30 Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You Need to See

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The era of the all-white kitchen has come to an end. Okay, maybe not. But plenty of interior designers and homeowners are ditching stark white for a more dramatic neutral: black. Like white cabinets, black cupboards are incredibly versatile and work well in both classic and modern spaces. It's also an easy color trend to try out on a smaller scale (such as an island or pantry).


While black kitchen cabinets provide a stunning backdrop for entertaining and cooking adventures, they're not without their cons. Dark cabinets tend to show grease stains and fingerprints, so make sure to clean your kitchen cabinets by wiping them down regularly with a damp microfiber cloth, and give them a good clean with an oil soap as needed.

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Need some more convincing? Here are 30 black kitchen cabinet ideas that'll have you running to the hardware store for a can of ebony paint. (But honestly: Call a professional if you can, since painting kitchen cabinets is a huge pain in the you know what.)

1. Dress them up with brass hardware.

Brass hardware is an easy upgrade that will instantly make your black kitchen cabinets feel elevated. Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia managed to create elegance and warmth in her black-and-white kitchen by incorporating polished brass pulls, wood accents, plants, and a vintage rug.


2. Focus on the upper cabinets.

Turn the idea of black kitchen cabinets on its head by only painting the top half, and going with something lighter (like warm, rustic wood) on the bottom. It's unconventional, for sure, but we're sold thanks to the Charlotte-based firm New Old, which nailed the look in this custom kitchen design.


3. Amp up the drama in a small space.

Don't be afraid to try black kitchen cabinets in a smaller cook space. The onyx beauties in this petite design, by Megan Oldenburger of Dichotomy Interiors, add dramatic depth. Plus, the kitchen is still bright and warm thanks to white walls, a well-placed window, and a walnut waterfall countertop.



4. Separate an open kitchen from the adjacent rooms.

If you live in a loft or studio, black kitchen cabinets are a great way to make your space feel somewhat separate from the rest of your abode. And for a really dramatic difference, go all black with the backsplash, countertops, hardware, appliances, and fixtures, too.


5. Go all the way up to the ceiling.

If you're ready to go all-in on this black kitchen cabinet idea, consider a floor-to-ceiling design, like this stunning space by Chango & Co. Even with commercial-grade stainless steel appliances (and a huge stainless island to match!) the culinary space still feels warm and welcoming, thanks to light wood flooring, brass hardware, and a jute runner.


6. Highlight the island.

Not quite ready to commit to the look wholeheartedly? A black kitchen island is a great way to try out the bold cabinet trend without making a huge commitment. We love the way Emily Henderson implemented the design trick in this modern-rustic renovation.



7. Create a focal point.

Black cabinetry can have a big impact, even if you only use it on one small (or not-so-small) section of your kitchen. While an ebony island is the most popular way to go, you can test the black kitchen cabinet waters with a pantry door, or by lining one accent wall with onyx cupboards like designer Erika Salum did using these fronts from Semihandmade.


8. Top with butcher block countertops.

Whether you outfit your whole kitchen with black cabinets or just focus on a small section, wood countertops are a great way to add warmth to your space. Bre Bertolini of Brepurposed perfected the look with her recently repainted island, but if you'd rather not deal with maintaining butcher block, you can still add warmth with natural elements like cutting boards, wooden bowls, plants, textiles, and more.


9. Create cohesion with black appliances.

Get a super modern and cohesive look by investing in black appliances to match your cabinets à la this kitchen styled by Mainstreet Stockholm. While you're at it, you might as well take even more inspiration from this design and create a ton of visual interest by painting the walls with a black plaster finish. The brass details throughout add the perfect amount of sparkle.


10. Or, mix black kitchen cabinets with white instead.

Incorporating inky-hued cabinets into your cook space is the perfect opportunity to embrace the black-and-white kitchen trend. Follow the lead of Australian firm Mim Design and mix black kitchen cabinets with white for a modern look full of bold contrast.

11. Lean into industrial style.

If you already have an industrial cook space, complement the raw aesthetic with black cabinets. We love the look of the high-gloss finish in this edgy setup. And don't forget to add in a few kitchen houseplants and contemporary art to infuse your culinary headquarters with a dash of color and texture — creating just the right amount of contrast against the dark cabinets.

12. Opt for a patterned backsplash.

Take a note from Park & Oak Design and opt for a patterned backsplash tile with a bit of global flair. Framed by black cabinetry, the accent will make an incredible focal point and offer dreamy symmetry. Swoon!


13. Employ open and closed storage.

Interior designer Amber Lewis is responsible for some of the internet's most stunning modern kitchens, and this beauty with a wall of black cabinets is no exception. We especially love the way the top portion with glass doors allows the wood in the background to tie into the rest of the wood cabinetry. Plus, the visible shelving styled to perfection doubles as art for the entire room.

