25 Rustic Dining Room Ideas to Up Your Style Game

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Transforming your home into the perfect cozy refuge can definitely feel like an insurmountable interior design challenge. You want it to feel charming and inviting but not old and boring, and you want to incorporate vintage pieces yet still keep it modern. You're not alone. And what better way to accomplish all of that than with rustic style? Think woodsy cabin or mountain lodge meets chic suburban home.


While we are fans of the down-to-earth aesthetic in any room of the house, we especially love it in the dining room. It's the place where family and friends come together to reconnect over a warm and hearty meal. Ready to make over your eatery? Check out these 25 rustic ideas that will help you nail the look.

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1. Welcome vintage decor.

Deviate from the standard rustic look by incorporating furniture that's sleek yet storied at the same time. Ironwork and reclaimed wood accents can take on an almost industrial feel but when paired with brass accessories and vintage lighting, you'll find that the combo fits the aesthetic to a T.

2. Double up on the basics.

For those with room to roam, don't just settle on one dining setup. Make the most of your space with two seating arrangements much like the layout spotted in this moody design captured by Peter Schweitzer. A picnic-style table offers seating for a crowd while the smaller, adjacent table is perfect for more intimate settings.


3. Mind the light.

When it comes to rustic lighting, there are no rules. Mix and match a group of pendants, sconces, table lamps, and perhaps even a floor lamp to channel that quintessential farmhouse vibe. Textured lampshades can invite a dose of pattern and added visual interest, while simultaneously providing just the right amount of ambiance.



4. Throw a few potted greens into the mix.

Potted houseplants are a great way to introduce an organic detail into a room. When it comes to a rustic or farmhouse-style dining area that's rich in wooden features, a bit of greenery can invite a dash of color that fits right into the overall design without distracting.


5. Rethink storage.

Beyond the standard dining table and set of chairs, there are a host of other opportunities in which you can sneak in a rustic detail. When it comes to storage units, steer away from the expected and go for something with a storied look and feel. Peruse flea markets or vintage shops for a rustic-style buffet or sideboard much like the one spotted in this dining room.


6. Give it the Cali-cool treatment.

Consider a rustic dining room with a hint of Cali-cool flair, like this moody scene designed by Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. The wrought iron dining chairs — with their woven leather backs and contrasting seat cushions — offer a natural complement to the wood table while still managing to stand out. The pared-down palette, simple decor, and candelabra chandelier work together to complete the look.



7. Embrace a dark dining room.

Dark walls, distressed accents, and vintage decor inspire a bold dose of style and personality in this dining room designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co. Mismatched chairs lend an eclectic feel while the painted brick fireplace surround ties it all together.


8. Detail the ceilings.

Often overlooked, the ceiling of a dining room is a great opportunity to add unexpected rustic details. For instance, wooden beams are a no-brainer and a design-forward way to introduce rustic style in any space. Follow the lead of this spot from Lukas van der Lende and pair them with a matching dining set.


9. Mix up the seating.

Rustic decor is all about a laidback approach so when it comes to the seating, mix and match in lieu of choosing a cohesive set. A dining bench can be a great way to squeeze in extra seats around the dining table and offers the perfect opportunity to use a plush sheepskin or two.



10. Infuse modern elements.

A rustic dining room doesn't necessarily have to encompass exclusively vintage pieces of decor. Pull elements from various design styles to infuse a contemporary spin on the aesthetic. This rustic-meets-modern farmhouse dining area by Katie Hodges is a prime example of how well the two can work together.

11. Consider colorful seating.

Give your rustic dining room a playful refresh with colorful chairs. A departure from the standard approach, this minimalist setup showcases how impactful pops of unexpected color can be, offering a cheeky twist on farmhouse style.

12. Or stick with white seating.

The rustic trend may not always lend itself ​super​ well to bold colors, but that doesn't mean your space can't have pizzazz. Kelly from The Lily Pad Cottage paired her Windsor-style dining chairs with a black steel frame chandelier (and, of course, a weathered wood table with trestle-style legs) to create a picturesque breakfast nook.


13. Sprinkle in lustrous brass details.

Cecily from Cecy J Interiors gave this family rustic farmhouse an elegant new makeover. In this bright and airy space, a little white paint and a few luxe accents — like a brass chandelier — made all the difference.

14. Seek out a vintage table.

The dining room may be delightfully modern, but the solid wood, vintage farmhouse table, which is over a century old, grounds this picture-perfect room captured by Eve Wilson. The perfectly mismatched dining chairs don't hurt either.

15. Add a handmade touch.

A rustic style dining room should feel a little handmade — and this DIYed "Stay Awhile" sign by Joyful Derivatives blogger Rachel Joy is just the thing to perk up your space. (Plus, who can argue with inexpensive home decor?) Follow her how-to here.

16. Experiment with dark wood stains.

With large windows, lots of natural light, and white walls, the last thing this beautiful bright space needs is a white table. Instead, follow the lead of Emily Henderson and pick a killer piece flaunting a dark wood finish for your rustic dining room, and then make it the focal point by spotlighting your table with a simple pendant.

17. Clad the walls in wood paneling.

Why paint your walls when you can clad them with wood to get the rustic look you've been craving? In fact, this space by Halcyon Style proves that adding horizontal planks to the walls will give your dining room distinct personality and country charm.

18. Give it a touch of traditional glamour.

A crystal chandelier ... in a rustic dining room? Sounds contradictory, but this Newport Beach home proves that the combination works flawlessly. The key to success? Find a fixture that incorporates blackened steel or aged bronze to give it a hint of glamour without taking anything away from the overall aesthetic.

19. Bring on the drama.

There's one color that works fabulously with rustic decor: black. Emily Starr from mStarr Design incorporated an ebony china cabinet and black picture frames in her dining room to amp up the drama while adding striking contrast.

20. Keep it all white.

You can opt for something a little less bold like Jillian Harris's dreamy farmhouse-style design. From the walls to the dining room furniture to the drapery, she kept everything white to balance the warmth of the wood flooring and ceiling beams.

21. Incorporate textured details.

Every rustic dining room needs a bit of texture as proven by this setup from Fox Hollow Cottage. After all, the style is all about celebrating nature, and natural elements are perfectly imperfect, flaunting an abundance of texture. It can be as simple as a woven jute rug under the table and a vase with dried florals. Extra credit for an unfinished, reclaimed wood ceiling beam.

22. Consider industrial flair.

Some of the most beautiful interiors combine design styles: Scandinavian and minimalism. Midcentury and boho. And rustic and industrial. By the mere addition of two black factory-style pendant lights, a couple of retro chairs, and a black accent wall, this country dining room is instantly transformed.

23. Add X-back dining chairs.

Want a sophisticated look for your rustic dining space, without sacrificing that country feel you know and love? Consider dining chairs with an X-back detail like the ones chosen by Shea from Studio McGee for this stunning Park City, Utah abode. Follow her lead and opt for upholstered wingback armchairs for the head of the table.

24. Elevate the table settings.

Don't just let your rustic wood tabletop sit bare during dinner parties. Whether you add a sprig of rosemary to each place setting or roll-up soft linen napkins, take the time to perfect your tablescape à la Sarah from Seasons by Sarah. All of these quaint little details won't go unnoticed.

25. Don't feel constrained by a small space.

You don't need an expansive floor plan to take advantage of the rustic trend. Jennifer from Delightfully Noted gave her modest dining room a pastoral makeover thanks to shiplap walls, a round wood table, farmhouse-style chairs, a clear vase filled with seasonal blooms, and a bit of greenery.



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