14 Colors That Go With Blue and Green

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Blue and green. Two cool colors that tend to make a big statement no matter where you use them. Blue evokes calmness and tranquility without being too solemn, while green inspires a feeling of renewal. As analogous colors that are on the same side of the color wheel, green and blue pair swimmingly together. But what other shades can you pair with the combo? And how do you incorporate all of them in one space?


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In order to use both hues without covering the walls, Grace Brackman, interior designer at Maggie Griffin Design, likes to play with furniture colors, especially in a neutral space. "Upholstery is one of my favorite ways to incorporate color in a room," she says. "A sage green or powder blue velvet sofa looks so fresh and crisp in a white room." Andi Morse, the founder of Morse Design, recommends using a wallpaper that incorporates both colors to tie the space together. "Using lighting with gold accents allows any blues and greens to pop even more," Morse adds.


Need a little more inspiration before you try out the look in your own home? You're not alone. Scroll on for some of our favorite blue-green color combos.

14 Colors That Go With Blue and Green

1. Blue, Green, and Orange

This vibrant bedroom belonging to Megan Zietz of TFDiaries is a study in how to combine blue and green in style. A navy blue bed frame is layered with linens and pillows flaunting shades of teal, green, and orange. The persimmon hue adds just enough warmth to balance the cooler colors, while simultaneously matching the saturation. The dark blue-green wall paint amps up the drama and ties the whole scheme together.


2. Blue, Green, and White

White walls create a blank canvas for shades of green and blue to come out and play. In this bedroom, the lime green and turquoise bedding pop just enough against the crisp ivory backdrop without being overly bright. Plus, black accents such as the bed frame, stool, window trim, and lighting make the space feel grounded and a bit edgy.


3. Blue, Green, and Pink

This powder room from Zoë Feldman is a color lover's dream. For starters, the mint green sink is just too cute for words, but the blue and pink patterned wallpaper is the icing on the cake. One look and you are instantly transported to a magical world of color. The brass fixtures add the perfect amount of sparkle. Note: One of the easiest ways to experiment with color is to pull in a funky wallpaper with multiple hues.


4. Blue, Green, and Brown

At first glance, you could easily miss the fact that there is a third color in this sophisticated blue and green living room by Studio McGee. That's the beauty of using a neutral shade like brown as an accent — it quietly fades into the background. Here, the stars of the show are a navy blue wall, complete with board and batten paneling, and a velvet green sofa. That doesn't mean, however, that the cognac-colored side chairs don't play an important role. They provide a welcome dose of warmth and contrast.


5. Blue, Green, and Black

The low-profile, blue sectional sofa in this living room by Decus Interiors is a delightful complement to the oversize abstract artwork hanging on the wall. The statement piece showcases blue ribbons in various shades on top of a green background. Although the rest of the space is rather neutral, a few pieces of sleek black decor punctuate the modern scheme.


6. Blue, Green, and Purple

Jewel-toned interiors tend to feel very moody and oh-so-luxurious as proven by this saturated living room from Anne Roselt Design. The dark purple couch and matching curtains look picture-perfect alongside teal walls and a royal blue rug. Lush foliage and a few accessories lend a touch of green to the mix that feels right on time.


7. Blue, Green, and Greige

The greige walls in this coastal living room allow the more vibrant shades of blue and green to stand out. A collection of vibrant accent pillows, throws, vases, artwork, and plants provide all the color this cozy setup needs. It's a quick and easy way to brighten up an otherwise neutral room.

8. Blue, Green, and Coral

Sometimes more is more as seen in this maximalist living room designed by Cynthia Ferguson. Layering is the name of the game, and it all begins with the cerulean wall color. Next up are the green and white curtains, which lead to the coral ceiling. Various pieces of home decor — flaunting various shades of blue, green, and coral — are sprinkled throughout, tying the whole scheme together beautifully.

9. Blue, Green, and Cream

Isn't this just the sweetest bedroom you ever did see? The team over at Kate Marker Interiors paired a pastel blue dappled wallpaper pattern, built-in shelving flaunting mint green paint color, and a cream canopy bed resulting in a light and airy scheme that's guaranteed to foster sweet dreams. The white chandelier blends in with the ceiling while the beige area rug adds texture, warmth, and a soft landing pad when you get out of bed in the morning.

10. Blue, Green, and Gray

Behind the eye-catching triptych in this industrial bedroom, lies a seemingly concrete accent wall. Blue and green throw pillows — accompanied by a striped navy blanket — play off of the undertones of the gray hue and inject a welcome dose of color into the otherwise monochromatic space.

11. Blue, Green, and Red

Unique color pairings — like red and green or blue and red — while tricky to work with, can result in statement-making interiors (and not just because they are commonly associated with holidays such as Christmas and the Fourth of July, respectively). For example, in this Wes Anderson-inspired hotel room, Luke Edward Hall went all in on color by pairing red, green, ​and​ blue. It just goes to show that in the world of design, sometimes it pays to take risks.

12. Blue, Green, and Chartreuse

The yellow-green hue commonly known as chartreuse pairs beautifully with jewel-toned greens and blues, as evidenced by the sofa in this living room belonging to Lowri of @11_rose_cottage. The brass sunburst mirror and golden sunflowers add additional warmth, while the verdant plants deepen the cool color scheme.

13. Blue, Green, and Tan

Looking for a subdued way to rock a blue and green color palette? Follow the lead of this inviting bedroom and opt for muted tones like the olive green duvet. Throw in a warm neutral like tan and voilà! Now you have an earthy scheme that not only looks good but is perfectly calming.

14. Blue, Green, and Ochre

The color ochre falls somewhere between mustard yellow and brown, and it just so happens to pair incredibly well with cool shades such as blue and green. For example, this living room design by Hommeboys features a pair of ochre lounge chairs facing off with a navy blue sofa. Forest green curtains and lush foliage complete the colorful scene.

The Best Colors to Pair With Blue and Green

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Although green and blues nearly always look good together, deciding to pull in other colors can be a bit challenging. First, you need to make sure the third hue complements both the blue and green tones in the room. Then, you need to consider how you'll tie in the accent shade. A big piece of furniture? Funky wallpaper? Or a minimalist tile? No matter which route you choose, a piece of decor that combines two or more of the colors in your scheme will make it easier to tie the entire design together.

If you need help narrowing down your choices, here is a recap of our favorite colors to pair with blue and green:

  • Orange
  • White
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Greige
  • Coral
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Chartreuse
  • Tan
  • Ochre