Is This Our Place Essential Worth the Hype?

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When it comes to the kitchen and cookware brand Our Place, the iconic Always Pan might come to mind, but there are even more must-have kitchen essentials in its lineup. In addition to the Perfect Pot and the Knife Trio, Our Place's Drinking Glasses are among the fan favorites. I swapped out my go-to water bottle for the glasses in green, and after using them almost daily for months, here's my honest review.


(While I did receive the Drinking Glasses as a gift from the brand, all of the following thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced by Our Place, in any way.)

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Everything You Need to Know About Our Place Drinking Glasses

The drinking glasses were first introduced to the Our Place family with the launch of the Dinner for Four set, which is a kitchen starter kit with four glasses, four porcelain plates, four nesting bowls, and the Always Pan. Now, you can get the dishwasher-safe glasses in sets of four and eight (ranging from $50 to $90) in six colorways: a nude Dusk, pink Sunrise, blue Twilight, green Dawn, burnt orange Sunset, and classic Clear. You can also get the glasses in three different color combos that mix and match each hue.

Each 12-ounce glass stands at 3.8 inches tall and is easily stackable, making them perfect for small shelving. Handcrafted by expert glassblowers outside of Bangkok, Thailand, each glass is inspected by 10 different artisans and team members to ensure each piece is made to perfection.

"Our hand-blown and pressed drinking glasses are designed for greater ease and joy in the kitchen and home," Our Place Director of Product Development & Merchandising Laura Bianchi tells Hunker. "They are also sustainably made in part from recycled glass and packaged in fully biodegradable materials designed to minimize waste. And they are absolutely gorgeous — naturally tinted with elements from the earth in six beautiful colors that will dazzle your table."


Are Our Place Drinking Glasses Good for Everyday Use?

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The drinking glasses are designed to be versatile — for everything from sipping wine to eating dessert — and I can confirm that they certainly are. I've used them for iced coffee in the morning, a cocktail in the evening (my favorite is anything made with Haus, especially the pomegranate rosemary flavor), and for ice cream with homemade peach compote (highly recommend). But I use them most for drinking water throughout the day.



Prior to getting the glasses, I would use what some may call an emotional support water bottle to get my daily water intake. But in an attempt to feel like I had my life together while I work from home (and handwash fewer dishes), I opted for a water carafe — I got mine from IKEA — and the Our Place Drinking Glasses. Between picking out the glasses in my favorite color green and using a reusing water carafe I've had for years, the combo genuinely makes staying hydrated feel like less of a chore and more of an enjoyable experience.


On top of looking beautiful on my desk and bedside table, they're also lightweight, durable, and great for small shelving. With some drinking glasses, they can start looking rough with scratches on the bottom, but mine look as good as the day they came out of the box in December.

Are Our Place Drinking Glasses Worth It?

If you're looking for versatile drinking glasses in chic colors, the Our Place Drinking Glasses are worth the purchase. They're perfect for everyday use or for cocktails during special occasions, plus they're stackable and easy to clean.


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