These Are the 8 Best Stove Brands, According To Reviews

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Buying a stove may feel like a seemingly straightforward task but cut to the search and suddenly, you find yourself overwhelmed with options. There's gas, induction, and electric on one side and cooktops, wood-burning stoves, duel-fuel on the other. The combinations are just about endless. Finding the perfect fit for you boils down to your needs, your space, and how often you plan on using the appliance. It goes without saying that splurging on an expensive option from Wolf or La Cornue probably isn't the wisest decision if you rarely find yourself in the kitchen (unless it's purely for aesthetics). Conversely, if you're an avid cook with a penchant for the culinary arts, it's worth investing in something that can stand up to all the wear.


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And while there are more than enough guides out there, for those seeking the best stove brands, sometimes, it's the rave reviews (or lack thereof) that push us toward a final decision. Here are the top-rated options on the market right now.

1. Viking

Vikings tend to rank high in reviews, especially when it comes to luxury stove brands. Their professional-style ranges make them a staple for home cooks and chefs alike — naturally, that comes with a hefty price tag. Their design-forward builds feature brass flame ports and colorful facades, while on the technical side you have dual-stacked burners and powerful BTUs on the long list of pros. The brand is also considered a go-to for those in need of double ovens and cooktops.

KitchenAid has been a culinary mainstay for years and while the brand may seem synonymous with standing mixers, their line of stoves is just as great. Between double-oven, freestanding, and slide-in ranges, customers can choose their ideal type: electric, dual, or gas. Much like the mixers, the commercial-style stoves come in vibrant colorways, which is always a bonus for those who are looking to customize.

3. Bosch

Bosch is generally regarded as one of the most reliable stove brands on the market and has pretty solid reviews all around. Compared to KitchenAid or LG the brand does run on the higher end of the price spectrum, but you'll still be able to find a relatively solid deal, not to mention a product that's streamlined in design. Customers are big fans of Bosch's slide-in gas stoves and the 800-series combination oven, which is best when paired with their highly rated induction cooktops, making for a dynamic combo you won't want to miss out on.


4. GE

While GE offers the full gamut of stoves, their collection of electric ranges is what separates them from the rest — after all, it was the first to bring the concept to market. Many of the brand's appliances come with integrated smart technology, which allows users to control their products through an app. That sort of convenience is hard to pass on these days. GE's affordable price point is yet another plus, along with its innovative touch features and powerful elements.

5. Wolf

Wolf stoves have become increasingly popular, and not just because of their iconic red knobs. The professional-grade stove brand is a direct competitor of Viking and offers dual-fuel, induction, and gas ranges, in a variety of sizes — from the smallest 30-inch options to the extra-large 48-inch double ovens. The American-made brand sets itself apart from the rest with versatile options — that range from ultra-powerful 30,000 BTUs to a gentle simmer that hovers around 300 BTUs — and their customizable cooktops. Wolf ovens come with a hallmark blue porcelain interior and if cared for properly, they can last for at least 20 solid years.

6. LG

LG is one of few stove brands with a diverse product line that is well-received across the board by reviewers. Regardless of which model or cooktop you're going with, you can rest assured you're getting a reliable pick. The brand carries gas, electric, and dual-fuel stoves and prides itself on its certified Energy Star products. With price points averaging around $800-$1,000, air fry ranges, Wi-Fi-connectivity, and easy-clean ovens, it's no wonder the brand is a customer favorite.


With a variety of induction, gas, and electric options, Frigidaire has you covered on the stove front. Cooktops with continuous grates are an example of the brand's well-thought-out design that makes its products both user-friendly and design-forward. Take one peek at the brand's site and you'll see nearly all 4-star (or more!) ratings for their full line of ranges and stoves. With features such as flexible 5-burner cooktops (because, who couldn't use an extra one, here and there?) and quick steam-cleaning ovens, it's no wonder Frigidaire receives such rave reviews.

When it comes to affordable stove brands, Whirlpool is the way to go. And just because you're going with a budget-friendly option that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style or cool tech features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity. Whirlpool's smart ranges are voice control compatible and come with sleek, touch-screen interfaces. And even if you're going with a product on the lower end of the price spectrum, you're still getting a quality piece.


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