12 Colors That Go With Navy Blue

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Cool, calming, and oh-so-complementary, the color blue is truly unique. It's not too vibrant, yet it always manages to stand out regardless of the shade. From dining rooms to bedrooms to offices to kitchens, when it comes to decorating with the popular hue, no area of the house is off-limits — its versatility is just one of the many aspects that earmark it as a timeless classic. And while there are more shades of blue than we could ever count, there's something captivating about a bold navy and the way it commands attention with effortless ease.


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Deciding to go with a dramatic shade is one thing, but pairing it with another is a different story. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a handy interior design guide that listed all of the colors that go with navy blue? Well, you're in luck! Scroll ahead for our top 12 picks worth considering when selecting your palette.

1. Burnt Orange

When two deep shades combine in one space, the result is a moody color scheme with a luxe finish that eliminates the need for much else on the decor front. However, if you are a maximalist at heart, allow this chic living room from Sarisa Munoz of Indigo Leopard Home to serve as your guide. While the blue walls establish a rich backdrop, the burnt orange sofa adds to the intensity. An aqua accent chair shaped like a hand, a checkered area rug, an assortment of mirrors, and a handful of potted plants complement the color combination while adding a little something extra to complete the eclectic scene.


2. Stark White

When it comes to colors that go with navy blue, white is as high-contrast and classic as it gets. While the pairing may typically be seen in the form of white walls and navy blue cabinetry, we're all for switching things up like Chango & Co. did in this powder room with a white vanity cabinet and wallpaper showcasing a navy and sky blue pattern.


3. Sky Blue and Green

And speaking of powder rooms, this tropical design by Zoe Feldman is another picture-perfect example of how to use navy blue in a small space. Here, a graphic palm wallpaper print in a soothing shade of light blue and forest green fits right in with the bold blue baseboards, window trim, and wall sconce. The greenery on the print allows the base color to pop while the lustrous brass fixtures tie it all together.


4. Earth Tones

Adopting a navy blue color palette means balancing it out with a steady flow of earthy neutrals. Take for example this tiny workstation from Raili CA Design, where light wood finishes, warm leather, and verdant greenery bring out the essence of the backdrop. The shiplap wall paneling and woven desk chair add visual texture with a subtle hint of contrast.


5. Vibrant Red

Embrace a modern Hollywood glam scheme by pairing floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes in navy with an unapologetic splash of red. The lacquered credenza in this swanky hideaway is cleverly positioned aside the plush curtains for the ultimate impact. The all-white room acts as a buffer between the two dramatic shades, preventing the combo from feeling overly saturated.


6. Cheerful Yellow

This living room makeover by Dabito from Old Brand New is a fresh take on navy with its cheerful yellow accents and dramatic boho flair. Not only is it a complementary color, but it also offers a striking dose of contrast you'd be hard-pressed to achieve with white or any other neutral. Navy-painted walls with pops of yellow introduced by way of a gallery wall, small chandelier, and an area rug are all you really need to recreate this stunning vignette.


7. Deep Purple

Among the many colors that go with navy blue, purple may not always be top of mind, but we urge you to reconsider. Establishing a balance between the two shades is key when integrating them into any space. Follow the lead of this drama-filled bedroom by Allison Crawford Design and put the powerful duo to work with the help of dark navy curtains and an eggplant wall color. Use warmer elements, such as light wood flooring and neutral bedding, to temper the intensity of the color combo.


8. Soft Gray

When it comes down to truly timeless color ideas, few come close to navy and gray. To make the most of this combo, ensure that both shades feature cool undertones — that way, you'll end up with an impactful yet understated finish. The den in this Westport home designed by Chango & Co. is a prime example of how well the two can coexist.

9. Emerald Green

Blues and greens never fail to please and the bolder you go, the more of an impact the color pairing will make. In this formal sitting room by Studio McGee, the emerald green sofa acts as the perfect supporting cast for the navy board and batten accent wall. The framed piece of abstract art ties the whole look together.

10. Blush Pink

If you're looking for a creative way to experiment with the bold hue, try color blocking. In this playful, two-tone setup spotted on IKEA, blush pink and decadent blue infuse a fun splash of color while simultaneously resulting in a stylish design moment.

11. Gold

When it comes to home decor, you can't go wrong with gold and navy. The two make a perfect pair and there are a whole host of ways to rock the look in your own home. For example, we love the minimalist scene spotted in this Prague apartment, complete with a dark blue velvet sofa surrounded by accents flaunting a gold finish. And if you really want to kick things up a notch, throw in herringbone wood flooring, too. Swoon!

12. Beige

The patterned wallpaper spotted in a bedroom of this Silver Lake home takes an otherwise pared-back space and transforms it into a color-fueled oasis. The moments of navy found in the print pop off the beige backdrop, subtly contrasting the stark white details spotted throughout the cozy refuge.