How to Troubleshoot a Viking Oven

When you cook with regularity, nothing is quite as frustrating as an oven that doesn't work correctly. Viking, a manufacturer of a variety of ovens for residential use, recommends a quick series of steps to troubleshoot the most common problems. It's possible to solve the problem yourself without contacting Viking or your oven's retailer for customer service.


Step 1

Confirm that the temperature knob is adjusted to "Broil" and not beyond it if the Viking oven's broiler is not working. If the temperature control knob is too far beyond the "Broil" marking, the broiler will not operate.

Step 2

Tighten the oven light bulb or replace it if the light in your Viking oven is not turning on. Usually, the bulb has burnt out, but sometimes the bulb was not tightened enough to make a good electrical connection.

Step 3

Allow the Viking oven 30 to 60 minutes before attempting to open the door or heat the oven again. If the oven indicator light is on, the oven has become over-heated and needs to cool before using. If the door will not open, it is typically because the Viking oven is completing its self-clean cycle; it locks the door as a safety feature until the oven has cooled.

Step 4

Ensure the door is closed securely if the Viking oven will not enter the self-clean cycle. If the door is not closed completely, the door lock cannot engage to start the self-cleaning.

Step 5

Turn the Viking's temperature control knob all the way past "Clean" until it stops if the self-cleaning cycle did not result in a clean oven. If the temperature is not high enough, the oven will not burn off all the food, grease and debris.

Step 6

Check that your power supply is functioning. The oven needs to be plugged firmly into an electrical outlet. Viking recommends you have an electrician examine the wiring, fuse box and circuit breaker for other issues.