25 Navy Blue Kitchen Paint Colors and Ideas Worth Trying

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Gone are the days of bland, basic kitchens with no personalities. Today, in the world of culinary design, many homeowners are beginning to embrace this philosophy: the more color, the better. It's especially when the palette has been carefully selected and really pops. We, for one, are partial to blue kitchens. Navy blue, in particular, has an amazing ability to still be considered a neutral even though it's a dark shade that brings loads of depth and character wherever it goes. So it probably comes as no surprise that the moody hue is undoubtedly in style at the moment.


If you currently have an all-white or beige cook space, never fear. There's one easy-peasy way to incorporate this all-time favorite color into your culinary remodel: paint. Luckily, there are ​a lot​ of different shades of blue paint out there — and we mean a lot. But we've done the legwork for you by hunting down some of the prettiest navy blue kitchen makeovers in an effort to answer the burning question: What paint color did they use?

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You might also be wondering: What colors go with navy blue? Since it's a pretty dramatic shade, there are certain hues that mesh better with it than others. For example, choosing another saturated color, like orange or bright green, wouldn't look the best with navy. Instead, it's better to opt for neutrals. Similarly, there are certain countertop materials that partner well with navy blue. Wood countertops will lend warmth, but white countertops — such as marble, quartz, or even laminate — are the true home run since they create nice juxtaposition and eye-catching contrast.


We know, we know ... the suspense is killing you, so scroll on for helpful design ideas and some of the best navy blue kitchen paint colors on the market.

1. Benjamin Moore Midnight Blue

Although any metal finish would work well with navy blue, we love the combination of black and chrome that Shea from Studio McGee went with in this spacious kitchen design. Paired with striking pendant lights, brown leather counter stools, and wood throughout — like the accompanying butcher block workspace, beams, and flooring — the kitchen decor feels a tad industrial without losing an ounce of farmhouse charm.


2. Sherwin-Williams Naval

When Garrett and Cathy of The Grit and Polish were considering color ideas for the lower cabinets in their kitchen, they wisely chose a shade that would withstand design trends. The vibrant hue looks perfect when paired with white upper cabinets, creating a two-tone kitchen color scheme that's both airy and classic.



3. Farrow & Ball Ultra Marine Blue

Even though it can certainly go in a traditional direction, a navy kitchen can also be injected with a bit of glam, too. When paired with brass hardware and gleaming white marble countertops, blue cabinets can really shine, as proven by the team at Anne Rae Design who created this small kitchen that's big on luxe elements.


4. Benjamin Moore Blue Note

If you're wary of using a dark color in your kitchen, that's okay — start small and opt to use a dash of navy blue instead of going all out. For instance, in this culinary space, Shea of Studio McGee chose to incorporate the rich shade only on the kitchen island, which is just enough to stand out and act as a focal point.


5. Behr Secret Society

Or, maybe you'd like to go all-in when it comes to using navy blue in your kitchen. In that case, we recommend painting all of the cabinetry, including the kitchen island. The team over at Kirby Kelly Studio nailed the trend in this sophisticated modern design.



6. Sherwin-Williams Cyberspace

Navy blue also fares well with vintage-inspired elements, since it's such a tried-and-true color. In your culinary space, follow the lead of Brittany from Brittany Makes and bring in some throwback flair with a vintage rug, a midcentury-inspired light fixture, and a classic subway tile backsplash.


7. Farrow & Ball Railings

A navy blue kitchen always manages to look chic and elegant, which is further reinforced when the shade is paired with a striking backsplash, open shelving, and countertops all rendered in marble. Athena Calderone of Eyeswoon took the look to the next level by adding brass fixtures and carefully selected pieces of home decor to round out her well-appointed cook space.


8. Diamond at Lowe's in Maritime

We wholeheartedly believe that color can set the mood in any space, and the kitchen is no exception. If you go with a darker hue, like the rich navy blue shade that Sarah of Room for Tuesday picked for her navy blue shaker cabinets, you'll instantly create drama and intrigue. Paired with herringbone wood flooring, the finished result is flawless.


9. Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue

This white kitchen is an excellent example of how beautifully navy blue pairs with the crisp, airy hue. Displaying a navy island with sleek white countertops, white walls, and a stainless steel stove, Jamie and Morgan of Construction2style have expertly executed this color combo.

10. Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh

In this kitchen design belonging to Lisa of VanderHoem, a darker shade of navy is well-balanced with supplementary colors throughout the space. The gray veining in the marble backsplash and the natural wood flooring create a harmonious backdrop, allowing the navy cabinets to take center stage.

