5 Industrial Color Palettes That Go Beyond Gray Concrete

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Industrial style has come a long way since its inception in the early 20th century. Once synonymous with lofty spaces showcasing exposed brick walls and beam-covered ceilings, it has since evolved with comfort and design at its forefront. The use of recycled elements, raw materials, and a hard contrast — often between wood and metal — are classic markers of an aesthetic that champions a mix-and-match approach.


When it comes down to the color schemes associated with industrial style, we may be quick to look to shades of gray and black when in reality, there's an entire rainbow of different hues at our disposal. Need proof? Ahead you'll find five industrial color palettes that promise to keep things interesting.

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1. Red and Charcoal

Distressed elements are a hallmark of industrial style and the red rug in this moody living room, captured by Chad Mellon, is one seriously clever way to translate that detail. Not only does it immediately capture the eye, but it also manages to visually accentuate the black, steel-framed windows and concrete flooring, too.

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2. Beige and Brown

Philadelphia's Lokal Hotel, designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co., is a lesson in mastering an industrial color palette with a chic and design-forward twist. Neutral tones such as beige and brown may not seem like a fitting choice for the aesthetic, but designate them in the form of reclaimed wood accents and limewashed walls and your previous opinion goes right out the window.


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3. Blue and Warm Wood

As the smooth faux-iron floor tile and the cement-inspired walls in this industrial-style urban dwelling set the groundwork, the blue furnishings and accents paired with subtly patterned cabinet fronts and warm wood wall paneling offer a textural component that lends the room a sense of depth.



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4. Shades of Gray

Smoky hues are a mainstay of industrial style — after all, materials such as concrete, iron, and stainless steel are considered emblems of the aesthetic. To translate that into an interior (or exterior!) go for a monochromatic industrial color palette centered around shades of gray.


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5. Black and White

Industrial style can be refined, yet rugged, and it's the thin line between the two that makes it so unique. Take this Brooklyn apartment, for example, where off-white walls seem entirely ordinary, but the black, steel-framed windows, wrought-iron fixtures, and steel table base immediately ground the backdrop with dynamic flair.

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