Our Top Dining Room Storage Ideas Revealed

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We at Hunker love talking storage, whether it's for your kitchen, for small spaces, for your laundry room ... you name it! But chances are if you've come here, you're looking specifically for dining room storage ideas. So welcome, and let's get started.

Things to Consider for Dining Room Storage

First up, let's consider the obvious question: What size dining room do you have? If it's on the smaller size, that means you'll need to get a little clever with your storage solutions because they'll have to fit into your particular space. Items that can do double duty work best, such as a storage bench or small decorative cubbies that can also offer surface space (acting as a small makeshift sideboard). Also, open shelving is always a winning idea because items are placed up high, so no floor space is needed.


If you have a larger size dining room, then you have a little more leeway for big-ticket items, such as a large credenza, buffet table, or even a statement cabinet piece.

For any size room, it's helpful to include spaces within your dining room where you can store major players, such as dinnerware, serving utensils, linens, candles, and other entertaining items. This way, you can easily access them at any time and you won't have to go searching for it in other parts of your home.

So, as you proceed to figure out what works for you when deciding upon dining room storage, keep several things in mind: the amount of wall and floor space you have; if you want to invest in a table, chairs, and other furniture that will match the color, decor, and vibe of your room (are you into the farmhouse look? midcentury? bohemian? modern?!); your budget; and whether you have any existing furniture you can use for storage.

Let's take a look at your many choices — these are some of our favorite dining room storage ideas.

Dining Room Storage Idea #1: Built-In Furniture

If built-in storage came with your place when you moved in, nice! Storage solution solved. But what if you don't love your built-ins? Luckily furniture can easily be upgraded with a fresh paint color, or by replacing the hardware like knobs and handles. Here's a handy guide on easy ways you can update drawer and door hardware in your home.

Also, check out these helpful tips on how to paint furniture or how to paint wood cabinets. Or, these at-home remedies to remove scratches from wood furniture. We've got you covered!

Dining Room Storage Idea #2: Storage Furniture

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

If you don't have built-in storage options for your dining room, simply add storage furniture. Depending on the size of your space, your options include a bar cart (we love this DIY cart that is literally perfect for small spaces) or a bar cabinet, cubbies, a china display cabinet, a banquette, and a sideboard. You can find a number of different storage furniture options online to match your style.


Your dining room might be so small that storage furniture gets in the way if you have a lot of people over. In this case, it's best to buy furniture that's on the lighter side so you can move it if you have to. Investing in a sturdy bar cart with solid wheels is a great option.

When investing in storage furniture, don't forget to buy additional helpful materials like functional baskets to keep everything organized. Roll your napkins and tablecloths up before you store them, like Marie Kondo would, and you'll save even more space.

Dining Room Storage Idea #3: Alternative Storage

Image Credit: Stephen Paul

Sometimes it pays to think outside the box (the storage box, that is), and look to alternative options. This could be for functional reasons, for instance if you have a small space and need to maximize your dining room layout. Or it could be for fun, decorative reasons.

For instance, a vintage trunk could have ample storage space and provide a flat surface to display decorative items or to serve as a small sideboard table or buffet.

Adding a storage bench is a one-two combo punch, offering seating and storage. If you use a bench, remember to buy some cushions and throw pillows to go along with it so your guests feel comfortable. Plus, you can add pops of color and some personality to the room with these handpicked items.

Just as we've suggested for additional storage ideas in an entryway, hanging a structured bag on the wall not only looks visually interesting, but it can also hide smaller items such as candles, linens, and utensils. We love this idea for a bohemian dining room.

Finally, why not try a pegboard shelf? You can place items directly upon the shelf, or use the pegs to hang baskets or bags for storage. Get creative!

Oh, and did you know that liquor shelves are the new bar cart? Cute, convenient, and all you need is a little bit of wall space.

Where to Shop for Dining Room Storage

Image Credit: Carrie Waller

Now that you've brainstormed some dining room storage ideas, it's time to get shopping! Here are some of our favorite places to find the storage you need on a budget you can afford.



Anthropologie may be a little bit pricey, but the selection of dining room storage furniture is so incredibly modern and chic you'll likely spend hours just browsing. To say the store is on-trend is an understatement.

The Container Store

Try to contain your excitement when shopping at The Container Store, which has all sorts of bins and baskets to use along with your storage furniture. Check out its extensive selection of woven baskets if you are going for a cozier vibe in your dining room.

West Elm

With thousands of pieces of dining room furniture to choose from and super sleek bar carts to shop for, you'll surely find the perfect functional and stylish furniture for your dining room.