20 Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas That Are Trending Now

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Making a statement in a kitchen usually involves a bold backsplash or colorful cabinetry but for those who want to take it to the next level, an accent wall is the way to go. Nowadays, the concept has evolved past the standard paint job with creative twists that include design-forward tile displays and artistic murals. Hungry for some inspiration? Scroll on for 20 creative ways to include an accent wall in your culinary remodel.


1. Be bold.

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It doesn't get any better (or bolder) than a high-contrast black and white color scheme. In this modern kitchen design by Schiffini, the eyes are drawn to the black cabinets and narrow accent wall that's just wide enough to provide the perfect backdrop for verdant greenery. The eye-catching backsplash adds a welcome dose of pattern.

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2. Have fun with wallpaper.

And speaking of patterns, kitchen accent walls are the perfect opportunity to make a statement with the help of wallpaper. Color queen Sophie Robinson has elevated her country kitchen with a statement print featuring bright flowers, leaves, and rhubarb plants on a dark green background. Complete the look with green cabinets, wood countertops, and a farmhouse sink to boot!


3. Consider multiple accent walls.

If you're not happy with one kitchen accent wall, why not make it two? This cook space designed by Emily Murray of The Pink House boasts a floral print on one wall and green and white tile on the adjacent wall. Throw in some blue cabinets and pink tile and you'll have a swoon-worthy maximalist setup.


4. Experiment with different finishes.

Think beyond the traditional eggshell paint finish and go for a kitchen accent wall with a little more depth. Ema Bihor used a specialty paint from Pure & Original in her minimal space to get that rich, textural finish (that resembles suede or plaster) with subtle variations in color.



5. Use your words.

When working with an all-white kitchen, you might want to do something to make it stand out a little bit more. Enter the kitchen accent wall. We love Raili Clasen's unique take on the design feature in this bright culinary space using song lyrics. The wood ceiling beams and leather barstools add just enough warmth and texture.


6. Complement an all-white scheme.

It's the little details that count in a white kitchen, and a floral accent wall is a perfect example. It doesn't have to be the boldest or the brightest to make a difference, either, as proven by the classic English rose design seen in this kitchen by Holly Williams of White's Mercantile Room and Board. The print flaunts a dreamy shade of gray that pairs beautifully with white cabinets, subway tile backsplash, and warm wood countertops.


7. Highlight feature areas.

You don't have to have an empty wall in your kitchen in order to take advantage of this fun decorating idea. Look for ways that you can work around existing culinary features, allowing them to join in on the fun. Kitchen Source shows us how it's done by turning an ordinary bar into a country chic accent.



8. Draw the eyes in.

Awkward layouts can be hard to decorate, so instead of one wall, paint an entire corner. Ashley of Sugar & Cloth did just that in her galley kitchen while adding some extra pizzazz thanks to a vibrant splash of mint green paint. Paired with a waterfall countertop and bright white cabinets, you barely notice that the corner comes to a dead-end.


9. Opt for a natural material.

A floor-to-ceiling stone accent wall warms up this light-filled design by Kate Marker Interiors. The simple addition invites an earthy, textural layer that's subtle yet still visually interesting. The natural material, while rustic, would look right at home in a variety of different kitchen designs — from farmhouse to industrial to midcentury.


10. Infuse a whimsical note.

Vibrant wall decor makes up the accent wall seen in this sunny coastal kitchen by Chango & Co. White walls, cabinetry, and countertops keep the look feeling bright and airy, while black accents throughout punctuate the cook space and lend an industrial edge.


11. Color block.

If you're going to make a statement, you may as well go for it. In this kitchen design belonging to Joy Lofton of ThreeSixNine, a clever color block accent wall comprised of shades of blue, purple, pink, and orange invites original character to an otherwise modern scheme.

12. Showcase a dining nook.

We wholeheartedly approve of this vintage-inspired kitchen nook by Eric Olsen Design, where teal wall paint acts as the perfect backdrop for a collection of old-school oil paintings. The built-in bench, Windsor-style chairs, and traditional wall sconces complete the charming alcove.

13. Make your storage pull double-duty.

Looking for a multipurpose solution? Consider kitchen storage that doubles as an accent wall, like the floor-to-ceiling cabinets in this inviting cook space by Amber Lewis. The decorative black features balance the warm wood accents used throughout.


14. Turn a tile backsplash into art.

The backsplash in this light-filled kitchen by Sarah Sherman Samuel may be subtle but it still manages to stand in as a show-stopping accent wall. While the blush pink hue of the concrete tile complements the surrounding white cabinets, it's the brass details that act as the icing on this cake.

15. Spotlight a wood-burning stove.

In an all-white space a decadent splash of navy blue can work wonders. In this townhouse kitchen by Elizabeth Roberts, a blue grid-patterned accent wall beautifully highlights the wood-burning stove while also infusing a pop of color in an otherwise neutral scheme.

16. Define areas in an open kitchen.

The eclectic mix of materials and color in this midcentury Austin pad gives retro a fresh meaning. In the back, a vibrantly patterned orange accent wall plays to the old-meets-new feel while visually defining the dining area in an open kitchen design.

17. Paint the whole kitchen.

Dreaming of a dramatic accent wall ​and​ black cabinets? Follow the lead of this Scandinavian kitchen captured by Inger Marie Grini and combine the two for a seamless cook space. Opt for a matte finish to get the same depth-defying result.

18. Use a little chalkboard paint.

The DIY-friendly accent wall idea in this kitchen belonging to Theresa Gromski is the ideal canvas for burgeoning artistes to show off their creative skills. Even if you don't fancy yourself a muralist, a chalkboard wall is a great place for grocery lists and for the kiddos to doodle.

You don't need to commit to paint or wallpaper in order to create an accent wall. Opt for a solution that offers a bit more flexibility, like a gallery wall. The artwork can be rotated out as often as you like to keep your kitchen design feeling fresh and current. The team over at Park and Oak shows us how its done.

20. Frame the windows.

If you don't have a blank wall in your kitchen, but you do have a wall of windows, why not turn that into your accent wall? This open kitchen design has the right idea. In lieu of painting the walls, the homeowners painted the window trim in vibrant Kelly green, resulting in an undeniable focal point.



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