Wallpaper Backsplash Ideas You Should Definitely Consider for Your Kitchen Makeover

Wallpaper in the kitchen is endlessly charming. Used as a backsplash, this traditional wall decor has the ability to impart an old-fashioned feel — but it it can also look completely modern, depending on what pattern you choose. Either way, it always makes a statement, and will transform any cook space quickly, and for relatively little money. In fact, you can have a new wallpaper backsplash up in less than an afternoon.

Do take note that your kitchen backsplash is in prime territory for spills, splashes, stains, and water, and wallpaper isn't the most durable material. In order to keep it looking pristine and minimize water damage, you've got a few options: Consider mounting a clear acrylic or plexiglass panel in front of it. Just don't do this behind the range. A glass panel is an alternative option, or you can invest in some waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant, clear wallpaper stickers to cover your wallpaper, like these from Amazon. There's also vinyl wallpaper, or go for removable wallpaper, and just plan to swap it out when it gets tired-looking.

Want to give it a try in the new year? Here are 10 wallpaper backsplash ideas that we love.

1. Subtle Botanicals

We love the pale palette of this little botanical wallpaper, which serves as a sweet backsplash in a blue English country kitchen. If you're hesitant about trying busy pattern in the kitchen, soft hues and a tiny print are a good place to start.

2. Hand-Painted Look

DIY Kitchen Wallpaper Backsplash idea by Anita Yokota
credit: Anita Yokota

In this kitchen, a Rebecca Atwood wallpaper backsplash installed by blogger Anita Yokota adds a hand-painted effect. Plus, the dashes, oriented vertically, add a little height to the space, too.

3. Moroccan Flair

Attention, bohemian types and travelers: Add the look of graphic tile to your cook space with a wallpaper backsplash inspired by Moroccan tile. Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling did just that with this ochre-and-black design, and the final result is striking.

4. Full-Wall

Need a focal point in the kitchen? Instead of stopping at just a foot or two above the counter, continue the wallpaper backsplash all the way up the wall. We like this oversize floral mural with a dramatic black background. Swoon!

5. Cheerful Lemons

Lemon prints are trending, and there's something about adding the pattern to the kitchen that makes the space instantly sunny and fresh. Bonus: This one is peel-and-stick for easy application and fully removable, too.

6. Marble-Inspired

Want the look of natural stone — but not the price tag? You can get it with wallpaper! Opt for a marble-inspired wallpaper backsplash for a glamorous look that'll cost pennies compared to the real thing.

7. Faux Terrazzo

And speaking of faux stone, you can also have a terrazzo-inspired wallpaper backsplash, too. Paired with black countertops and gray cabinets, this Scandi look is as dreamy as can be.

7. Single Panel

Or, choose just one section to wallpaper — such as behind the sink or the range — for a standout look. Cover with a sheet of plexiglass or glass screwed to the wall to protect it (this one is glass because of the heat).

9. Subway Tile Look-Alike

Would you believe this subway-tile backsplash is actually removable wallpaper? It's true. You can get the tile look with none of the installation mess thanks to peel-and-stick subway-tile wallpaper.

10. Dark and Graphic

Graphic Tile Kitchen Wallpaper backsplash idea by Chasing Paper
credit: Chasing Paper

Craving something more modern? Try a wallpaper backsplash in a dark, super-graphic print like this fully-removable one by Chasing Paper. It adds contrast to even a plain-white rental kitchen.

Annie Quigley

Annie Quigley is a freelance writer, editor, and poet whose work has appeared in Remodelista, Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere.