25 White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Brighten Up Your Cook Space

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White kitchen cabinets are kind of like classic cars: They never go out of style. Simply scroll through your Instagram feed and you'll see a parade of bright, airy designs, all outfitted with gorgeous ivory-hued cabinetry. We love seeing the different ways homeowners are making their cook spaces stand out from the alabaster crowd.


In addition to being stylish, white cabinets are also incredibly versatile. And thanks to the timeless color, they won't look outdated anytime soon. Plus, you can embrace any decor style or color palette you like. Needless to say, when it comes to kitchen design ideas, the surest way to lighten up a space is with a bank of bright white cabinets.

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For your consideration, here are 25 attention-grabbing white cabinet design ideas that are guaranteed to make your culinary space pop.

1. Weave in lustrous brass details.

When she renovated her own kitchen, designer Emily Henderson gave her space a bit of a makeover by incorporating brass details. From the cabinet hardware to the bridge-style gooseneck faucet to the wall sconce above the sink, the lustrous finish adds a touch of glam without overwhelming the entire design.


2. Complement with subway tile.

If you have white cabinets, a white subway tile backsplash is a classic touch. In this farmhouse kitchen design by Stefani Stein, ivory tile covers the entire wall (from countertop to ceiling), including the range hood. Not only does the tiled wall add a traditional note and a hint of visual interest, but it also reinforces the all-white color scheme.


3. Select lighting that blends in.

From the cabinets to the countertops to the backsplash to the integrated appliances, you've worked hard to design an all-white cook space that's free from distractions. But don't forget to consider the lighting. Ornate and colorful fixtures would definitely interrupt your all-white scheme. If that's not the goal, follow the lead of this kitchen by Studio McGee and opt for modern white pendants that will blend in seamlessly. The light wood flooring adds warmth and grounds the bright and airy setup.



4. Dress them up with a waterfall countertop.

When it comes to white cabinets, one of the most statement-making ways to dress them up is by topping your built-ins off with a white waterfall countertop. That's exactly what Ashley Rose from Sugar & Cloth did in her kitchen, and the result is simply stunning. The mint green accent wall is a nice touch, too.


5. Embrace beadboard cabinet fronts.

Beadboard isn't limited to the walls; cabinetry can get in on the fun too, as witnessed in this kitchen design by Three Birds Renovations. The subtle, vertical lines add a little something special to these white cabinets. And we think the modern pulls and concrete countertops are the perfect finishing touch.


6. Or, opt for glass instead.

Consider glass doors on your upper cabinets to mix up the look of your white cabinetry — and proudly display your beloved culinary must-haves. In this kitchen designed by the team at Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop, the glass inserts add a note of sophistication and keep the wall of cabinetry from feeling too heavy by opening them up and reflecting the light.



7. Inject warmth with wood countertops.

White cabinetry can begin to feel cold and stark in a hurry. And what better way to avoid that result than by inviting wood countertops to the party? Cameron and Mindy from The Brauns did just that in their small kitchen, even taking it a step further with wood open shelving. The black accent wall and black and white checkerboard flooring add the perfect amount of contrast.


8. Match your hardware to your backsplash.

If you really want to get creative and craft a cohesive look, match the hardware on your white cabinets to the backsplash tile. Shea from Studio McGee shows us how it's done in this kitchen with brass cabinet pulls that seamlessly match the metallic grout used in the subway tile backsplash.


9. Go with a streamlined, integrated design.

One of the most beautiful characteristics of Scandinavian kitchens is that they are often quite linear and streamlined. Apply that same minimalist approach to your white cabinets like Karen of Making Spaces did in this kitchen remodel by using flat-panel, full overlay cabinet doors for a clean finish.


10. Opt for a two-tone look.

Who says that you ​​have​​ to go with all-white cabinets? To bring in even more visual interest, consider using two different colors. Ashley, from the blog Ashton, remodeled her kitchen and went with this two-tone look, showcasing white on the top and teal on the bottom. Très chic!

11. Pair with open shelving.

Regardless of the color of your cabinets, open shelving will always be an easy and practical way to add a little something extra to your design. We love the way the floating wood shelves in Amber Thrane's stunning kitchen instantly warm up the space and tie in the rest of the wood features used throughout. And bonus: Now you can prominently display your prized collection of ceramic dishware.

