20 Black and White Kitchen Floor Ideas That Are Simply Mesmerizing

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Marrying black and white is a no-fail color idea that results in timeless, high-contrast spaces. It's a familiar pairing beloved for its versatility, which is why it can be used in any area of the home, from living rooms to bathrooms to bedrooms. While kitchens are no stranger to a black and white scheme, it's often relegated to cabinetry, countertops, and backsplashes. Why not mix it up a bit with black and white flooring? There are endless possibilities to fit every household, each one as pretty as the last.


"Black and white flooring is making a major comeback in all styles of kitchens. From a practical perspective, they hide a lot of dirt and imperfections, and regardless of the style of kitchen, they can add a quirky but classic feel to the space," says Hema Persad, founder of Hema Persad Interiors. "Black and white checked floors have been used in kitchens all around the world throughout time, so you know they are never going to go out of style."

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And working with two neutral shades means that the world is your oyster when it comes to cabinet and appliance colors. For a monochromatic look, pair black and white tile with black and white cabinets, or allow the high-contrast pairing to fade into the background by combining them with striking shades of teal or red. If you crave a space that's warm and welcoming, be sure to add wood tones, since the dynamic duo can, at times, look severe.


On the plus side, black and white floor tile does a great job at masking dirt or spills, and scratches will blend easily into an intricate pattern. Ongoing maintenance depends on the material — marble, for instance, requires more upkeep (think regular sealing) than, say, vinyl.

Here are 20 black and white kitchen floor ideas and a few tips on how to pull them off.


20 Black and White Kitchen Floor Ideas

1. Get creative.

While a black and white kitchen floor can add a classic touch, it can also bring a cook space up-to-date, as demonstrated by this contemporary design from Vintage Revivals. Mandi used black and white hex-shaped mosaic tile to create a large-scale diamond pattern, and the result looks good enough for a high-end restaurant.


2. Break up your space.

If your kitchen primarily features dark cabinetry or paint, a black and white floor can help add much-needed balance and contrast, brightening up the overall design. This eclectic cook space showcased by Jenna Cooper shows you exactly how it's done. X marks the spot, right?



3. Add an intricate pattern.

Looking to add a pattern to your culinary headquarters? A black and white kitchen floor tile with an intricate pattern will add interest and work with cabinetry in any color. Studio McGee chose a graphic tile for this modern but small kitchen design, which in turn helps to make the space feel larger and ​way​ more interesting.


4. Use more than one type of tile.

Black and white kitchen flooring has an amazing ability to break things up, and it can help to differentiate spaces within your home. With the help of a simple flooring transition, you can mark the beginning and end of a certain space. For example, Baldini Architecture used two types of black and white tile in this pretty pastel design, creating a statement border around the room.


5. Temper a bright color.

Bold colors in any room can be a lot, especially if you're considering more than one bright hue. A simple black and white kitchen floor tile, as seen in this vibrant cook space, will balance the turquoise cabinet color so it won't feel overbearing.



6. Go with a classic design.

A marble harlequin pattern makes for a very classic and luxurious look, especially in an all-white space. This sumptuous design by Herringbone Kitchens is a lesson in balancing out statement features with traditional colors and materials.


7. Create contrast.

Add character to a petite space with a small-scale black and white kitchen floor tile. The triangle mosaic used in this design adds contrast to the all-white room and makes it feel bigger, especially with a floating bar and seating.

8. Do something different.

Don't be afraid to try something a little off the beaten path. Black and white kitchen flooring can be pretty dramatic, and a simple striped layout can change a culinary design from traditional to retro. Plus, it doesn't have to cost a fortune. We can't get enough of this look in Sarah Akwisombe's compact kitchen — who knew hot pink cabinets could look so good?


