair orange with teal. The palette is equally retro and modern, making for a space you won't get sick of anytime soon. Take inspiration from this midcentury-inspired playroom styled by Jen of The Effortless Chic, which pairs a rich teal paint color with a patterned orange rug and plenty of natural touches: the pendant light fixture, the snake plant, the floor-to-ceiling windows.

11. Orange + Grey

Not quite ready to dive headfirst into orange decor? That's understandable. If you're interested in dipping your toe into the daring color though, do as this Elms Interior Design kitchen did and start with a small dose of orange, like in this orange-trimmed roman shade. Then, more and more, as you become more in love with the color (it's inevitable) you can incorporate pops of orange through accessories and small appliances.

12. Orange + White + Black

What's black and white and orange all over? This kids' room by Chango & Co. They took a risk on a patterned orange fox-themed wallpaper (that paid off, clearly) and toned down its business with neutrals: white, black, and grey. If you're still unsure how much you love orange, go the route one of selecting one standout orange item, like wallpaper, and easing into the rest of the design with classic shapes and patterns in neutral colors.


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