Seriously, Light Wood Kitchen Floors Go With Pretty Much Everything

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When it comes to kitchen flooring ideas, light hardwood floors are like a crisp white tee: timeless and neutral, they go with everything, and instantly make any space look bright, open, and serene. With light wood floors as the backdrop, you can choose whatever design style and palette you please: quiet and subtle, minimalist black and white, or totally eccentric.


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Don't believe that light wood kitchen floors are the most versatile option out there? We've got eight design ideas that prove it.

1. Layer in dark accents.

What goes well with light wood kitchen floors? Dark, black accents to add a little depth and intrigue. Think pendant lights, window frames, and counter stools, as seen in this cook space designed by Chango & Co.


2. Pair with pale colors.

Give your culinary headquarters a quiet, subdued feel by pairing light wood kitchen floors with pale walls and cabinetry. P.S. We don't mean all-white. For a look that's particularly of the moment, follow the lead of this space by Nordiska Kök and go monochrome with a light, moody gray in two slightly different hues (one for the cabinets, one for the walls) and bleached floors.


3. Don't go too dark with counters.

We're all for the contrast that dark countertops — like the soapstone surfaces seen in this design by Studio McGee — add to a space with light wood kitchen floors. But if it's an airy, open look you're going for, consider sticking to light- and mid-toned countertop materials, like a nicely veined marble or slate-gray engineered quartz.


4. Define your space with rugs.

Because they're so neutral, light wood kitchen floors in a super-light finish are a perfect match for rugs, especially if you have an area that you want to set apart (like an eating nook in an open kitchen). And you don't need to worry about the rug you choose clashing with the tones in the floor, or the whole look getting too busy. We told you. Light wood floors go with everything.


5. Add a touch of farmhouse style.

A farmhouse sink goes great with light wood kitchen floors — it leans into farmhouse style just a little, but isn't too rustic. Here, in a kitchen by Alison Pickart, it's balanced out by marble countertops and some very charming French cafe-style bar stools.


6. Use as a unifier.

To make the kitchen feel unified with the living room or dining room in an open floor plan, lay light wood floors the long way throughout your space: It'll make the big, open room feel cohesive and tied-together, as seen in this space designed by Dichotomy Interiors.


7. Tuck in light wood accents.

Yes, we love light wood as kitchen flooring, so why not take it a step further? For a put-together look, incorporate a few details in the same shade of wood, rather than introducing a bunch of new finishes. In this bright, white culinary space, hints of pale wood appear in the upper cabinets, floating wood shelves, ceiling beam, and counter stools.


8. Draw a straight line.

Modern more your style? Light wood kitchen floors can easily lean more contemporary than charming with streamlined cabinetry, clean lines, and minimal clutter. Let Heidi Lachapelle show you how it's done.

9. Brighten small spaces.

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Working with a tiny, tight kitchen, or one that's a little short on natural light? Light wood kitchen floors could be the answer. By opting for light rather than dark flooring, the room will feel more open and airy instead of closed-in.

10. Go bold elsewhere.

With light wood floors and cabinets — and simple white walls — as a backdrop, you can afford to go a little bolder elsewhere in the kitchen. We love the way Emily Henderson paired light wood floors with a dramatic black island and a minimalist pendant for a rustic yet beautifully modern statement.