21 Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Add Drama to Your Cook Space

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Kitchen cabinet trends, from modern farmhouse to industrial styles, have been all-white or light-colored for what feels like decades. Quartz countertops, white IKEA cabinetry, subway tile, light wood floors ... the list goes on. Sure, there's a lot to love about the pristine, airy look, but it also has its fair share of downsides, too (like the number of hours spent cleaning because white shows every speck of dirt).


Enter dark wood kitchen cabinets. Ranging from rich, natural wood finishes to dramatic paint colors, the bold choice will instantly make any space feel more sophisticated. And in the case of a rustic or industrial style kitchen, cabinetry flaunting a deep shade will add a little something extra to the decor scheme. Black cabinets are super luxe and just as stunning in an open loft as they are in a cozy cabin. Navy or purple cupboards, on the other hand, can add surprising depth to a simple kitchen remodel.

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Ready to embrace the dark side? Here are 21 cabinet ideas that will inspire you to take the plunge.

1. Black Cabinets With Light Tile

Say goodbye to the all-white kitchen trend, and try some inky cabinets with white walls and flooring instead. The combo works best in culinary spaces that are blessed with natural light — and the finished look is oh-so-chic. Top your island with a wood counter to inject a little warmth, as demonstrated in this beautiful design from I Spy DIY.


2. Navy Blue Cabinets With Shiplap

Designed by Raili Clasen, this beach-house-meets-farmhouse kitchen is a sight for sore eyes. The simple white space is transformed into a modern masterpiece thanks to the combination of rich navy blue cabinetry, brass fixtures, and rustic details. The high ceilings and white shiplap walls keep things lofty, while the dark lower cabinets and island ground the space beautifully. That white waterfall countertop doesn't hurt either.


3. Blue Kitchen Island Cabinets

Tempted by the dark cabinet look but uncertain if you're ready to put it ​everywhere​? Update your kitchen island first. The blue-gray shade in this space created by Hibou Design Co. accents the almost all-white kitchen gorgeously without overwhelming it completely.



4. Rich Natural Wood Cabinets With Black Accents

Floor-to-ceiling millwork is a luxe look no matter what color your cabinets are. But when done in a dark wood finish along with concrete flooring and sleek black accents, like the open kitchen and dining area of Emily Henderson's best friend, the result is an unexpectedly glam look.


5. Dark Blue Cabinets and Farmhouse Style

If you adore modern farmhouse style, then you're going to love this kitchen designed by Jean Stoffer. In this culinary space, she pairs brass fixtures and rustic details with navy blue cabinets to give the design an edge without losing any of its warm country charm.


6. Two-Tone White and Black Cabinets

Replacing dated cabinets can be expensive. It's much cheaper to paint them, even if you hire someone to do the job. But don't just take our word for it: Aniko from Place of My Taste gave her existing IKEA cabinetry a fresh coat of ebony paint to transform her kitchen into a super stylish space.



7. Dark Gray Cabinets and Stainless Steel

Try something totally modern when you give your kitchen a makeover — pair dark gray cabinetry with stainless steel accents and appliances. The monochromatic look, employed by Erica from Honestly WTF, is sophisticated and refreshing. And we can all agree the result is definitely Pinterest-worthy.


8. Forest Green Cabinets and Marble

Sure, gorgeous natural stone countertops look great no matter what color cabinetry they're paired with. But there's something about a decadent shade of forest green that really accentuates the material, especially if the stone has gold or brown veining. This kitchen designed by Elizabeth Roberts is an exquisite example.


9. Dark Wood Cabinets With White Countertops

Say you do love that all-white look, but you want your kitchen design to feel balanced and not blah. Try dark wood kitchen cabinets on the bottom and white countertops and open shelving up top, as shown in this sun-filled cook space belonging to Molly from Almost Makes Perfect. We have a hunch that this idea will withstand the test of time and trends.


