Parachute Founder Ariel Kaye Will Definitely Be Using the New Tabletop Collection as Much as You

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Founder and CEO of Parachute, Ariel Kaye, knows a thing or two about comfort. Since she launched her startup in Venice, California — a linens brand that heightens classic, minimalist neutrals with premium fabrics — it only took two years for Forbes to sing its praises among the millennial set, and for the likes of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to follow suit. Now Kaye is expanding her company into the kitchen with a new tabletop collection, which speaks to its mission for overall wellness and happens to coincide with her personal goal to perfect an octopus recipe this summer.

Hunker spoke with Kaye on the eve of the tabletop collection's launch to get the scoop behind the line and to gather some tips for the perfect dinner party. Find out which tabletop accessory Kaye's most excited about, and don't miss our video featuring Parachute's new products at the end of the interview.

Why did you choose to do table linens at this point in time?

Our focus has been on the rituals surrounding waking up and going to bed. We wanted to continue to be a part of daily routines in other areas of the home — so table linens were a natural fit. Sharing a meal is an important part of the day, and this collection allows us to connect with our customers in a new way. Like sleep, eating is an essential part of wellness, and one that we at Parachute take seriously. I love that our brand encourages and upholds these values through the home essentials we offer.

Image Credit: Chloe Miller and Monique Wolf for Hunker

How did you picture people using this new collection in their home?

Home decor and interior design have always been interests of mine. It's important to me to provide premium quality pieces that are functional and designed to last. Our table linen collection is incredibly versatile: it can be used for everyday meals, or it can be dressed up for special occasions with floral arrangements and candles. I envision people mixing and matching the prints, since we work with such a neutral color palette. I also see people taking the linens outside — you can use our tablecloth as a picnic blanket or elevate an al fresco meal with a table runner and napkins.

How is this collection a reflection of your own personal style?

My personal aesthetic doesn't differ much from that of Parachute's. Our unfussy style and natural color palette appeal to me — they help create a cozy, relaxing space. My decor is equally influenced by the beach, the desert, and Scandinavian design. And because I'm all about hosting, my biggest priority is creating a comfortable, chic place for my friends and family to gather.

Image Credit: Chloe Miller and Monique Fox for Hunker

We know that you're very interested in food, so what's your ideal menu for a dinner party?

I love a good meal with friends! Fresh, California cuisine is always a crowd pleaser. I would start with a light salad with avocado, obviously, tossed with a citrus dressing. Next, I would serve grilled fish or another seafood. I've been perfecting my octopus recipe — I'll have it down by midsummer! I would also include roasted veggies from the garden. I like to keep it simple with good extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and herbs. And with warmer weather, a sweet sorbet for dessert is a nice touch. I also can't live without a bite of dark chocolate after dinner.

What's the one table piece that you think everyone should have in their homes?

Our linen napkins! They elevate your entire dining experience. A simple meal, or even takeout, becomes a win when you use a real napkin. Plus, it cuts down on waste. Double win.

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