traditional chandelier
credit: McGee & Co.

One of our all-time favorite forms of lighting is the chandelier. Why? These fixtures not only provide excellent illumination, but they're often the most dramatic type of lighting, and come in so many different forms. To get technical for a minute: A chandelier is defined as a branched lighting fixture that holds multiple bulbs. While you may think of glitzy ballrooms when you think "chandelier," most actually sport sleek, modern lines these days. Before you buy a dining room chandelier, be sure to mull over the following considerations:


Since chandeliers are often intended to make a grand statement, they can take up lots of room. It may be hard to install a chandelier in a dining room with lower ceilings. When hanging a chandelier in a dining room, be sure that you'll have at least 3 feet between the bottom of the fixture and the tabletop.


Chandeliers don't come cheap. If you're ever confused about where to invest your money when it comes to home decor, you'll want to make sure you have $500 to $1,000 budgeted for this type of fixture. While you can find deals at lower cost retailers, that's the range you'll be looking at for your CB2s, West Elms, etc. (and over $1,000). If you're going to go with something that's more high design or by an independent designer, you could be spending thousands.

Ready for some dining room chandelier ideas? Read on for inspiration.


globe chandelier in dining room
credit: Stephen Paul

Although chandeliers with globes are common these days, it's a look that is so well suited to different decor styles. It often feels like a more glam statement, but depending on the context, globe chandeliers can also feel midcentury.


Veraluz 2-Tier Chandelier, $751.20
credit: Stephen Paul

Fan of farmhouse-chic dining rooms? Look for chandeliers with distressed wood frames and exposed bulbs.


Seek out globes perched on angular branches that give a slight nod to the Space Age.


West Elm Mobile Chandelier, $399
credit: West Elm

Mobile-style chandeliers are among the most popular styles of light fixtures for modern dining rooms. The look is intriguing without getting too fancy — just clean lines and non-fussy illumination.


Round, barrel-like chandeliers work well in rustic or traditional dining rooms. Remind you of a wine cellar, no?


vintage floral chandelier
credit: Brenden Lowry

Looking for something unique? Try a vintage fixture. Just be sure to factor in additional cost — old fixtures may need rewiring. But worth it for a beaut!


Schoolhouse Tangled Chandelier, $599
credit: Schoolhouse

The unfinished, almost industrial vibe of this round chandelier creates an unexpected and off-kilter look that's perfect for modern dining rooms.


Pottery Barn Beaded Chandelier, $699
credit: Pottery Barn

Insert a bit of boho into your dining space with a lush beaded chandelier. If you're feeling crafty, you can totally DIY one.


West Elm Sputnik Chandelier, $499
credit: West Elm

Another way to drive home the midcentury look? Go for a sputnik-style chandelier to bring full character.


McGee & Co. Breck Chandelier, $1,820
credit: McGee & Co.

Of course, we're always fans of keeping things more neutral. Whether you have a farmhouse dining room or a boho dining room, a chandelier that feels more traditional is a great way to anchor the design.

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Leonora Epstein

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