Bring Some Drama To Dinner With These Inspiring Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Learn more about our affiliate and product review process here.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.


Dining room walls looking a little bare? We can relate. If you're starting with something of a "white box" of a dining room, it can feel pretty overwhelming to fill up all that wall space and infuse some decor personality into the room — especially if it's not an area you spend a lot of time in during your day-to-day.

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Luckily, amassing a collection of top-notch wall art isn't the expensive endeavor it used to be — and with an ever-increasing array of textile artists and makers redefining what "wall art" can be, it's easier than ever before to put your own unique and eclectic twist on your dining room and get it to hostess-with-the-mostest levels of chic in no time. Here are some of our favorite ways to take those walls from bland to bold.

1. Textile Art

With mixed-media textile artists like Cindy Hsu Zell burning up our Pinterest pages lately, it's no wonder we're drawn to this similar sculptural work by up-and-coming Etsy makers. These oversized, tactile pieces make a huge impression, especially in dining rooms where super-sleek surfaces tend to reign.


Get the look: Candice Luter Ebb & Flow Wall Hanging, $350 - $365

2. Art Ledges

Perfect for the chronic redecorator, an easy-to-install picture ledge can provide tons of flexibility for your dining room's focal point — simply switch out your favorite pieces as the mood strikes you. We also love how the eclectic arrangement lends a more free-flowing, less fussy look to a formal dining area.



Get the look: Diedododa "Flarmingo" A4 Print, $15 and Princess Leopold A3 Print, $26

3. Tone-On-Tone Paintings

A single oversize piece of art in the dining room might not seem revolutionary at first, but when you coordinate the color of the piece's background to your wall paint, it creates an expansive, artistic effect that will garner compliments from all your dinner party guests.


Get the look: World Market Cactus Art with Gold Frame, $130

4. Custom Latch-Hook Art

If you have a specific color palette in mind, a custom-made macramé or latch-hook piece might be exactly what you're searching for. Not only can you confirm that the hues of your fiber art blend seamlessly with your existing furnishings, but many artists will let you dictate the size of the finished work as well — so even extra-expansive dining room walls can get their fill. (Quite the DIY-er? You can also make your own using dip-dye yarn.)


Get the look: Shop Leo Super Shaggy Latch Hook, $800


5. Souvenir Baskets

For a well-traveled look, we're loving this global take on the classic gallery wall, which trades framed prints for handwoven baskets and art objects. Whether they're actual souvenirs you've picked up on your latest far-flung adventures or just imports that caught your eye, there's no denying this arrangement adds some international flair to your dining room.


Get the look: Eclectic Goods Handcrafted Baskets (set of 7), $275

6. Wallpaper Murals

Think beyond the frame. With so many jaw-dropping styles of wallpaper murals available, there's no reason your entire dining room wall shouldn't be the art itself. Pick a moody, Dutch Master-inspired floral to amp up the drama even more.

Get the look: Anewall Dark Floral Wallpaper Mural, $429



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