How to Unlock a Wolf Ceramic Cooktop

Wolf Appliance Inc. makes a range of electric-heated, ceramic-glass cooktops. Locking a cooktop prevents children from activating a burner or any other control functions while unsupervised. All use of the controls is restricted until the cooktop's lock is switched off. Unlocking your Wolf ceramic cooktop takes just a few seconds.

Ceramic cooktops hide the electric cooking elements beneath a sheet of reinforced glass.

Step 1

Look in the bottom right corner of your Wolf ceramic cooktop. A key symbol glows when the cooktop is locked.

Step 2

Press and hold the glowing key symbol for three seconds. The cooktop emits three chimes, and the symbol stops glowing when the lock is switched off.

Step 3

Hold the key symbol down for a further three seconds to reactivate the lock. Three chimes confirm the lock has been successfully applied.