How to Remove an Electric Stove

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Disconnect an electric stove before installing a new one.

Electric stoves use the electric current from your house to heat the burners on top and the heating elements inside the range and broiler. These types of stoves generally operate more efficiently than gas stoves and, depending on your location, might be cheaper to run. Removing an electric stove, unlike a gas stove, is a fairly simple process.


Step 1

Remove any burners from the top of the stove. Pick up the burners with your hands. Llift straight up, and set aside. Also remove any grills or frying surfaces, if present.

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Step 2

Open the door of the stove. Pull out any racks that may be inside.

Step 3

Check for a retaining fastening connecting the stove to the wall. Many stoves will use these clips to keep the stove from tipping forward when the oven door is opened. These are usually L-shaped metal clips. There might be two or more connecting the stove to the wall. Loosen any screws connecting the clips with a screwdriver.


Step 4

Unplug the electric stove from the wall. If you cannot immediately see the switch, try moving the stove back a few inches from any walls or obstructions behind to locate the socket. Grasp the plug for the stove firmly, and pull out.

Step 5

Tilt the stove backwards a few inches, and insert furniture coasters underneath the front legs. Lower the front of the stove. Repeat this process for the legs at the back of the stove.

Step 6

Pull the stove out and away from the wall. Use a furniture dolly to move the stove out of the kitchen.



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