25 Dining Room Storage Ideas That Will Make Dinner Guests Swoon

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Dining room storage can be quite a challenge. Even though you want essentials — such as extra napkins, barware, serving ware, and candles — to be easily accessible and right at your fingertips, oftentimes, it can be difficult to find a place to stash them in the dining area. More often than not, you end up running back and forth to the kitchen. Well, we're here to tell you that there is a storage solution for every dining room design, no matter the size.


In larger spaces, you have the opportunity to work with oversize credenzas or bulky cabinetry that can also act as a serving station for cocktails or appetizers. Designer Megan Unger of Megan Robertson's Design recommends using glass doors to display the goodies inside. "The nice part with the glass is that it makes the space feel bigger," Unger says. "The downfall to that is that you need to make it look nice. You can't fill it full of stuff because people can see it. If you don't want people to see it, you can do a reeded curio cabinet."


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Smaller spaces, on the other hand, still offer plenty of opportunities for storage. Think benches with hidden storage or even a dining table with drawers. Unger also recommends utilizing the walls to hang shelving.

Whatever your fancy, or spatial constraints, these drool-worthy design ideas will show you how to make all of your dining room storage dreams come true using a little ingenuity.


25 Dining Room Storage Ideas

1. Position your dining table near a window seat with storage.

This built-in window seat, designed by Shea from Studio McGee, provides extra space for storage and looks dreamy thanks to neutral throw pillows and an ultra-cool, modern chandelier.


2. Turn a couple of cabinets with drawers into a dining bench.

In her dining area, Molly of Almost Makes Perfect got incredibly creative — like, ‌really‌ creative. She turned some low-profile drawer units from IKEA into additional seating around the dining table, offering lots of space to stash things.


3. Hang open shelving.

Open shelving — like the streamlined unit showcased in this dining room by Avenue Design Studio — is a great way to achieve a little extra storage space. From books to salt and pepper shakers to a snazzy Bluetooth speaker, this organized display blends in seamlessly, adding visual interest without distracting from the beautiful woven dining chairs.



4. Level up with floor-to-ceiling shelving units.

Kelly over at Studio DIY might just have the happiest dining room around, thanks to vibrant pops of color and tall, white bookcases that hold a collection of vivid objects and useful items, too. The shelving units don't take up tons of room, and they present the perfect opportunity to show off your unique style and fun personality.


5. Embrace a classic sideboard.

You can never go wrong with a classic sideboard, as beautifully demonstrated by the stunning Scandinavian-inspired beauty in Emily Henderson's Portland dining room. The wide drawers are perfect for storing placemats, napkins, table runners, and the like, while the top presents an ideal opportunity to create Insta-worthy vignettes.


6. Welcome a modern buffet.

If your dining room storage needs require more than a few drawers, a buffet is an excellent option. This cabinet found in Kaeley from Kaekoo's home pops in white and looks flawless when paired with decorative items like a graphic throw pillow, potted houseplants, and a bohemian wall hanging.



7. Incorporate different types of shelving.

Blogger Friederike put her dining room to work by also incorporating a desk, so needless to say storage space is kind of important. Thanks to wall-mounted open shelving and a bookcase, she has plenty of room to store dining-related odds and ends as well as home office essentials.


8. Invest in a bookcase with cubbies.

Angela from Saffron Avenue has dining room storage for days. The white bookcase brimming with bins and cubbies takes center stage and is punctuated by a navy-blue accent wall, proving that storage and style can go hand in hand.

9. Showcase a swanky bar cart.

A bar cart is a simple way to bring storage and retro flair into your dining room. This drink trolley from West Elm is multi-tiered so it has enough room to hold dining and happy hour must-haves alike. And with its handsome midcentury looks, you might just fool everyone into thinking it's a fabulous flea market find.


10. Line a wall with built-in cabinetry.

If you're blessed with the gift of space in your dining room, follow the lead of Tom and Jessica from 25:40 Love & Co. and go big or go home when it comes to storage. They designed an entire wall of built-in cabinetry that stands at the ready to hold dining must-haves. Plus, the white hue pairs perfectly with the contemporary Windsor-style dining chairs.

11. Make good use of a wall niche.

In addition to offering a cozy place to sit and share a meal, a well-thought-out dining room should also incorporate creative storage ideas. Enter this charming setup from Jenni Kayne. Not only does the table have drawers (genius!) but the perfectly placed wall niche provides the perfect place to stash your fancy dining essentials. It also acts as interesting wall decor, too.

