The Best Stove Top Cleaner for Every Type of Range

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Between grease splatters, sauce spills, and rogue seasonings, cooking on the stovetop can be messy business. And if you forget to clean up after a cook session, said mess can get even worse as it gets baked on, making it even tougher to clean. The good news is, there are plenty of stovetop cleaners that can tackle even your toughest messes with ease, but not every cleaner is meant for every surface.

Some stovetop cleaners are specifically made for glass and ceramic stovetops, while others are designed for gas stoves. If you use the wrong one for your type of stove, then you run the risk of making a bigger mess than you had to begin with.

To help you find the right stovetop cleaner for your household, we rounded up the very best options for every type of stove.

Best for Glass and Ceramic: Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner, $14.12

This stovetop cleaner has hundreds of reviews and a solid five-star Amazon rating. Designed for glass and ceramic stovetops, the cleaner features a streak-free, non-abrasive formula that makes easy work of the toughest messes. It's also non-toxic and safe to use. All you have to do is apply a little to your stove, wait a few seconds, and wipe away the mess. Even burned- and baked-on food are no match for this little miracle worker.

Best for Gas Ranges: Weiman Gas Range Cleaner, $13.98

The same brand beloved for its glass and ceramic cleaner also makes a super-effective and equally beloved gas range cleaner. The heavy-duty formula penetrates grease and baked-on and burnt food, allowing you to easily wipe away any mess without leaving behind any residue. And it's safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including drip pans, knobs, glass, enameled grates, and stainless steel, so all your bases will be covered (and clean).

Best Natural Cleaner: Simple Green Degreaser, $5.43

This powerful all-purpose cleaner can take on the messiest stovetops all the while being kind to Mother Nature. The eco-friendly formula is non-toxic, non-abrasive, and non-corrosive. It's also safe to use on washable surfaces, which means that in addition to using it to clean your stovetop, you can use it to tackle sinks, carpet, flooring, and even upholstery.

Sometimes burnt and baked-on food won't respond to even the best cleaning formulas, which is where this cleaning tool comes in handy. The scraper features an ergonomic handle and 16 carbon-steel blades, which allow you to scrape off the hardest-to-clean areas of your glass stovetop without leaving any scratches behind. It can also be used on your car windows, ceramic tile, and mirrors, so it's a great investment no matter your cleaning needs.

Best All-in-One Cleaning Kit: Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit, $12.98

If you want to take a clean stovetop to the next, next level, then you'll definitely want this cleaning kit in your arsenal. The kit not only cleans your stovetop, but it also polishes it, leaving it looking brand new. It comes with non-abrasive cooktop pads that help you remove heavily burned- and baked-on foods, in addition to a streak-free cleaning solution and a handy little scraper that can safely remove caked-on grime.

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