Yellow Room Ideas That Bring the Sunshine Into Any Space

Yellow hallway of a Mid-Century building, wood sideboard with plant and globes
Image Credit: Luis Barragan
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It's proven that colors affect our moods and can have an impact on our mental health. And many of us take this into consideration when we choose which hues to use in our homes. Sunshine tones, for example, are often cheerful and energizing. But at times, they can feel too bright or intense. So when it comes to yellow room ideas, we have to use the powerful shade wisely.

However, from canary to mustard and every golden tint in between, this color is one of our faves. Here are some ways to bring the sun-drenched shade inside.


Stylish Yellow Shades

The yellow spectrum of shades is broad, but choosing one that's chic and timeless is essential. Consider a mustard (like Sherwin-Williams' Nugget) or flaxen tone (like Farrow & Ball's Dayroom Yellow) for a wall. Or pick vibrant backsplash tiles (like these from Heath Ceramics). Yellows that are a little more muted, rather than brassy and bright, will stand the test of time.

Using Yellow on Walls

Yellow hallway of a Mid-Century building, wood sideboard with plant and globes
Image Credit: Luis Barragan

Painting a room yellow can seem like a serious commitment, but taking a daring plunge with a bright and bold shade like Behr's Buzz-In can make your decor stand out in truly unique ways. We also recommend trying removable patterned wallpaper in the sunny hue of your choosing.

Yellow Furniture

A sofa in a soft butter or lemon yellow can complement almost any style of room. The color works especially well in midcentury spaces or even living rooms with eclectic decor.

Yellow Touches

Adding yellow accents is another easy way to interject the shade in small ways rather than making too big of a splash. Try some textiles or daffodil throw cushions in your bedroom and beyond. They'll work perfectly for a desert or rustic vibe.


Mixing Hues

There's no rule when it comes to mixing multiple shades of one color. And this funky home proves it. Consider staining wood paneling with a more yellow finish and mixing in darker gold accessories for a warm and wonderfully unique space.

Glidden Butter Cookie

Clare Golden Hour

Behr Surfboard Yellow

Farrow & Ball Citron

PPG Pollination

Behr Buzz-In

Sherwin-Williams Nugget

Farrow & Ball Dayroom Yellow

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