10 Wood Kitchen Island Ideas With Undeniable Charm

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As one of the most common materials for kitchen islands, wood is a versatile choice that works well in both traditional and contemporary spaces. It's also ideal not only for the body of the island, but also for countertops (hello, butcher block). If you're doing a reno, check out these chic rooms that use a wood kitchen island in super chic ways.


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1. Light Wood

Keep things light and airy by using a pale wood like pine or ash, as in this space by Amber Thrane. We love how this wood back panel looks on the island in this contemporary cook space.


2. Dark Wood

You could also go for a big contrast with a dark stained wood island, like in this chic space by Amy Sklar Design.


3. Cherry Wood

Though you might expect cherry wood to be more at home in a traditional-style kitchen, it can actually work well in a monochromatic modern one, too.


4. Patterned Wood

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Make your wood kitchen island the focal point by using wood patterns, like the stunning herringbone shown here.


5. Traditional Style

Traditional kitchens often have warmer tones. They can use a darker wood, like the one shown here, medium wood, or reddish wood. Whatever you choose, it's a timeless look.


6. Contemporary Style

Combine a wood kitchen island with a white marble countertop for a contemporary look, like in this cook space by Dichotomy Interiors.


7. Rustic Style

Image Credit: Describe the Fauna/Renee Rodenkirchen
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Wood can also be used in a more rustic chic style that recalls the French or English countryside. It's also a great choice for a modern farmhouse vibe.


8. Retro Style

Use tasteful wood paneling in conjunction with midcentury modern elements like hexagonal tile backsplashes for a retro kitchen look.

9. Wood Top

While wood counters do require a fair bit of maintenance as compared to stone counters, they are quite beautiful and add a touch of rustic flair.

10. Island With Storage

Kitchen islands are a great way to add extra storage space without disrupting your decor style. We love the look of this wood island in this arrangement by Chango & Co.