These Black and White Kitchen Floor Ideas Are Simply Mesmerizing

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Colorful flooring has been at the center of kitchen design in recent years, but sometimes forgoing color for a classic black and white palette can really pay off, especially if you want to create a graphic statement. From retro setups to luxurious abodes, there's a style to fit every household, each one as pretty as the last. We're not fussy. We have this thing with floors, and we're not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Here are eight black and white kitchen floor ideas and how to pull them off.


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1. Get creative.

While a black and white kitchen floor can add a classic touch, it can also bring a cook space up to date, as demonstrated by this contemporary design from Vintage Revivals. Mandi used black and white hex-shaped mosaic tile to create a large scale diamond pattern, and the result looks good enough for a high-end restaurant.


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2. Break up your space.

If your kitchen primarily features dark cabinetry or a dark paint color, a black and white floor can help add much needed balance and contrast, brightening up the overall design. This eclectic cook space showcased by Jenna Cooper shows you exactly how it's done. X marks the spot, right?


Get the look: Clé Tile Xtra Credit Cement Tile in Black, $8.75 per square foot

3. Add pattern.

Looking to add pattern to your culinary headquarters? A black and white kitchen floor tile with an intricate pattern will add interest, and will work with cabinetry of any color. Studio McGee chose a graphic tile for this modern but small kitchen design, which in turn helps to make the space feel larger and way more interesting.


Get the look: Cement Tile Shop Pacific Classic Collection Bristol (set of 12), $82.80 per box

4. Use more than one type of tile.

Black and white kitchen flooring has an amazing ability to break things up, and it can help to differentiate spaces within your home. With the help of a simple flooring transition, you can mark the beginning and end of a certain space. For example, Baldini Architecture used two types of black and white tile in this pretty pastel design, creating a statement border around the room.


Get the look: Clé Tile New West Pattern Seven, $8.75 per square foot

5. Balance bright color.

Bold colors in any room can be a lot, especially if you're considering more than one bright hue. A simple black and white kitchen floor tile as seen in this vibrant cook space will balance the look and stop it from becoming overkill.


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6. Go classic.

A marble checkerboard floor makes for a very classic and luxurious look, especially in an all-white space. This sumptuous design by Herringbone Kitchens is a lesson in balancing out statement features with traditional colors and materials.


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7. Create contrast.

Add character to a diminutive space with a small-scale black and white kitchen floor tile. The triangle mosaic used in this design adds contrast to the all-white room and makes it feel bigger, especially with a floating bar and seating. We've got major googly eyes.


Get the look: Merola Tile Tre Multi Windmill Glossy White and Black Mosaic Tile, $16.15 per square foot

8. Do something different.

Don't be afraid to try something a little off the beaten path. Black and white kitchen flooring can be pretty dramatic and a simple striped layout can change a culinary design from traditional to retro. Plus, it doesn't have to cost a fortune. We can't get enough of this look in Sarah Akwisombe's compact kitchen — who knew hot pink cabinets could look so good?

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