9. Opt for French cafe vibes.

While penny tile is a mainstay on bathroom walls and floors, you don't see it as often in kitchens. Leanne Ford designed this timeless cook space in her signature black and white palette and blanketed the kitchen floor in penny rounds for a decidedly French bistro vibe that we can definitely get behind. Using predominantly white penny tile and inserting a double-banded black border adds contrast and highlights the island.

10. Embrace the checkerboard trend.

Checkerboard patterns are popping up on just about everything right now, including flooring. And black and white check tile is a classic look with nostalgic undertones that calls to mind the comfort and familiarity of old-school diners. This quaint kitchen by Studio McGee flaunts black and white checkerboard flooring that balances the retro feeling with brass hardware, stainless appliances, and a glossy cream backsplash.

11. Scale down the pattern.

Spatially challenged kitchens provide the perfect opportunity to try a busier black and white floor like this scaled-down checkerboard pattern. The trick to keeping small-scale prints from overwhelming a space is to pair them either with larger patterns or solid colors. For example, the black and white floor in this petite kitchen by Megan Winters is mesmerizing without being visually jarring thanks to a classic backdrop of black cabinets and white Calacatta marble countertops.


12. Play with shape and scale.

Combine tiles in different sizes and shapes to create depth and interest. In this kitchen by Elizabeth Roberts, large black tile and a smaller white marble tile alternate to form a classic pattern. The honed finish adds texture and a rustic quality that complements the warmth of the reclaimed wood beams.

13. Complement your home's architecture.

Select a material and pattern that accentuates the architecture of your home. With an arched entry, exposed wood beams, and a plaster range hood, this well-appointed cook space by Jessica Helgerson has a decidedly Mediterranean bent. Opting for black and white encaustic cement tile is stylistically appropriate, while the interlocking pattern is substantial enough to ground such a large space.

14. Welcome a geometric pattern.

Contemporary kitchens are often void of pattern, but when kept to an edited palette of black and white, geometric tile adds a welcome dose of interest and contrast to the floor. This monochrome kitchen spotted on The Home Depot flaunts hexagonal porcelain tile that's been arranged in a pattern that adds weight to the white space.

15. Introduce movement and energy.

Inject dimension and movement to black and white flooring with the help of a creatively conceptualized pattern. The concentric diamond arrangement in this sophisticated kitchen by Brio Interior Design is the result of a carefully executed installation plan that imbues the space with energy and creates a feeling of expansiveness thanks to the zigzag quality of the lines.

16. Coordinate the backsplash with the floor.

If you find a black and white tile that speaks to you, double its impact by installing it on the floor and backsplash. Reserve this idea for kitchens with a smaller footprint and pair the tiles with a neutral cabinet color to keep the look clean. Adele Denis Interiors struck the right balance in this minimalist cook space by pairing greige flat front cabinets and white walls with a "backgammon" tile pattern.

17. Infuse personality.

Hexagonal-shaped floor tile is a welcome alternative to wide plank hardwood floors, especially when it looks as good as the tile used in this culinary space by The Life Styled Co. Here, a black and white honeycomb pattern visually separates the kitchen from the surrounding rooms, and lends an unexpectedly modern bent to the traditional setup.

18. Introduce contrast to a monochrome space.

If you really want your black and white floors to pop, make them the focal point by going black for the rest of the kitchen. Using the same shade on the walls, cabinetry, and backsplash, as Jean Stoffer Design did in this elegant space, allows the floor tile to really stand out. Wood accents and warm metal finishes punctuate the dark and moody scheme.

19. Consider an abstract pattern.

For a soothing black and white floor tile that evokes a sense of calm and harmony, opt for an abstract pattern. The dappled arrangement on the tile in this kitchen spotted on Clé Tile mimics the visual softness of woven material, adding interest and harmony.

20. Create a grid.

Grid patterns add symmetry and a linear quality to floors that draw the eye. In narrow spaces like this traditional kitchen by Nickey Kehoe, a black and white grid pattern installed on a slant creates the illusion of more width. A red industrial workbench with a butcher block top adds a splash of color and warmth.



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