14. Consider antiqued mirror cabinet doors.

Black cabinetry isn't ​just​ for modern design. Black Lacquer Design opted for dark cabinets in this contemporary kitchen, but the use of antiqued mirror cabinet doors is what truly sets it apart from the rest. Plus, two mini chandeliers add a decidedly glamorous vibe to the entire cook space.

15. Add farmhouse charm with a shiplap backsplash.

Take a note from interior designer Heidi Caillier and trade a glossy tile backsplash for monochromatic shiplap. She continues the black cabinet trend with painted wooden knobs in place of metal hardware, proving that (often), simple really is best.

16. Stick to the lower cabinets.

Skip the bulky upper cabinets for an open kitchen layout, like this one from Jean Stoffer Design, featuring a uniform set on the bottom. To drive home the simple and modern aesthetic, opt for flat-panel cabinetry (and if you're feeling fancy, a metallic toe kick). A classic subway tile backsplash, a framed oil painting, and a pair of picture lights add a dash of traditional charm that balances the bold hue.

17. Welcome black countertop cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets that sit directly on the countertop have been making a resurgence over the last few years, and you won't find us complaining. Flanking the cabinet with a sculptural wall sconce— as seen in this jaw-droppingly gorgeous kitchen by Kate Marker Interiors — offers balance, as well as a focal point. The black window trim and brass hardware tie the whole look together.

18. Weave a bit of gold into the mix.

Black and gold is always a winning combination in our book, and apparently, Alice Lane Interior Design agrees. Keeping the majority of materials in dark colors allows the luxe gold-toned cabinetry and floor detailing to take center stage in this stunning space.

19. Lighten the mood with glass-front kitchen cabinets.

Adding black cabinets to your kitchen doesn't always have to be a bold statement. Here, Brianna Michelle Design offers a more subtle idea for those who only want to bring a bit of moodiness into their cook space. Black kitchen cabinets with glass doors and white interiors create the perfect contrast with just a hint of drama.

20. Warm things up with copper details.

This traditional kitchen, also from Brianna Michelle Design, pairs sleek black cabinets with aged copper accents. The patinated metal finish of the range hood, farmhouse sink, and pendant lights provides instant warmth and a sense of history.

21. Jump in headfirst with an all-black kitchen.

Committing to an all-black kitchen isn't for the faint of heart, but this cook space from Stoffer Home Cabinetry makes it look easy. Opting for a glossy tile backsplash and a paint finish with just a hint of sheen allows light to bounce around the room, making the design feel spacious and inviting.

22. Pair black kitchen cabinets with a patterned floor tile.

If herringbone isn't your vibe, perhaps the patterned floor tile in this space will do the trick? We love how the black and white theme translates to the kitchen flooring, allowing the whole design to flow together with ease.

23. Try out leather cabinet pulls.

Venture outside of the traditional cabinet hardware box and try something a little different. The team over at Plain English Design opted for leather cabinet pulls for this black island, and we're not mad at the idea. The vibrant shade adds a fun pop of color to the central workstation that works oh-so-well with the rust-colored cabinets lining the walls.

24. Splurge on reeded cabinet detailing.

Reeded cabinetry is another design trend that's become front and center in the home decor world, and this design by Collective Studio is proof that it's at its best in the kitchen. We particularly love how the textured hood ties in with the black kitchen island.

25. Introduce traditional beadboard.

This vintage-style kitchen captured by Beatriz da Costa is bursting with charm thanks to beadboard-style cabinet doors, classic subway tile, and traditional fixtures. Plus, the modern farmhouse sink adds gorgeous contrast against the painted wood cabinets.

26. Ditch the hardware for a seamless finish.

Keep with your minimalist aesthetic and forgo cabinet hardware in favor of an integrated design. The lack of knobs and pulls in Elisabeth Heier's kitchen is definitely a plus, and it allows the dark cabinetry to take center stage without any distractions.

27. Couple black kitchen cabinets with black marble.

Leave it to Bobby Berk to design the modern kitchen of our dreams. As if the black cabinetry and midcentury kitchen lighting weren't enough to win us over, he opted to use stunning slabs of black marble for the countertops and backsplash.

28. Or, go with white marble.

If pairing black cabinets with a black marble backsplash and countertops is a little too moody for you, opt for white marble instead. This sleek kitchen design is a shining example, complete with a waterfall countertop and open shelving to boot.

29. Have a little fun with a pink backdrop.

This traditional-meets-modern cook space from Maggie of Our Edwardian Home combines a pink kitchen accent wall with moody black cabinets — the perfect juxtaposition, if you ask us.

30. Combine black cabinets with English country charm.

Newsflash: We're moving into this perfect country cottage cook space designed by deVOL Kitchens. The black cabinets feel timeless and classic when paired with rustic elements like timeworn wood flooring, earthy gray paint on the walls, and a copper worktop on the island.



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