6 Kitchen Color Schemes If You're Tired of All-White

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If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it starts to feel like any other room in your space. It needs love and attention when it comes to daily care, but also purposeful decor. And as much as we appreciate an all-white, minimal looking interior, we always love bookmarking colorful cook spaces for inspiration. Turns out there is a range of kitchen color schemes that, when used correctly, can transform your space into anything from whimsical to classic to modern.


Here are six culinary color combinations that have been inspiring us lately:

Kitchen Color Scheme #1: Blue and Gold

For the bold aesthetes that don't mind a little glimmer: Try pairing a cerulean blue backsplash and floor tile with gold cabinets and fixtures. As seen in this kitchen color scheme captured by Coco Kelley, the look comes off as classic yet eye-catching. Complete the look with counter stools made of natural materials to keep the focus on this stellar color combo.

Kitchen Color Scheme #2: White and Yellow

If you want to keep your cabinet colors white and don't see yourself changing any major fixtures, try playing with your kitchen bar furniture instead. This cheerful look designed by the team over at Chango & Co. pairs an otherwise standard black-and-white kitchen with a splash of color, thanks to a few eye-catching yellow chairs. Tie the look together with fresh flowers here and there.

Kitchen Color Scheme #3: Mustard and Deep Green

If bright, sunshine yellow doesn't quite fit your style, opt for a kitchen color scheme that's a little more muted instead. We like this mustard backsplash and deep green cabinet combination by Landed Interiors because it feels playful but not overwhelming. Pair with white stools at the kitchen island and wooden decor throughout for a laidback vibe.


Kitchen Color Scheme #4: Pink and Green

Create a modern yet playful look like designer Jaclyn Peters did by bringing together green cabinetry and pink accessories. This gorg vintage runner makes a great addition to the kitchen space, giving it more depth and whimsy.

Kitchen Color Scheme #5: Ash Gray and Black

Sometimes your quest for a new kitchen color scheme could end up taking you in a more subtle direction. Take, for instance, this combo of ash gray cabinets and black appliances dreamed up by LBF Interiors. The ash gray gives you an alternative to white, and the black naturally pops against it. Add brass hardware to complete the sophisticated look.

Kitchen Color Scheme #6: Pink and Brown

For a rustic take on millennial pink, try pairing a more subtle shade of pink with dark-brown cabinets. Keep the backsplash simple and let the wall color take the spotlight. This combo evokes lazy weekend mornings and it's easy on the eyes. That's what we call a win-win!


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