Can You Mix Kitchen Appliance Colors?

While you can mix kitchen appliance colors, keep the pairings to shades that look good with one another and fit in well with their surroundings, such as black and stainless steel.

Mixing Appliance Colors

Pick one appliance's hue as the star of the kitchen's color scheme -- this can be the color of an existing appliance you plan to keep, or it may be your favorite shade of a new appliance you're considering for the kitchen. If not sure where to begin, consider the colors of smaller appliances such as your toaster or blender, as well as shades found throughout the room, covering the walls, cabinets and even the floor. The main appliance color should pair well with other shades in the room.

Finding Colors to Mix With the Main Shade

Because modern appliances are most often found in somewhat neutral shades, it's not difficult to find colors that work well with one another. A stainless steel refrigerator can be paired with other appliances of just about any color, but do your best to limit the shades to two, at most. You may want to skip basic white appliances if not all of the appliances are the same color, as the other shades will stand out in the room. If you are purchasing several new appliances at once but do not want them all to be the same color, purchase them all in the same brand, if possible -- the shades will most likely look good together if they are from the same era and the same manufacturer. The only real faux pas when mixing appliance colors is to use colors that clash, such as an old avocado green refrigerator and a bold red retro-inspired oven.

Working With What You Have

If you don't like the mismatched colors of your existing appliances and do not want to replace them, specialty appliance paints transform the look of one -- or all -- pieces in your kitchen. A liquid resin containing actual stainless steel particles upgrades the fronts of any appliances, or you can cover appliances with metal or vinyl panels designed to look like metal to make everything match.

Kathy Adams

Kathy Adams

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