31 Pink Kitchen Ideas, Inspiration, and Tips

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The color pink has had its fair share of time in the limelight, ebbing and flowing through interior design trends over the years. Thanks to the millennial pink movement, its resurgence in the last decade has only secured its spot in line as a timeless hue. But we love it for the playful quality it imparts — not to mention, it is surprisingly versatile and complements a wide range of colors like brown, mint green, and even black.


And while pink may not be the first kitchen color idea that comes to mind when remodeling, you might want to give it a chance. Although the range of popular color trends this year includes neutrals, blues, and greens, we can't help but notice there are a growing number of homeowners incorporating the rosy hue in one way or another.

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Whether your aesthetic leans modern, traditional, or a little bit country, the 31 pink kitchen design ideas ahead prove that the saturated shade is well worth the risk.

1. Let pink cabinets take center stage.

Embrace the idea of a pink kitchen and don't look back: Follow the lead of this setup from Neptune and apply a soft pastel shade to all of your cabinets. Complete the look by infusing a rustic note with dark wood flooring. The white countertops and simple white pendant light add a decidedly modern vibe that's perfectly balanced with the classic shaker style-cabinet fronts and wall trim for a look that feels modern yet traditional.


2. Focus on the walls with a subtle pink.

Perhaps, you're looking for a simpler solution that doesn't involve cabinetry. In that case, painting the walls in a muted shade of pink is always a quick and easy way to update the kitchen. But if you have the extra time and budget, follow the lead of this dreamy cook space by deVOL Kitchens and pair with blue cabinets, green backsplash tile, and a crystal chandelier.


3. Go old-world with a pink ceiling.

If you're already painting the walls, you might as well keep the party going and tackle the ceiling, too. Create an old-world vibe with a muted pink shade, then pair it with weathered, dark green cabinetry for a no-fail color combination. Michael Kaminsky and Mel Keedle completed this timeless design with a textured pink tile backsplash and a trio of ceramic pendant lights made by Keedle.



4. Choose a stand-out pink tile backsplash.

You can pretty much count on a chevron-patterned anything to infuse timeless style into any culinary space. For proof, just check out this show-stopping design featuring a pink tile backsplash. Black cabinets are a high-contrast choice that keeps the look from feeling overly sweet, while brass hardware and a swanky knife set add a dose of bling and sophistication.


5. Go bold with a saturated pink cabinet.

Saturated pink kitchen cabinets take center stage in this Scandi-inspired setup. London-based design firm Inside Her Home keeps things visually uncluttered by using flat-front cabinetry with cutout pulls, a single floating shelf, and a tile backsplash installed vertically with very thin grout lines. Geometric cement floor tile adds subtle pattern, and butcher block countertops add warmth.


6. Pair your pink walls with a lustrous finish.

It's not hard for reflective surfaces, like the aged-brass backsplash in this calm and welcoming English cook space by Naked Kitchens, to steal the show. Pale pink walls and teal cabinets temper the lustrous finish, and a gallery wall and wood-topped island add plenty of warmth and character. Flat-front cabinetry with cutout cabinet pulls — another popular kitchen trend — make an appearance here as well.



7. Splurge on colorful pink appliances.

Who says appliances need to be boring? Take a whimsical approach to your pink kitchen and incorporate a colorful refrigerator à la Beth Sandland. She opted for this bubblegum pink number from SMEG to punch up her kitchen renovation, while white countertops and cabinetry balance the vibrant addition.


8. Use blush pink to highlight your ceramics collection.

Take style notes from this clever kitchen design idea by New Generation Improvements and use the blush hue as a backdrop for more important things — like your extensive ceramics collection. We love the open shelving unit used in this culinary space. It acts as the perfect neutral frame to show off shelves of artistic wares. The white marble countertop and brass details (hello, kitchen sink!) are the icing on the cake.


9. Contract pink cabinets with black hardware.

Black hardware can add just enough contrast to a pink culinary space without overwhelming its cool color scheme. And to add even more visual interest, follow the lead of Studio Surface and add a bit of texture in the form of wood shelving and shiplap wall paneling.


10. Tile the floors with a graphic rose and blue print.

Maybe you already have pink walls and you're looking for a way to take your love of the rosy color to the next level. In that case, have you considered updating the kitchen floor? We didn't think this pink kitchen by 2LG Studio could get any better, but the graphic pink and blue floor tile really takes the design to the next level.

11. Wow with wallpaper.

Regardless of the pattern, wallpaper can infuse a fresh dose of color and personality into a space. If you're wary of swaying too far from a neutral scheme, follow the lead of this inspired small kitchen, belonging to At Home With Ashley, and limit yourself to one wall. The stunning mural blends in seamlessly with the rest of the retro scheme.

12. Create a pink accent wall.

Don't feel obligated to paint all of the walls in your kitchen pink, just stick to one accent wall. Tie everything together by using complementary colors and finishes throughout the rest of the space. In this setup by deVOL Kitchens, the two-tone cabinets, marble countertop, and live edge floating wood shelf act as the perfect supporting cast.


13. Embrace midcentury charm with blush hues.

File this blush midcentury-style kitchen by The Chris and Claude Co. under how to invite a subtle pop of color into a remodel. Stick to a light shade of pink, that almost feels neutral, so that the palette won't distract from the overall design.