11. Dulux Domino

Navy can take a decidedly bygone turn when combined with the right decor. For instance, in this kitchen styled by Lindy of Our Vintage Farm, flea market finds and well-loved wood finishes impart a charming farmhouse vibe.


12. Behr Dark Cobalt Blue

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

For a kitchen cabinet color that isn't quite a true navy, lean toward something a little brighter from certain angles. This modern white and blue cook space toes the line between navy and cobalt, resulting in a vibrant finish.

13. Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

Emily Henderson is a master when it comes to kitchen color, as evidenced by this culinary space. It proves how flawlessly a navy blue bar and cabinets look alongside pieces of midcentury decor, like retro barstools and globe pendant lights.

14. Little Greene Hicks' Blue

Taking a bit of a contemporary turn, these flat panel cabinets in navy chosen by Tiffany of Curate and Display look just right with Scandinavian accents, like abstract, multi-hued artwork, a speckled countertop, and downsized appliances.

15. Sherwin-Williams Outerspace

If navy blue is feeling a little overwhelming for your kitchen, you can always go super-simple. Take a page from this small but stylish setup and build an uncomplicated space around lower navy cabinets. Think: white walls and appliances, wood countertops, hints of greenery, and brass hardware.

16. Sherwin-Williams Salty Dog

Navy blue is a classic hue that will permit you to play with other culinary trends in your kitchen. For example, you could start with a navy island, which is what Tammy of Pink Peppermint Design did in this space, and then introduce lots of on-trend elements — like a herringbone tile backsplash, glass globe pendant lights, and a marble countertop with subtle veining.

17. Sherwin-Williams Long Horizon

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: You can't really go wrong when partnering white and navy cabinet colors. That fact is easily proven thanks to this pretty kitchen design.

18. Fusion Mineral Paint Seaside

Even though a navy blue kitchen is very au courant, that doesn't mean the shade can only be used in contemporary designs. Follow the lead of Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living and give your traditional, square-raised panel cabinets a modern makeover. Pair with stainless steel appliances, minimal pendant lights, and contrasting barstools to complete the timeless scene.

19. Sherwin-Williams Grays Harbor

If you're searching for the perfect color to accompany your navy kitchen, one surefire bet is cognac. Shea of Studio McGee went with leather barstools flaunting the warm hue for this blue cook space, and the contrast is simply beautiful.

20. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Maybe you want to play "peek-a-boo" with a tiny pop of navy in your kitchen. In that case, consider limiting the dramatic shade to the back panel of your island, lending ​just enough​ navy to satisfy your color craving. The team at Stagg Design shows us how it's done, even taking the decorating idea one step further by pairing the decadent hue with a marble waterfall countertop.

21. Behr Cracked Pepper

Is it slate? Is it blue? Sometimes, navy blue hues can trick the eye depending on the lighting and the angle (which is why it's so important to test paint colors in your kitchen before you commit). The inky hue showcased in this culinary space, belonging to Ashley of Bigger Than the Three of Us, is a picture-perfect example of the aforementioned color play.

22. Benjamin Moore Blue Danube

You don't need to worry if your navy blue cabinets will team up well with your appliances. Whether they're white, black, or stainless steel, they will all work, as confirmed by this petite setup.

23. Sherwin-Williams Inkwell

Can black barstools or chairs be paired with an equally dark hue like navy? Yep! That's exactly what Anita Yokota chose to do in this kitchen, and the dark-on-dark vibe is definitely working.

24. Benjamin Moore Nocturnal Gray

Although navy blue is an eye-catching color, that doesn't mean you can't also incorporate other contemporary elements in your kitchen design, too. Rebecca of Studio Plumb partnered these navy cabinets with an artistic, geometric backsplash and on-trend, bohemian open shelving.

25. Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

Painted cabinets aren't the only way to implement navy blue in your culinary headquarters. Continue the color theme for your pantry doors, too, à la this kitchen by Jean Stoffer Design.

What Colors Go With Navy Blue?

A rich color like navy blue works best when matched up with other kitchen colors that complement the hue. Some of our favorites include:

1. White

Whether it's a glossy marble countertop or upper cabinets, white is one of the freshest colors that you can pair with a navy kitchen.

2. Gray

Another neutral, gray is a dreamy match that can be incorporated in a number of different ways. Think wall paint, a tiled backsplash, or even the veining in a marble countertop.

3. Brown

Most often represented by natural wood — in the form of countertops, cabinets, flooring, ceiling beams, and decor — rich brown accents pair beautifully with navy cabinets.

4. Black

For something on the unexpected side that serves up major drama, think about including pops of black in your navy kitchen with the help of appliances, hardware, lighting, faucets, or even the grout for your backsplash.



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