22 Orange Kitchen Ideas to Get You Inspired

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If you're looking for kitchen paint ideas that will add a little pizazz to your home decor, an orange color scheme is the way to go. Representing success, health, and happiness, this vibrant hue promotes well-being and productivity but isn't for the faint of heart. Even tangerine decor might be a bit too much for some. But don't worry, we're here to help you navigate these vivid waters.


Scroll on for 22 orange kitchen ideas that will encourage you to give this fun shade a try.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Go with an orange accent wall.

Designer Justina Blakeney chose lime wash paint to create a lush accent wall for the perfect boho kitchen design idea. The shade perfectly complements all the greenery. And Blakeney completed the look with an orange patterned tile backsplash as well as purple and blue decor throughout.

2. Freshen up your kitchen island with orange paint.

This somewhat traditional kitchen by Martin Moore has a hint of rock and roll edge thanks to a bright orange island. Doesn't it make all the difference? Finishing off the kitchen color idea are mint green trim and sleek leather bar chairs. This culinary space is bringing all the warm and fuzzy feelings.


3. Embrace those eclectic home decor ideas.

While blue is a complementary color to orange, we think green works just as well for a bright and eclectic kitchen color idea. You just need to be careful not to go overboard. This cook space from Sandy Soohoo is a perfect example; the pop of orange is balanced by green cabinets and open shelving to keep it from overpowering the entire design.



4. Incorporate orange accents in a white kitchen.

Sometimes you need to take a risk to create an orange kitchen that's all your own. This English country-inspired scullery by Tom House is traditional in most senses but incorporates a citrus-colored oven and bright rug that infuse a dash of modern color into an otherwise gray and white color palette.


5. Go all out.

If limiting yourself to a pop of color isn't really your thing, then, by all means, don't stop with orange cabinets. Kim of @colorful_kimmes decorated her eclectic boho kitchen in teal, green, pink, and pretty much every other color in the rainbow. We can't help but smile every time we look at this playful design.


6. Add a citrus touch.

Forget what anyone told you about keeping your culinary space neutral. Elevate a contemporary kitchen by painting the door of your pantry closet like the team at Harvey Jones Kitchens did here. This zesty choice will brighten up every cooking session.



7. Turn to your appliances.

Not feeling brave enough to paint the walls or cabinets? Simply add a splash of the good stuff via your appliances. We adore the retro feel of this Smeg refrigerator, and so does homeowner Ella, who's even dedicated her Instagram account to the colorful number.


8. Make it midcentury.

When working with orange, add a range of different textures to soften the overall look. Interior design studio Brave New Eco mixed soft orange subway tile with blue cabinetry and wood accents in this Cali-cool, midcentury modern kitchen, creating an aesthetic that is impactful but subtle all the same.


9. Incorporate retro elements.

We could write a thesis paper on this retro-inspired kitchen by Wood Works Brighton; it's ​that​ gorgeous. But for now, we'll point out the use of orange to nod to a different time and how it's alternated with white for a mod look. That pegboard is also a little retro and a lot functional.



10. Play up orange with your art.

If you want to dip your toe into an orange kitchen, start with pops of the juicy color via wall decor and accessories like Lauren Wyatt did here. There are countless places to play up orange — the hand towels, light fixtures, framed artwork, flowers, salt and pepper shakers, and all kinds of accessories, big and small. We have a feeling once you take a bite of the orange kitchen life, you may never go back.

11. Make it mod.

There are no words for this mod slice of kitchen perfection by multidisciplinary designer Benjamin Guedj, but we'll try anyway. The rich burnt-orange color, along with the circle-heavy design, make the entire space feel like a sunset. It's warm; it's modern; it's completely inspiring.

12. Paint a few oranges.

Here's one inexpensive, commitment-light way to incorporate orange(s) into your kitchen decor. Instead of spending $400 on orange-themed wallpaper, Marianne and Robbie Sierk of Boho Mod Blog took the DIY route, hand-painting these adorable fruits freehand. It was $20 of paint well spent.


13. Take it up a notch with tangerine.

Brandon Barré captured this Toronto condo's kitchen, and it's giving us all the inspo. The entire space features vibrant mod energy thanks to the jolts of tangerine everywhere from the backsplash to a panel in the peninsula to the appliances. With such energetic color pops, you can be subdued in the rest of your design, making accessorizing a breeze.

14. Paint the insides of your cabinets orange.

For a splash of color every time you grab a wine glass, paint the ​insides​ of your kitchen cabinets orange, as Plain English oh-so brilliantly did here. That'll give you a taste of orange without being too overwhelming.

15. Pair orange with copper.

As this cook space from Mary Patton Design proves, orange + copper = a match made in kitchen heaven. The combo is evocative and unexpectedly sophisticated. Plus, as a cool optical illusion, it almost feels like the copper backsplash is reflecting the orange.

16. Add touches of orange everywhere.

There are touches of orange all around this kitchen from Helma at Natvan Home. But the highlight (for us, at least!) is the geometric tile with orange-colored grout, which plays up the hard angles, and the burnt orange fabric curtain, which softens the whole look. The whole kitchen makes us smile.

17. Go wall-to-wall orange.

Everything works in this Naked Kitchens design. The wall of tumeric-colored cabinets reminds us of a perfect fall day. And the rich walnut open shelving just feels luxe. If you want a similar look, make sure you cover your wall-to-wall cabinets in a similar hue.

18. Embrace the '80s.

Instead of demo-ing her outdated kitchen, Juliet Laura Gunn grabbed a paintbrush and made the most of the retro '80s vibe. She enhanced the orange and white checkerboard tiles with even brighter colors. From the pink door frame to the orange wall and blue cabinets, Gunn isn't afraid of color and proves you shouldn't be either.

19. Go for an orange and navy color combo.

Mohamed Hussen of @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf proves that some colors just work together perfectly. Case in point: his navy kitchen cabinets and orange-as-orange-can-be island. Adding a pop of color like this will feel risky. But you know the saying — no risk, no reward.

20. Skip the bright kitchen paint colors, and add orange in small doses.

Orange is not for the faint of heart. So if you're slightly tentative, but want to dip your toe into the daring color, here's an idea: Dress your kitchen window in an orange-trimmed roman shade, as Elms Interior Design did here. Then, more and more, you can incorporate pops of orange through accessories and small appliances.

21. When in doubt, wallpaper.

A wallpaper backsplash, like this dizzying (in a good way!) orange and white fretwork pattern, is the perfect thing to add life to lovely white cabinets. Grace Hill Design took a chance with this bright color, and the look pays off.

22. Reupholster your bar stools.

To bring a new personality to your kitchen island stools, reupholster them in a standout orange like Lucy and Company did here. This color looks positively regal next to a marble-like quartz countertop and a white wood paneled refrigerator.