14. Accent shelving units with a pop of pink.

One kitchen feature that is often overlooked is shelving. Designate a soft shade of pink for the interior of a freestanding storage unit, or even open cabinetry, to invite an unexpected pop of color. Take note of the open countertop cabinet seen in this country kitchen from Plain English, and how the blush interior instantly balances the vibrant shade of yellow used on the exterior.

15. If you can, paint that range hood pink.

If you're working with an under-cabinet range hood, give it a fresh coat of paint so it feels like a seamless extension of the walls. In this Georgetown condo, designed by Zoe Feldman, the soft hue beautifully conceals an otherwise bulky functional element, while complementing the gray zellige tiles and white cabinets below.

16. Add pink tile the kitchen island.

Should you want to embrace the color pink with a slightly less obvious approach, this maximalist kitchen from The Pink House has you covered on the inspiration front. Instead of the typical wall paint, the creative blogger opted to tile the base of her island with a bright pink subway tile that's modern and unexpected.

17. Go for two-tone cabinets to contrast pink.

If exclusively pink cabinets aren't quite your vibe, go for a chic two-tone effect by working with a pair of complementary hues. In this elegant Parisian apartment, the barely-there shade of pink is coupled with dark teal for a dynamic finish that even works with a bold, marble fireplace surround.

18. Invite a little texture for pink hues.

Copper cookware is way too beautiful to be stuffed into a drawer. Take a page from Jersey Ice Cream Co.'s design handbook and show off the lustrous pieces as a means of adding a saturated hint of color. And bonus points if they happen to be displayed on an equally rich, pink plaster backdrop.

19. Paint the pantry door (or doors) an inviting pink.

Ready to make your dinner guests swoon? Give your pantry door(s) a blush makeover like the cotton candy-colored set seen in this coastal kitchen by Kara Miller Interiors. The playful hue is a welcome distraction in a bright and airy sea of all white. The woven pendant lights over the island don't hurt either.

20. Make it metallic pink.

When it comes to decorating with the color pink, think outside of the box. Instead of painting the cabinets or walls, experiment with alternative mediums like metal. In this mint green kitchen by Rebel Designs, pink metallic tiles offer a refreshing twist to the traditional ceramic tile backsplash, bringing a touch of texture and drama to boot.

21. Layer complementary colors.

Can't quite settle on just one wall color? Break up the design of your kitchen with a combination of paint colors and patterns, just as Old Brand New founder Dabito did in this swoon-worthy kitchenette. Given the backsplash tile and rich green cabinets, the saturated pink walls are hardly the focal point yet they offer a splash of warmth that completes the eclectic scene.

22. Contrast pink with black.

If you feel like the color pink may be a little too warm for you, offset it with a bolder tone like black or charcoal. Look for a rosy paint color that has cooler undertones — perhaps one that skews more gray — to best complement the darker colors, like Maggie of Our Edwardian Home did in her kitchen.

23. Keep it subtle with light pink.

For a modern and contemporary take on the pink kitchen idea, aim to keep the design scheme of your space minimal. Think light pink, flat-panel cabinetry, streamlined furniture, and architectural details that follow suit. This Austin-based cook space has the right idea.

24. Focus on the kitchen island.

Think of the kitchen island as the perfect canvas for a little dose of color. Paint the underside or base to accentuate an otherwise understated stretch of real estate. If you're really feeling bold, paint the entire island to really make it stand out. The pastel pink and mint green used in this tonal setup by Baldini Architecture are seriously inspiring.

25. Invest in matching furniture and decor.

If you only want to dip your toes into the color trend, start by introducing pops of pink by way of furniture and decor. Think kitchen staples like small planters, sconces, tea towels, and even storage containers. Bonus points if you have open shelving and can display them for all to see, as Kimberly of Swoon Worthy did in her space.

26. Throw in a pink rug.

Consider this a low-effort way to usher in a bold dash of color to any space. Studio DIY's cheerful kitchen has no shortage of bright moments but the hot pink area rug in the center manages to capture the eye with effortless flair.

27. Paint exposed brick pink.

Combine color with texture for a dynamic finish that can transform even the most standard of kitchen designs. In this contemporary cook space from Little Greene, a brick backsplash brings on a major dose of character that subtly contrasts with the smooth wood countertop and sage green cabinetry.

28. Wow with pink marble.

Take the natural route by going with a large-scale marble installation the way architect Elizabeth Roberts did in this stunning kitchen. In addition to making a major statement, the natural stone ushers in some color with an organic note that elevates the entire look and feel of the room.

29. Give color blocking a try.

Instead of the walls, allow the kitchen's furniture or built-ins to double as the ideal surface for an accent wall. We're loving the color-blocking effect of the blush pink pantry next to the seafoam green cabinetry in this pastel-perfect kitchen spotted on Howdens. The duo really livens up the otherwise ordinary cook space.

30. Take the maximalist route.

Feeling up to a challenge? Skip out on the standard neutrals and accentuate a pink kitchen with bold red details. This maximalist pairing, spotted on Ms. Pink & Mr. Black, makes quite the case for transforming an average cook space into a color-fueled oasis.

31. Refresh with pink countertop appliances.

A little color never hurt, especially when it comes to otherwise run-of-the-mill countertop appliances —everything from toasters and coffee pots are fair game — as proven by this colorful galley kitchen. Consider this an excuse to replace your everyday cookware with alternatives showcasing more of a blush tint.