10. Dark Wood Cabinets With Black Tile

Classic doesn't have to mean stodgy, boring, or basic. Rich wood cabinets, like the ones in this kitchen designed by Layne Kula, invoke a warm and timeless vibe. But pairing them with a matching black backsplash and floor tile takes this look to the next level. It proves that dark wood and the color black is an endlessly sophisticated combination.

11. Dark Blue Cabinets With a Complementary Rug

Follow Britt Interiors' lead and coordinate the look of your dark cabinets with the kitchen rug to make the bold color pop even more. There's something about combining deep contrasting hues, like rust and navy, that just feels right. We especially love how the upper cabinets and backsplash are kept white so all eyes are focused on the dramatic lower half.

12. Matte Gray Cabinets

A classic tuxedo-style kitchen usually means white upper and black lower cabinets. But using a matte gray paint, like the shade showcased in this design by Grant Gibson, is a fresh twist on the trend. The look is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to go too dark with their palette. The white subway tile backsplash with open shelving, marble counters, and brass fixtures all stand out beautifully against the charcoal backdrop. Follow the lead of this setup and display dishes in similar tones to tie the whole scheme together.


13. Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

Attention homeowners aching for that vintage feel: Many antique stores or salvage yards have old, unwanted cabinetry made from reclaimed wood just waiting for their chance at a new life. With a little elbow grease and TLC, you can refurbish them yourself. Use a dark stain on the wood and you too can have a chic, rustic cook space like this Denmark-based beauty. The well-worn brick flooring and plaster wall finish don't hurt either.

14. Cherry Wood Cabinets

Cherry wood cabinets have been a staple in kitchen design for years, mainly because they are built to last. And while they can look dated, replacing cherry cabinetry can be way too costly. One way to give them a glow-up is to update the countertops and/or the backsplash. For instance, the modern white surface in this culinary space instantly makes those dark cabinets feel brand new.

15. Black Cabinets and Brass Hardware

If you're dreaming of black cabinets, nothing will make them shine more than pairing them with brass accents — from the hardware to the faucet to the light fixtures. This gorgeous design by Studio McGee proves our point and then some. The black and brass color scheme feels traditional and on-trend all at once.

16. Black Cabinets With Open Shelving

If your kitchen is pint-sized, opt for black lower cabinets and open shelving up top. This approach will make your spatially challenged cook space look and feel more open and, not to mention, it will distract from the lack of square footage. Consider investing in matching cabinet hardware so the pulls won't interrupt the chic design.

17. Muted Green Cabinets With Black Countertops

While black, gray, and navy are all smart color picks for cabinets, a dark green shade, like the mossy hue used by Leanne Ford in this kitchen, really takes the cake. Pair with a black countertop and appliances to continue the dramatic theme. We especially love how those shimmery zellige backsplash tiles add just the right amount of texture to this culinary space.

18. Wood Cabinets and Rustic Style

Nothing brings on the rustic charm in a cottage or cabin design like hickory wood cabinets with a dark finish. Embracing the natural imperfections of the material increases the cozy factor even more. While this cook space may nod to a different era, it still feels fresh thanks to modern touches like white open shelves and stainless steel appliances.

19. Black Cabinets and Industrial Style

If it isn't clear by now, black cabinets look stunning with every design style. However, we think they look especially good in industrial spaces. In this minimally appointed setup, the ebony cabinetry punctuates the lofty space, visually separating the kitchen from the surrounding areas. Stainless steel counters and wood flooring complete the edgy scheme.

20. Dark Wood Cabinets and Midcentury Style

If midcentury modern is more your thing, then wood cabinets stained in a dark tone are definitely worth considering. The look transcends trends and will pair beautifully with wood or slate flooring, as seen here. Add even more warmth and texture with wood shelving and a patterned tile backsplash.

21. Rich Red Cabinets

When considering dark colors for your kitchen cabinets, don't overlook red. While the bold choice may not be at the top of your list, it might just surprise you. This stunning English country design by deVOL demonstrates how well the hue can work, but keep in mind that dark shades of red will look equally chic in modern settings, too. Combine the hue with neutral materials, such as black countertops and an earthy brick backsplash, to balance out the warmth.