25 Black Kitchen Island Ideas That Make a Big Impact

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Whether they're creating more storage or completing a look, kitchen islands can make a big difference in your cook space. But what color should you choose? While black kitchen islands might seem like a bold choice, they work surprisingly well in all styles of spaces, from modern farmhouse to minimalist to modern. It will bring a touch of the dark color trend into your space without overwhelming the airy look you're aiming to accomplish.


And whether you're into a matte look, a glossy one, or something in between, there's definitely a perfect look for you out there. Additionally, we think that kitchen island seating looks especially modern and striking when paired with a rich shade of ebony. Leather and wood materials suddenly stand out against the dark backdrop, and we can't get enough.

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So if you're like us and you've been dreaming of black kitchen islands, scroll on some of our favorite ways to bring the look into your own culinary space.

25 Black Kitchen Island Ideas

1. Try high-gloss paint.

Of the four major types of paint finishes, high gloss is the most reflective. Glossy kitchen islands work well in industrial-style spaces like this one. Plus, the finish will make cleaning your island super easy — just wipe it down!


2. Top with a white countertop for contrast.

Follow the lead of Anissa from Hose Seven Design and play up the contrast in your kitchen. Instead of a dark countertop that blends in, the designer went with a white material that really pops. The wood and brass accents add a welcome dose of warmth to the otherwise black-and-white color scheme.


3. Invest in black stools for a seamless finish.

We love the clever decision by Dichotomy Interiors to pair the black island in this kitchen with matching black counter stools. Thanks to the black-on-black color choice, the seats seemingly disappear, allowing the overall design to be the star of the show.



4. Invite texture into your space with reclaimed wood.

Emily Henderson's mountain house kitchen is striking for many reasons — one of which is the brilliant use of reclaimed natural wood. Here, light beechwood provided a warm and neutral backdrop for the black island, clad in textured black planks. The ebony coloring adds a modern edge to the space that ties in beautifully with the black hardware and sculptural light fixture hanging above.


5. Go black on top.

Opt for a black kitchen countertop in a natural stone like granite or marble. The material choice will pair well with a variety of base options, including light wood as proven in this kitchen by Studio McGee. Echo the combination throughout your culinary space for a cohesive finish.


6. Dress up black cabinets with brass hardware.

The color black can be a bit severe, warm things up by pairing your black island with brass cabinet hardware à la this kitchen by Studio McGee. The blonde hardwood floor, ceiling beams, and open shelving don't hurt either.



7. Opt for a kitchen island design with shelving.

We love this space by Amber Interior Design, which blends classic elements like a patterned tile backsplash and leather stools with a black island and modern black kitchen cabinets. The island's shelving keeps the central hub from feeling too heavy and provides the perfect storage space to show off your best dinnerware.


8. Wrap the island with a waterfall countertop.

In a contemporary kitchen like this one by Chango & Co., you need a design idea that will stand out from the crowd. Enter waterfall countertops. Here, a crisp white counter wraps the black base, which simultaneously anchors the light and airy cook space and provides a beautiful contrast.


9. Warm up a black island with cognac-colored leather stools.

For a no-fail combo that will make your black kitchen island with seating look amazing, pair it with cognac leather counter stools. The blend of the two colors is fresh and modern while still remaining classic and trend-proof — a combo that looks stunning in this space styled by Jen of The Effortless Chic.


10. Consider pairing black marble with dark wood.

Black kitchen island ideas already err on the side of dramatic, but a black and white quartz countertop paired with a dark wood base and contemporary stools? This look by Bobby Berk isn't for the faint of heart, but it makes quite the impression. Complete the scene with black cabinets and a matching quartz backsplash.

11. Include interesting details.

When dreaming up your black kitchen island with seating, you can keep the visuals from looking flat by incorporating one-of-a-kind details. For example, Lulu of Dustylu chose paneling with a linear design to punch up the look of her culinary hub. The white waterfall countertop tempers the dark ebony hue, keeping the space light and airy.

