12 Colors That Go With Lime Green

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The color green comes in many shades, ranging from sage to emerald and everything in between. While the most popular color options tend to be subtle and muted or dark and rich, there is something to be said for a vibrant alternative such as lime green. For those who are bold enough, the yellow-green color will be an eye-catching addition, but we're guessing most homeowners will need a little more convincing.


When it comes to color theory, lime green is associated with nature, confidence, and energetic vibes. It represents freshness and creativity, especially since it's not a go-to color. And since lime green is not too dark or too bright, it actually works well with a variety of different hues. The key to working with such a bold color is knowing how and when to use it to your advantage. "Green has the wondrous ability to inject balance and harmony into our lives and into our interiors, as is the case [whenever] you look across the color spectrum — add a dash of another color and you can alter the personality of it quite significantly," explains Martha Roberts, writer, color enthusiast, and creator of The Colour File.


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"Add yellow to green and it goes from being a calm and tranquil color to an unequivocal bringer of energy and vitality. As such, you might want to steer away from painting lime green on every wall in a bedroom or other room associated with relaxation but use it instead as an accent color with accessories such as cushions, lamps, lampshades, and woven into a rug or throw," explains Roberts. "You could combine it with plenty of white to give it some of the limelight ('scuse the pun) it wants but without giving it free rein to shout too loud. That way you get the energizing benefits of lime without overkill."


Are you feeling the zesty green vibes? These 12 color ideas will undoubtedly get you in the mood.

12 Lime Green Color Combinations

1. Lime Green and Black

If you're looking for drama in your lime green color scheme, add black for stark contrast. The scheme above uses inky accents such as the TV unit and other pieces of furniture to set off the lime green accent wall. Lush foliage adds texture and movement to the space, while the wood flooring, white features, and loads of natural light temper the bold color combo.


2. Lime Green and Pink

Pink goes well with almost any shade of green because they are complementary colors, but lime green works particularly well as proven by this kids' bedroom from Morgan Farrow Interiors. The verdant window seat cushion and blush-hued walls set the playful tone, while accent pillows, toys, and a floor pouf flaunting the same colors complete the sweet scene.



3. Lime Green and Light Blue

If you want to temper the vibrancy of lime green, but still like the idea of incorporating a little more color, turn to light blue. While both are cool colors, the pastel tone of light blue imparts a sense of calm and serenity that you wouldn't get with a darker or warmer color. For example, this window seat by Shannon Eddings Interiors is covered from floor to ceiling in color, yet it still feels like a tranquil spot to catch up on some light reading.


4. Lime Green and White

While white helps to give the illusion of open space, lime green stimulates and energizes. This stunning hallway designed by Kevin Isbell features lime green pendants that add oodles of personality to the otherwise all-white corridor. The wood flooring infuses just enough warmth and texture to keep the space from feeling stark or clinical.


5. Lime Green and Brown

Brown, especially mocha, looks good with lime green because it's a color combination that's present in nature. Interior designer Peter Mikic has used both hues exceptionally well in this maximal scheme, adding vibrance to the terra cotta-colored walls with lime green velvet chairs. The area rug echoes the colors used in the upholstery, resulting in a vibrant yet cohesive design. You could also reverse the look, adding a brown sofa into a lime green painted room.



6. Lime Green and Yellow

Thanks to the yellow undertone in lime green, other shades of yellow and gold complement the verdant palette. In this bedroom design by Beth Haley, a lime green ceiling accentuates the wood wall paneling and the yellow bed linens. The mid-mod space feels wonderfully fresh and retro at the same time.


7. Lime Green and Teal

While too much of one color can be overwhelming, mixing different shades of a particular color can be soothing. For instance, in this dining room, Dabito from Old Brand New cleverly paired lime green chairs with a dark teal wall color. The scheme, while dramatic, fills the room with energy. This color combination would also work particularly well in an office or a playroom.


8. Lime Green and Orange

If you really want to tap into the energy of citrus, try pairing lime green with a zesty shade of orange à la this office by Sam Allen Interiors. The white desk, chair, and shelving units keep the vibrant walls, desk decor, and storage essentials from overwhelming the tiny workspace.


9. Lime Green and Gray

If you like the idea of a lime green color palette, but want it to be the star of the show, consider using a light shade of gray as an accent color. But don't just take our word for it: This fresh and modern kitchen from Raili CA Design is all the proof you'll need. Complete the flawless setup with stainless steel appliances and cabinet hardware.

10. Lime Green and Purple

Are you a maximalist at heart? In that case, you're going to love this living room design by Sam Allen Interiors. From the equally saturated lime green walls and purple curtains to the animal print upholstery and accent pillows, this setup has a little something for everyone.

11. Lime Green and Royal Blue

Speaking of equally saturated hues, for an ode to the sky and the grass, pair neon green with royal blue. This funky, artistic display is a fun way to pull off the vibrant color scheme, but you can also accomplish the same look on a smaller scale. Think: pillows, throws, artwork, rugs. Keeping your walls white will help balance the bold accents.


12. Lime Green and Wood

Not sure which color to pair with lime green? Stick with wood. Shannon Eddings Interiors shows us how it's done with this cozy display, showcasing a lime green accent chair seated next to a rich caramel-colored piano. The floral wallpaper makes the perfect backdrop and beautifully complements the chair upholstery.

Colors That Go With Lime Green

As you can see, there are a surprising number of options that will go with bright green. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually a versatile hue. Just keep in mind the saturation level and the mood you are hoping to achieve in your space. To recap, here are a few of our favorite colors to pair with lime green:

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Light blue
  • White
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Orange
  • Gray
  • Purple
  • Royal blue
  • Orange
  • Natural wood



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