25 Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for an Understated Yet Chic Look

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Want to give your kitchen a modern makeover? Consider a fresh coat of paint or new cabinet fronts. It's a fast, DIY-friendly, and relatively inexpensive way for homeowners to breathe new life into a cook space, and the results are pretty remarkable, too.


Of course, the first step is choosing a suitable color that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. While you can't go wrong with classic white or envy-inducing green, there's something so cool and contemporary about gray cabinets. But don't just take our word for it, scroll on to see 25 kitchen ideas that will completely transform the look and feel of your culinary space.

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1. Go for a barely-there shade of gray.

This thoughtfully designed space by the team over at House of Jade Interiors flaunts stainless steel appliances, marble subway tile, and light gray shaker cabinets complete with crown molding. The effect is sophisticated yet still modern and interesting.


2. Warm things up with brass.

We love the combination of dove gray cabinets and brass accents, and with one look at this traditional kitchen design by Heidi Piron, it's easy to see why. Speaking of brass accents, swapping out the pulls is another great way to instantly update your cook space.


3. Incorporate farmhouse flair.

It's no secret that gray lends itself toward interiors that are sleek, chic, and industrial. However, when mixed with wood flooring and a farmhouse sink, like this gray kitchen belonging to Jessica from Garvin and Co., the versatile neutral proves it can play well in settings that are a little more rustic, too.



4. Try two-tone cabinets.

Shale (as in the abundant sedimentary rock) is a timeless shade of gray that feels right at home when paired with a few contemporary accents, as seen in designer Orlando Soria's gorg two-tone kitchen makeover. And can we talk about the patterned ceramic floor tile? Swoon!


5. Take a darker approach.

Can't decide on just one shade? Don't. Take a cue from this two-tone gray kitchen belonging to Catherine from The Tetbury House. She went with a lighter hue for her upper cabinets and a darker, more dramatic color on the bottom.


6. Echo the appliances.

In this kitchen remodel (which was completed in only six days!) by Chris and Julia from Chris Loves Julia, a mid-tone shade of gray — that also happens to resemble the stainless steel appliances — pops against bright-white subway tile. White oak countertops subtly warm the culinary space, while adding a hint of contrast.



7. Opt for a paint color with warm undertones.

Three words: clean, simple, functional. In this gray kitchen design belonging to Nora and Laura from Our Food Stories, stainless steel appliances are complemented by warm gray lower cabinets, which add depth and drama without detracting from the overall dreamy country aesthetic.


8. Adopt a minimalist mindset.

An all-white kitchen can always benefit from a pop of color, even if said color is a subtle gray tone. We love the simplicity of this minimalist space belonging to Abi of These Four Walls and how effortlessly cool it feels with wood countertops and sleek tilework.


9. Swap out the cabinet hinges as well as the pulls.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Nothing will ruin a fresh kitchen cabinet paint job faster than old door hinges. So don't just stop at a dreamy new shade of gray and snazzy pulls; replace all of the hardware, right down to the hinges à la this minimalist kitchen. The lustrous brass details inject a hint of warmth amidst the cool yet contrasting color palette.


10. Consider stainless steel.

If you're in the market for creative ways to incorporate the color gray into your culinary space, stainless steel cabinets are one way to do it. The seamless transition from appliance to cabinetry in this modern kitchen designed by Dalla Polvere, showcased on HomeAdore, inspires with its edgy look and feel. The best part? Upkeep is a cinch.

11. Opt for a hue with green undertones.

Gray is always top of mind when it comes to paint colors worth considering for a kitchen renovation, and the cool hue employed by Amy Sklar is no exception. The green undertone invites a refreshing layer to the space while infusing the room's palette with an ever-so-subtle hint of warmth.

12. Consider staining your wood cabinetry.

Kate Marker Interiors schools us on gray kitchen cabinets with this stunning display that's too cool for words. The stained wood finish fits right in with the minimalist details of the space, all the while lending an ultra-modern feel to the entire room.


13. Pair it with pink.

Pink and gray are a match made in color heaven, and this striking kitchen from Jersey Ice Cream Co. illustrates just how well the two work together. Bonus points for the limewash wall paint, which adds a textural layer we can't quite resist.

14. Make it black and (almost) white.

Craving a palette that's classic but full of contrast? A black and almost white scheme is definitely the way to go. The ultra-light shade of gray is a twist on the traditional combo, and this lovely scene by House of Nomad Design demonstrates how impactful the subtle variation can be. The small change provides a touch of warmth that's otherwise hard to achieve with stark white.

15. Bring in some greenery.

If you're working with a reserved color scheme, incorporate an assortment of live greenery into your kitchen to give your design a natural and organic touch. We're swooning over this stunning vignette by Prospect Refuge Studio, which is complete with black countertops and a gray zellige backsplash.

16. Make it two-tone.

If you're going for a two-tone effect, don't feel like you have to stick to a palette of neutrals. Follow designer Zoë Feldman's lead and pair dark gray kitchen cabinets with a bold splash of color. The baby blue tone spotted on the upper built-ins in this transitional space certainly delivers.

17. Look to the countryside.

The team over at deVOL Kitchens knows a thing or two about culinary design, and the brand never fails to please. Channel the effortlessly cool and cozy vibe of the English countryside by emulating this picture-perfect setup. A freestanding dark gray kitchen island that comes paneled with rustic wood slabs is just the place to start.

18. Pair gray cabinets with subway tile.

Mirror the minimalist cool of gray cabinets by pairing the look with an equally cool backsplash made up of timeless subway tile, like this setup from Katie Leclercq. In lieu of colorful grout for effect, keep it white and light for a seamless finish.

19. Keep the colors going.

Chris Loves Julia's cottage kitchen reno is a lesson in the power of gray cabinets. The green-gray shade that they chose is inspired, to say the least, and elevated by a matching shiplap backsplash and rustic-meets-contemporary touches throughout.

20. Combine styles.

Gray cabinets have the power to transform a ho-hum kitchen into your dream culinary headquarters. Welcome a vibrant pop of color (hello ochre accent rug!) to offset the moody hue, and keep the space feeling bright and cheerful.

21. Incorporate open shelving.

This dreamy kitchen spotted on Mainstreet Stockholm is reason enough to decorate with Scandinavian flair. However, the clean, streamlined finish of the lower cabinets, flaunting a light gray hue and oh-so-chic brass pulls, doesn't hurt. Not to mention, the renter-friendly twist on open shelving (simply remove the doors) — paired with bright white paint and a subway tile backsplash — keeps the inspired space feeling light and airy.

22. Check for effect.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Complement gray kitchen cabinets with a floor tile pattern that gets color cues from the surrounding elements. In this light-filled cook space, the checkered flooring does more than just share a palette with the cabinets; it invites a playful detail to boot.

23. Go long.

There's something to be said about statement hardware and its ability to completely transform the look and feel of a kitchen. Case in point: The long, lustrous brass handles and pulls in this streamlined setup, which add a touch of warmth and glamorous flair to your everyday gray cabinets.

24. Focus on the kitchen island.

You don't need to go all-in on the gray kitchen cabinet trend. Instead, start small with the island. M.Elle Design shows us how it's done with the help of this light-filled cook space. The wood barstools and shelving, showcasing an earthy assortment of ceramics, add a welcome dose of warmth without weighing the bright and airy look down.

25. Make the background pop.

While a cool palette of gray and white can at times feel simple, an unexpected pop of color — by way of a patterned backsplash — can really go a long way. Blues and greens make for a natural complement to gray hues, as proven by the eye-catching tile accent behind the stove in this bright kitchen design.



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