How to Make White Kitchen Floor Tiles Work With Any Budget

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Stark homes with white kitchen floor tiles are nothing new. You see the all-white cabinetry, white paint, and white backsplashes in all kinds of kitchens. It doesn't matter if they're farmhouse, industrial, midcentury modern, or traditional. Some people tend to be afraid of those pristine floor tiles, though. Why is that?


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They believe a dark kitchen floor helps the white cabinets stand out more. Other people find the crisply-colored flooring impossible to keep clean. For the right home and homeowners, though, white kitchen floor tiles can have a major impact. They can instantly create a Scandinavian feel, for example. And the color reflects light, making small spaces feel much bigger.

With all that said, white floors do require work. You will see all of the dirt. Consequently, they require daily cleaning and maintenance or a Roomba!

Here are eight kitchens with white floor tiles that will make the extra work worth it, though.

1. Wait, are those white marble kitchen tiles?

Great question! This Pittsburgh kitchen renovation took just six days, and the before and after is truly stunning. The renovating pros, Chris and Julia, considered dark floors to complement the white kitchen backsplash and gray kitchen cabinets. Eventually, though, they went with white kitchen floor tiles that seem luxe for a fraction of the cost.

2. Embrace the timelessness of hex.

The 2-inch white hex floor tile in this Seattle, WA, renovation is from Lowe's, and it works hard to meet two of the homeowner's primary goals. It brightens the space but also makes everything feel a bit older, in honor of the home's history. Meanwhile, the concrete kitchen counters give the space some modern edge. What an incredible way to modernize a classic Craftsman kitchen.


3. Keep it kid-friendly.

White kitchen floor tiles don't have to feel stuffy and adult-like. The crisp yet welcoming feel of this cooking area comes, in part, from the large white ceramic floor tile in this Affecting Spaces design. Moreover, the chic galley kitchen is truly multifunctional. There's space to eat, work, draw, and cook! Chalkboard paint keeps it fun and accessible.

4. Double down on the midcentury vibes.

The white kitchen floor tile in this lovingly restored Eichler in Palm Springs, CA, feels absolutely period-appropriate. In fact, midcentury modern kitchens are all about sleek lines and warm wood. Just look at the wood island. But the addition of muted flooring keeps the design feeling light and bright.

5. Don't be afraid to paint.

White kitchen floor tiles often look dramatic and expensive. But they don't have to break the bank. Take this stunning room from Whitney Ross's Australian home reno. Removing the kitchen tile would have been tedious and time-consuming. So Ross decided to paint the existing, super-dated floor tiles with white epoxy floor paint. The area rug in the kitchen gives the project an upscale, vintage-modern feel.


6. Go two shades darker.

Staci Meyers, of S|A|M Interiors, selected a larger floor tile that looks and feels like concrete for this midcentury kitchen reno in Detroit. She noted, "When choosing a flooring for a kitchen you should always make sure to go at least two shades lighter or darker to make the cabinetry pop. In the case of this kitchen, the flooring is just enough of a contrast to [create] a clean minimal look appropriate for this modern design." And as always, black, white, and wood work perfectly in the kitchen.

7. Use white kitchen floor tiles to add interest and texture.

All-white kitchens need some kind of variation to keep things interesting. In this more traditional Toronto prep zone, creamy white kitchen cabinets shine. And the luxe marble backsplash combined with the diamond floor tiles adds yet another layer of texture and interest.

8. Go with a muted base.

You can also flip the script and choose white kitchen floor tiles that almost recede into the background. The white porcelain floor tiles in this Port Moody, Vancouver transitional kitchen by Simply Home Decorating create a nice muted base for the other refined textures and details.