10 Plaster Kitchen Wall Ideas That Are Downright Dreamy

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Having plaster walls used to be seen as an outdated disaster, but more recently we're seeing them pop up everywhere, from the bedroom to the kitchen. The material's recent resurgence in culinary spaces could be for a number of reasons, including the fact that plaster can make even the newest design feel instantly lived-in and completely unique. Additionally, plastering walls is a DIY-friendly project for homeowners that are familiar with troweling and up for the challenge. And while it can be a bit labor-intensive, the end result will be worth all of the hard work.


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But with so many different types of plaster to choose from — such as limewash, Venetian, and even the Moroccan-inspired tadelakt style — it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. To help narrow down your choice, find out how porous the material is and stick to styles that are naturally waterproof (like Venetian and tadelakt plaster) for areas that experience humidity and moisture, like near the sink. Lime plaster tends to be better suited for dry areas like the pantry or around a wood-burning stove.

Need some inspiration? We've got you covered. Keep scrolling for 10 plaster wall ideas guaranteed to add a stunning layer of texture to your kitchen remodel.

1. Pair warm plaster with lustrous brass and copper accents.

Add a bit of warmth to your cook space with an earthy shade à la the one in this show-stopping design belonging to Nora and Laura of Our Food Stories. They opted for lime paint with a brownish pigment on the upper part of the walls, while the lower section is reserved for classic subway tile. The warm plastered walls beautifully balance the cool gray cabinets and stainless steel range and hood, while the brass and copper accents make the perfect finishing touch.

2. Use color in an unexpected way.

Brighten up your kitchen design with an unexpected splash of color. Take this setup by Jersey Ice Cream Co., for example. The pale pink plaster wall finish has more dimension and texture than a coat of paint and yet, thanks to its matte finish, doesn't look overwhelming or overly saccharine.


3. Easily flow from one room to the next.

If you're working with an open concept kitchen, opt for white plaster walls that will transition seamlessly to the adjacent dining room and living room. We love the crisp ivory shade that Cami and Marci of Tidbits went with for this light-filled design. The matte finish of the lime-based paint makes for a bright and airy space.

4. Create instant drama with dark plaster and matching cabinets.

If dark and moody is more your vibe, consider inky lower cabinets and matching plaster walls. The simple change can make even the tiniest kitchen stand out from the crowd, as demonstrated by this culinary masterpiece by Mainstreet Stockholm. Follow their lead and break up the dark colors with a neutral stone backsplash.

5. Draw the eyes up.

Take a page out of interior designer Leanne Ford's handbook, and accentuate the generous ceiling height in your kitchen by applying the plaster finish to the top of the walls ​and​ the ceiling. The dark, textured finish paired with warm wood features and sage green cabinets gives the room an old-world look that feels grand and decadent.


6. Embrace farmhouse charm.

Give your industrial farmhouse kitchen an extra dose of country charm with light gray plaster walls, like the paint used in this kitchen by Master of Plaster. The subtle addition will feel right at home and act as the perfect backdrop for classic subway tile, articulating wall sconces, and vintage home decor, resulting in a cohesive and intentional design that's full of rich layers.

7. Prevent your kitchen from feeling too busy.

It can be tempting to cram all of the latest trends into your kitchen renovation but try limiting yourself to two or three to keep your setup from becoming a visual eyesore. The light plaster walls in this cook space by Athena Calderone are the ideal supporting cast for the dramatic marble backsplash and countertops. Complete the look with baby blue cabinets for a subtle pop of color.

8. Make the most of a small space with layers of texture.

When you don't have a ton of square footage to work with, you have to make every square inch count. Nadia and Dmitri from Do Design Yourself know all about this and went with a dark layered plaster backsplash to instantly add drama and texture to the room. The natural wood shelves and light countertops balance the ebony hue perfectly.


9. Opt for a creamy plaster finish for a lived-in vibe.

Even new kitchens can feel like they're bursting with decades of memories. This culinary design from Shoot Factory shows us how it's done with a few rustic elements and a neutral color palette, consisting of beige kitchen cabinets, greige plaster walls, and white marble counters.

10. Say goodbye to grout lines.

Hate scrubbing those tiny grout lines in your tile kitchen backsplash? Say goodbye to this tedious chore and go for a plaster backsplash instead. Not only is it easier to clean, but it's also easy on the eyes, as proven by this industrial cook space spotted on Fantastic Frank. Complete the charming look with open shelving and skirted cabinets, too.