12. Put storage baskets to work.

As Little House Big City proves, you don't necessarily have to hide your stash behind closed doors or drawers. Make your dining room storage part of the overall design by placing spare silverware and linens in pretty woven baskets. Not only is this a quick and easy tip, but it also gives your dining area a ridiculously cool bohemian vibe.


13. Opt for a dining table with drawers.

If you're looking to make the most of your teeny, tiny quarters, search for pieces that pull double duty. Take this dining room by Cotton and Cashmere, for example. At first glance, we almost thought this table was a repurposed desk, but in fact, the drawers along the side are just a clever design feature. The fact that it can comfortably seat six people, makes this pick even better.

14. Add a nearby island.

Short on space? Take a cue from Bay on a Budget and turn your kitchen island into the ultimate dining storage. This multipurpose pick can be used as extra counter space while you're cooking, plus it can double as a serving station when your meal is prepped to perfection. The shelving below is fair game for all of your dining must-haves.

15. Store everything in plain sight.

Outfitting your dining room table with napkins, plates, and silverware may seem like a no-brainer when preparing to have dinner guests, but have you ever considered leaving the place settings even when you're not expecting company? It's a sneaky way to store your tableware around the clock in plain sight. Laying out your finest wares is a great alternative if you have a small dining room and your short on shelf or cabinet space — plus it'll show that you are always ready to host a party.

16. Buy a tall cabinet or hutch.

If you don't have built-in storage space, but want to get the look, invest in a tall cabinet or a hutch for your dining room. And for an extra dreamy result, paint it in Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball à la the bluish-gray bar cabinet in this dining room showcased on Rock My Style.

17. Construct a wall of built-in shelving.

A room where you can eat and read? Sign us up! Working with the minimal space in her home, Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff decided to combine the dining room and the library with the help of floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving. Not only does the ample storage space act as a home for her favorite tomes, but it's also a convenient spot to stash a few dining essentials.

18. Showcase your wares in tall cabinets with glass doors.

If your home doesn't already have floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving (and adding it is not in the budget), follow the lead of Mel from More of Mel and create the illusion of built-ins with tall store-bought cabinets. Mel used glass-front cabinets from IKEA for her dining room makeover, and the result is picture-perfect. Not to mention, the new additions will provide plenty of storage space for everything from dinnerware and glassware to table decor and bar essentials.

19. Go vintage.

When designer Sarah Jane found this 1912 buffet cabinet on Facebook Marketplace, she knew it had the potential to provide additional dining storage as well as retro charm. A fresh coat of paint and some styling gave it an entirely new life.

20. Repurpose a dresser.

Speaking of breathing new life into old pieces of furniture — a dresser that you've outgrown would look right at home in the dining room. The drawers would provide storage space for linens, placements, tablecloths, and the like, while the top can be used for a cocktail station.

21. Merge your living and dining rooms.

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

If you're tight on square footage, your living and dining areas might already occupy the same space and that's totally fine. Especially since living rooms oftentimes have more storage opportunities, which can benefit both setups. For example, this midcentury console is filled with vintage audio equipment, books, and records, offering an entertainment experience that can be heard from both spaces, while the drawers could be used to corral linens and taper candles.

22. Take advantage of the awkward space under the stairs.

Is your dining room located next to an awkward corner, like the space under the stairs? If so, take note of this modern design. Here, the odd-shaped nook has been cleverly transformed into a wine room. Not only does this mean that your favorite bottle of vino is just steps away, but the display also acts as interesting decor as well as a conversation starter.

23. Make room for a slim console table.

Even if you're working with a small space, you can still incorporate a storage solution. Kelly from Hartley Home took matters into her own hands and crafted this slim console table that sits tightly against the wall. The open shelving design provides quite a bit of storage and is the ideal way to show off treasured pieces of crockery and ceramics.

24. Fill empty wall space with a large industrial shelving unit.

Forgo expensive artwork, and opt to fill empty wall space in your dining room with a large shelving unit. The simple industrial design blends in seamlessly with the rest of the farmhouse decor while providing multiple shelves to display fancy dinnerware, glasses, and a collection of brass candlesticks. Just double-check that you have enough floor space to walk around and pull out chairs.

25. Merge the dining room and kitchen.

Take a cue from this open kitchen design and add your dining setup to your culinary headquarters. The minimal table and chairs don't take up a lot of space, but add a welcome dose of warmth to the industrial space. And bonus: Now you have tons of storage options for your cutlery, linens, and tableware.



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