Looking for Colors That Go With Purple? We Have 6 Ideas That Reign Supreme

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Purple is one those colors that has a huge range — and we mean huge. First associated with royalty, the color can currently be found in a wide variety of design styles and spaces. Hollywood Regency? Yup. Traditional? Definitely. Modern? Absolutely. Even bohemian interiors, typically awash in greens, oranges, and yellows, can benefit from a burst of purple here and there.


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But before you take the leap, have you thought about what colors actually go with purple? It's not at all a neutral, like white or cream, which can pretty much blend in with anything. It takes a little extra creativity and a good eye to pair the dramatic hue perfectly with other shades. Never fear. We're here with a beginner's guide to complementary colors that go with purple.

1. Purple and Yellow

A purple and yellow combination is not for the faint of heart. If you're going for a glam, vibrant space, it's a mix that'll unquestionably turn heads. Consider adding splashes of yellow with the help of drapery, artwork, throw pillows, and pair with a vibrant purple rug à la this space belonging to Cassie from Hi Sugarplum.

2. Purple and White

Let's say that you're willing to try some daring ideas, but you'd rather dip your toe in the water when it comes to colors that go with purple. In that case, we recommend pairing a muted lavender shade with white surroundings. For instance, the team over at GRT Architects gave this bedroom colorful wainscoting that acts as an anchor and balances out the white walls and ceiling, resulting in a modern, airy feel.

3. Purple and Pink

If you're striving for a totally feminine look in your space, among colors that go with purple, none are more feminine than pink, of course. Allow this bedroom by Kate and Joey of Mr. Kate to inspire you. Filled with fairy lights, pastel shades, and cozy textures, this sanctuary is as dreamy as it gets.


4. Purple and Green

Deep shades of purple and green play quite nicely together, as seen in this jewel tone boudoir. The artful use of the color combo puts varying shades of both green and purple to work, resulting in a picture-perfect bedroom design bursting with drama and decadence.

5. Purple and Salmon

We are loving the calming matte shade of purple used on the walls of this bedroom, created by Dorothee of CHZON. The soft, uneven finish pairs beautifully with a salmon-colored headboard flanked by canopy drapery in a muted shade of green. Bonus points for bringing in yet another color that goes with purple.

6. Purple and Blue

Purple and blue are very close to one another on the color wheel, and since they're pretty much from the same family, it's no surprise that they mesh flawlessly together. But don't take our word for it. In this delightful Paris apartment designed by Crosby Studios, the oversize upholstered doors flaunt a rich violet hue while the back wall of the office and the dining chairs are upholstered in dark navy, saturating the bright space in just enough color to keep things interesting.


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