Our Editorial Director's 10 Favorite Things in Her Newly Renovated Kitchen

White kitchen with skylight and island
credit: Stephen Paul

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I recently renovated my kitchen, and now it's that place that brings me daily joy. When my family and I are all home together, it's the epicenter that we all gravitate toward. So, of course, I love that. I also love the pieces we've chosen that make the room feel just right. Below, take a look at 10 of my favorite kitchen items.

Ceramic saltcellar, utensil holder, and spoon rest
credit: Stephen Paul

If there is one must-have for me in the kitchen, it's salt. (Salt, lemons, and olive oil are my holy kitchen trifecta.) And there is something about saltcellars that I just adore. This one is earthy and artisan. Place it right by your stove for when you need a pinch of salt … in a pinch.

Also featured: The teardrop plate, which I use as a spoon rest, is by Kiyomi Koide, and the speckled stoneware pot is by RachaelPots.

IKEA Gradvis Plant pot and wood cutting boards
credit: Stephen Paul

It looks way more expensive than it actually is. And the pink color is just delightful and complements a green plant perfectly. I also bought the larger size (a whopping $5.99) in the gray color that I've placed on a higher shelf.

Also featured: You can find the geometric Caribe wood tray and the black marble serving board at The Citizenry, and the Asymmetric cutting board is by Campover.

Room & Board Orikata Acorn Pendant Lights
credit: Stephen Paul

The organic quality to these origami-inspired pendants is what drew me to them. Throughout the shade are little stitches and folds, which allow the light to glow through. And the brass base is a nice metallic addition in the kitchen, no matter if your other hardware is chrome or black or brass. I say, mix it up!

Chilewich Striped Shag Indoor & Outdoor Mat
credit: Stephen Paul

I bought the utility mat and ended up placing it in front of my kitchen sink almost by accident (I originally intended it for another spot in my home). But, it's a happy accident because my family loves to stand on it while (not loving) doing the dishes. Plus, it protects our floor from wear and tear in that oft-used spot.

Ceramic mugs on open shelf
credit: Stephen Paul

No kitchen is complete without some beautiful, handcrafted mugs. These cacao cups (as seen stacked upon each other in this photo) are slightly heavy with a black matte finish and feel like a dream in my hands. Crafted in Mexico, they are perfect for coffee, tea, or hot cocoa — but I also serve up ice cream or yogurt with berries in these for my kids. They totally appreciate the presentation.

Also featured: Plates are from the Dansk Kallan dinnerware collection, and the speckled Hokkori mugs are by Kiyomi Koide.

Lazy Susan with saltcellars and olive oil
credit: Stephen Paul

Even before my kitchen was finished being renovated, I knew one of the first things I wanted to purchase was this Lazy Susan. I keep it next to my stove, holding my beloved salts and olive oils — and a quick spin gets me exactly what I need while cooking.

Also featured: Love those saltcellars? Me too. The black ceramic cellar is by Ryan Mckerley, and the blue/green holder is by Studio Arhoj.

Breville Nespresso Creatista Espresso Machine
credit: Stephen Paul

According to some people (my accountant), I spend a lot of money on coffee. So, when we redid our kitchen, I made a commitment to curb my coffee/latte/cappuccino buying, if I could get a nice coffee/espresso machine. Enter this little beauty, and now I feel like I have my own barista bar. It's totally worth it.

Also featured: Stackable bodega glasses by Bormioli Rocco — I recommend the full set! — and the 4-slice toaster is by Cuisinart.

Lazy Susan with olive oils and pepper mill
credit: Stephen Paul

I spy with my little eye ... a brass pepper grinder that I can't live without. (Look closely. He's right there in the middle. Small, but oh-so-mighty.)

Also featured: Eleton's Planet Glass oil decanter and cruet and similar wood pepper mill.

Natural woven baskets holding coffee beans in cabinet
credit: Stephen Paul

These simple baskets play a big role in my cabinets as they keep everything neat and organized. I use one for all my coffee needs (beans, filters, measuring spoons), one for spices, one for vitamins, and one for miscellaneous cooking items. When I open my cabinets, everything just looks nice.

10. Cookbooks

Cookbooks on an open shelf
credit: Stephen Paul

I'm obsessed with cookbooks as just basic reading material — the recipes! The photos! Just heaven. Some of my current faves getting prime real estate on my shelf:

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman, Hunker’s editorial director, caught the California boho minimalist bug. So, she bought a cream-colored couch. And she also lives with two kids and two dogs, so we’ll see how that decision pans out.