Stainless Steel Electric Stove Ideas That Are Simply Awesome

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While many of us lean toward gas ranges in the kitchen, there are new stainless steel electric stoves that are incredibly efficient, super stylish, and quite affordable. You can argue the strengths of other types of ovens when you're baking or basting, but it really comes down to your own personal preference and the look you want.


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Whether you desire a more commercial looking range, a rustic option, or something sleek to fit your minimalist decor, there are tons of ways to work a stainless steel electric stove. Here are some of our favorite ideas to get you started.

1. Pair it with white.

In an all-white kitchen with light marble or quartz counters and backsplashes like these, a stainless steel electric stove with crisp lines will look lovely. This bright space with stainless accents makes us want to get cracking with some cooking.


2. Combine wood and steel for a combo that always works.

Just because you prefer cabin vibes and a cozy kitchen doesn't mean you can't mix in some modern appliances like this chic apartment-size stainless steel electric stove and oven. We love the contrast between the metal surfaces and the rustic wood backdrop.


3. Say yes to sleek stainless steel and bold black.

Going for a more modern and sleek look in your kitchen? Mix a stainless steel stove like this one with black cabinets and light countertops. We love the sophistication of a black and white kitchen, and the dark cooktop sets everything off.


4. Don't skip the silver.

If we're being real, one of the best shades to combine with stainless steel appliances is a silvery gray. We adore how the hue makes this monochrome space feel anything but boring. And the petite electric oven complements everything excellently.


5. Try some blue hues.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership with Acme Real Estate

As we said, stainless steel electric stoves come in a plethora of styles, so you can find the right range to fit into any kitchen. Case in point: this dreamy blue cabinetry with a seafoam subway tile backsplash works amazingly with a stainless electric oven.


6. Go electric and eclectic.

Check out how this stainless steel electric stove, fridge, and dishwasher work in this awesomely eclectic kitchen. The mix and match shelves and cupboards are the perfect contrast to the sleek appliances.


7. Mix modern and traditional.

Just because you went modern and minimalist with your electric oven doesn't mean it can't work in a more traditional kitchen. Just look at this space with cream-colored cabinets, a marble backsplash, and a whitewashed floor. We think the clean look of the stove provides just the right amount of unexpected.


8. Do a double-take.

Stainless steel electric stoves can look incredibly professional. They even come in double oven options, so you'll look more like a master chef than you ever imagined. Peep the deep gray cabinets and white tile backsplash here that provide the perfect backdrop to this beautiful range.