12. Go for a monochromatic scheme.

If you've been dreaming of an all-white kitchen, let this bright cook space by Catherine Heraghty of The Stables be your guide. While the cabinets, backsplash, and countertops are the same color, that doesn't mean they're void of interest — although subtle in nature, each element adds something unique. The linear detailing of the upper cabinets, the uneven texture of the backsplash tile, and the integrated drawer pulls keep the design from feeling flat or boring and yet stick to the monochromatic scheme.


13. Add visual interest with X-shaped detailing.

And speaking of subtle details, how about the X-brace detailing on these shaker cabinets? It's a unique touch that will bring even more visual appeal to your culinary headquarters, and can be achieved by investing in new cabinetry or by simply updating your existing built-ins. It's a look that interior designer Bria Hammel has clearly mastered.

14. Mix and match with wood cabinets.

For some increased warmth in your bright and airy kitchen, opt for a mix of white and wood cabinetry. For instance, in this modern white setup styled by Kristina Lynne, a bank of wood cabinets — in concert with matching open shelving, barstools, and flooring — inject warmth into the light-filled space. Stainless steel appliances complete the high-end look.

15. Or, stick to wood trim.

If you're not keen on the idea of mixing and matching when it comes to your cabinetry, consider adding wood trim instead. In this Scandi-chic cook space spotted on Plykea, a thin wood reveal stylishly outlines the bank of white cabinets. The thoughtful detail, while decorative, also makes it easy to find the integrated pulls.

16. Contrast with pops of black.

If a top-to-bottom white kitchen doesn't particularly appeal to you, be sure to contrast your white cabinets with an accent color. For instance, Brittany of The House That Lars Built gave her culinary space a bit of edge by incorporating black accents like window trim and appliances.

17. Choose an island in a different hue.

Having trouble deciding on one cabinet color? Or perhaps you're a little nervous to paint your entire space green? Not to worry, because we have the perfect solution. Follow the lead of Casey from The DIY Playbook and stick with white cabinets, until it comes to the kitchen island. She went with a muted powder blue shade on both the island and the adjacent wall to add a bit of distinction to her cook space without going overboard.

18. Invest in white appliances.

Maybe you're dreaming about a completely cohesive look for your kitchen design. In that case, you'll definitely want to invest in simply white appliances to match your white cabinets — it's a seamless approach that Clark + Aldine embraced for this culinary makeover.

19. Make it farmhouse.

White cabinets and farmhouse style are a timeless pairing, making it that much easier to really lean into the aesthetic. In this kitchen, Cathy and Garrett of The Grit and Polish started with white cabinets, and then partnered them with an apron front sink, white shiplap-covered walls, old-school light fixtures, antique oil paintings, and charming brass cup pulls to complete the country-inspired design.

20. Be bold with your backsplash.

White cabinets are traditional in feel, but they can also act as a quiet backdrop if you want to take bold risks elsewhere in the kitchen. Justina Blakeney chose white cabinets for her small space, and then paired them with a decadent emerald green backsplash. The wood shelves enrich the color palette and present the perfect opportunity to display verdant foliage.

21. Punctuate with black hardware.

The quickest and easiest way to add a bit of contrast amid a sea of white cabinets is to simply install black pulls. Jen of City Farmhouse clearly got the memo, and the result is timeless.

22. Consider a beige backsplash.

Sure, you can go with bright-white cabinets for your kitchen, but to push the envelope ever so slightly, pair them with a beige backsplash for a little added interest. Michaela Noelle proves just how gorgeous this partnership can look in this cook space.

23. Top off with dark countertops.

One of our absolute favorite white cabinet ideas is definitely to pair them with dark countertops. Take this dreamy scene by Kitchen & Beyond; the cabinetry is nice and all, but it's the rich greenish-brown stone that definitely caught our attention. Well, that and the ridiculously beautiful herringbone wood flooring. Swoon!

24. Dress up the floors.

The beauty of white cabinetry is that it allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to selecting a floor tile, since it acts as an ideal backdrop. Consider something brave, like a floral pattern or a midcentury motif, as seen in this kitchen designed by Sarah of Room for Tuesday.

25. Surround your cabinetry with boho decor.

White cabinets don't ​always​ denote farmhouse charm or modern style. In fact, they look quite nice when placed alongside boho decor, too. In this kitchen crafted by Brooke of Nesting with Grace, warm, natural wood finishes, green plants, and woven light fixtures look right at home.



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