12. Throw in glass door fronts on the base.

If you're designing a new island for your farmhouse-style kitchen, then this charming setup by deVOL Kitchens is for you. The black hue instantly captures your attention, but it's the thoughtful details that really stand out. For instance, the beadboard paneling adds a classic dose of country charm while the glass cabinet fronts allow you to show off treasured pieces of crockery. Top it off with a white marble countertop for a luxurious finishing touch.


13. Pair with stainless steel for an industrial bent.

As proven by Sonja and Alex of A Couple Cooks, the color black lends itself beautifully to industrial-style kitchens. In this small cook space, stainless steel accents complement the scheme and help reflect the light throughout, making the cozy setup feel a little bit bigger than it actually is.

14. Opt for clean lines.

If you're nervous that a black island will overwhelm your cook space, never fear. Opt for a central workstation that is all about clean lines and functionality, like the one in this modern kitchen by Avenue Design Studio. The minimal construction is simple and uncomplicated to match the surrounding white cabinets.

15. Add coastal flair with rattan stools.

Here's something you can count on when refreshing your culinary headquarters: Rattan stools will really pop when paired with a black island. For example, in this light-filled kitchen space by Zoë Feldman, the stools make quite the impression and add a hint of coastal flair to the otherwise farmhouse-inspired setup. Additionally, the seating choice helps warm up the black-and-white color scheme.

16. Top with butcher block.

There is something about a black island that screams, "Oooh, this is sophisticated and luxurious." And this black and white kitchen makeover by Chris Loves Julia is picture-perfect proof. Take a page out of their design playbook and top the central hub with butcher block to warm up the high-contrast scheme and add a bit of texture.

17. Go all black.

Why stop at a black kitchen island? Follow the lead of Greg Natale and go all in on the bold color. While a completely black kitchen might seem risky, this moody design — complete with black cabinets, an island, backsplash, stools, and ceiling trim — manages to make it work.

18. Add a bold color to the mix.

If you feel like a nearly all-black kitchen could use a pop of color, take note of this swanky space by Black Lacquer Design. Here, an ebony island is wrapped in a stunning green waterfall countertop. Swoon! Brass cabinet hardware provides the perfect dose of sparkle.

19. Keep the rest of your kitchen white.

Designer Leanne Ford decided to lighten up the black island in this kitchen by surrounding it with a sea of white. From the subway tile backsplash and the window trim to the cabinets and the mosaic floor tile, there is no doubt that the central hub is the star of this show.

20. Opt for a black table in a small kitchen.

If you have a small home, you might have to combine your kitchen and dining room. In that case, opt for a black table that can also act as an island when you and your loved ones aren't eating. Interior designer Tali Roth pulls off the look effortlessly in this striking cook space.

21. Draw attention to a black island with statement-making lighting.

Now that you've decided on a black kitchen island, it's time to consider the best way to showcase your central hub. Raili Clasen opted to shine multiple lights on the ebony workstation in this open kitchen with the help of six oversize pendant lights in various sizes hanging at different heights. The sculptural display is quite eye-catching and guarantees the island will be well lit.

22. Clad the kitchen island in black tile.

Instead of painting your kitchen island black, consider an alternative approach. The team over at F. Studio opted to clad the entire island with glossy black tile and white grout. The unique decor idea brings texture and graphic visual interest and to the space.

23. Consider a unique island shape.

Think outside of the box for your kitchen remodel and opt for an island shape other than the traditional square or rectangular design. Tim Moss shows us how it's done, choosing to go with an oval island in this sophisticated cook space. Keep the rest of the space neutral so it won't take any attention away from those curves.

24. Invest in a moveable island.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't rock a dark color palette, or have an island, in a small cook space — blogger Miranda Schroder did both in her kitchen remodel, and the result is flawless. All it took was a little black paint for the cabinets, peel-and-stick tile for the backsplash, new cabinet hardware, and of course, a perfectly-sized island with wheels so it can be moved around as needed.

25. Mix and match countertop materials.

If you really want to make your black kitchen island stand out, take note of this setup by deVOL Kitchens. Here, the island flaunts two different materials: white quartzite on one side and copper on the other. Now that's what we call having the best of both worlds. The warm taupe walls and rustic hardwood flooring take the cozy factor to the next level.



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