Warning: These Pink Kitchen Color Ideas Are Sizzling Hot

For those who still perceive pink as a color best left for the girls, we're here to tell you that's old news. You might even be surprised to learn that the color has a long and distinct history. It first came into vogue in the mid-1700s, when it was considered a symbol of wealth and was worn by both men and women among the aristocracy. Over the years, its association has fluctuated from sophistication and luxury to vulgarity and the working class.

The use of pink in interior design has fallen in and out of vogue as well (you may have heard of a little color trend known as millennial pink?). Here at Hunker, we're currently loving it for the playful quality it imparts — besides, it's hard to take yourself too seriously when using the rosy hue. Not to mention, it's surprisingly versatile and complements a wide range of colors.

All of that to say that while pink may not be the first kitchen color idea that comes to mind when remodeling, maybe it should be. These seven kitchens prove that whether you favor modern, traditional, or country interiors, pink fits the bill beautifully.

1. Let your cabinets take center stage.

pink kitchen color idea with rosy cabinets and a moroccan rug with subway tile backsplash and open shelving
credit: Studio DIY

Embrace the idea of a pink kitchen and don't look back: Follow the lead of Kelly from Studio DIY and apply a soft pastel shade to all of your cabinets. Complete the look by infusing a rustic note with textural subway tile and floating wood shelves. A colorful Moroccan rug adds a decidedly boho vibe that's perfectly balanced with gold hardware for a look that's equal parts glam and laid-back.

2. Or just stick to the walls ... and ceiling.

Create an old-world vibe by allocating a muted pink shade to the walls and ceiling, then pair it with dark green cabinetry for a no-fail color combination. Michael Kaminsky and Mel Keedle completed the timeless design with a textured pink tile backsplash and a trio of ceramic pendant lights made by Keedle.

3. Choose a stand-out backsplash.

You can pretty much count on a chevron-patterned anything to infuse timeless style into a space. For proof, just check out this show-stopping scullery featuring a pink tile backsplash in a chevron layout for one-of-a-kind results. Black cabinets are a high-contrast choice that keep the look from being overly sweet; gold hardware and cutlery add some bling and keep the look sophisticated and elegant.

4. Go bold.

Saturated pink kitchen cabinets take a masculine bent when they verge on red, as seen in this Scandi-inspired kitchen. London-based design firm Inside Her Home keeps things visually uncluttered using flat-front cabinetry with cutout pulls, a single open shelf ,and vertically applied wall tile without grout lines. Geometric cement floor tile adds subtle pattern, and butcher block countertops warm up the space.

5. Opt for shine.

Reflective surfaces like this hand-aged brass backsplash personalize any room and steal the show in this calm and welcoming English cook space by Naked Kitchens. Pale pink walls and teal cabinets temper the glamorous materials, and a gallery wall and wood-topped island add plenty of warmth and character. Flat-front cabinetry and cutout cabinet pulls make an appearance here as well — another popular kitchen trend.

6. Think outside the appliance box.

Who says appliances need be boring? Take a whimsical approach to a pink kitchen and incorporate a colorful refrigerator/ice box combo and small appliances like a toaster for long-lasting cooking joy. Camille Darroux selected a slim-profile SMEG in bubblegum pink to punch up a white kitchen, while wood countertops and wood open shelving add rustic charm to the sweet color palette.

7. A dab'll do.

Take style notes from Kate of Wit and Delight and dip a toe into the pink kitchen trend by selecting accessories and tableware in the sweet hue. A classic cook space with timeless elements like a subway tile backsplash, marble countertops, and glass-front cabinetry gets a measured dose of blush thanks to an assortment of dishware that can easily be replaced down the road if you long for something more neutral. A wood island and earthy runner add depth and texture.

Jaclyn Schatzow

Jaclyn Schatzow

Jaclyn Schatzow is a freelance writer living in Santa Monica, CA