Rustic Decor: Ideas and Inspiration

a wood-burning stove in the corner of a room with retro wood paneling
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While the style can feel pretty extensive, rustic decor is typically natural, rough, a little aged, and more casual than formal. Farmhouse, Tuscan, coastal, and cottage looks can fall into this category, however. So it can get a little confusing when you're culling the pieces to include in your rugged home design.

If you really want your rustic decor to be authentic, though, look for things that are beautifully weathered. This means a lot of wood, stone, burlap, and even canvas. And fear not — you don't have to live in an off-grid cabin in the woods to get real with your rustic decor. The key is to make things look less polished, less matchy-matchy and more warm, cozy, and inviting. This interior style is not pristine, but it can be minimal. It just has to look and feel earthy, not manufactured. Easy right? That's the idea.


Here's a quick look at rustic decor and some easy ways to incorporate it into your space.

Rustic Rooms

blue curved couches with a curved coffee table on a floor with rustic planks and a southwestern-patterned rug

The really good news is rustic decor works great in pretty much any space. From living rooms to master bedrooms, you can sprinkle in some of the style or go big and redo an entire area. Keep your approach simple, your style informal, and remember the number one rule for rustic: Keep it real.

Rustic Walls and Ceilings

Image Credit: Sanford Creative for Hunker

What's on the walls or ceilings makes a real difference when you're setting the tone in your space. Consider wood paneling on one, two, or all four walls. You can get the look easily with stick-on planks. Try out a pendant light with cane or wood accents. Hang art that reflects nature or a wall piece made from ceramic tiles. All these things will come together to create the perfectly curated rustic space.

Rustic Floors

Yes, hardwood flooring is the right move when it comes to rustic style. But, rather than keeping those planks perfectly polished, embrace the imperfections. Saltillo, cement, or ceramic tiles will also work. They stand out in kitchens, bathrooms, or even living rooms. Pick rugs that are handwoven and made from materials like wool, cotton, and jute.

Rustic Furniture

a frontier-style rustic wooden chair
Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

There's a lot of furniture that works for rustic decor. You'll want to explore wood furnishings that are less glossy and more rugged. Reclaimed and plywood pieces are good choices with a modern twist. Create a cozy atmosphere by mixing wood finishes. And pick large pieces that you can seriously sink into like cozy sectionals.


Must-Have Accents

modern chair in corner with rustic modern wood side table

Oversize sofas and dining tables are smart picks for rustic decor. Since comfort and cozy are at the forefront of this style, a couch in a natural color with throw pillows made from woven textiles, a soft blanket (and a furry friend for major bonus points) is a must. Find a solid wood table for your dining room, so family and friends can gather round for meals or much needed conversation.

While some rustic spaces can have a dark and heavy feel, others flaunt a light and bright aesthetic that's more balanced. Think hygge with less polish. Take this room; the white walls with light wood floors are perfect examples of the new rustic. Maybe you expose some overhead beams or panel your ceiling and keep the rest of the room fresh.

Rustic DIYs

Leather-burlap wall hanging over half-moon table with decorative vase

Make a wall hanging from organic materials for a rustic touch in any room. Or try reworking a side table. So many DIY projects feel super rustic and add a personal touch to your pad.

Rustic Fireplaces

a wood-burning stove in the corner of a room with retro wood paneling
Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

Sure, we've all fantasized about having a giant stone fireplace to curl up in front of, but consider adding an unexpected style into your space without a huge hearth. Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes. All have one thing in common, though: a warm feeling. Midcentury burners like this one still say rustic and real.


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